Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Voicemail Monday January 13, 2020

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs left a voicemail that he was watching my Facebook Page and he was aware of my comments about him along with my followers comments about him as well.

He is referring to the following:

So why did Rev. Roosevelt Higgs not mention he was going to be the speaker for the Dr. MLK Breakfast? You couldn’t pay me to go hear him.

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs said Priscilla Everette Oates was the Rosa Parks of Princeville because she was facing 75 years but all the charges were dismissed. Wow!

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair on the radio for 30 minutes and didn’t mention him being the chair or anything relating to the party.

Damn this dude on WCPS is a fool. You can give Rev. Roosevelt Higgs your number if you want to.

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