Breaking News: Princeville NC – Town Manager Victor Marrow Has Resigned Effective Today (Hell Yeah I Said It, Now What?)

Princeville Town manager Victor Marrow has resigned effective today Monday, November 29, 2010. Sources say he has had enough of the ongoing disputes working with Mayor Priscilla Everett-Oates, Commissioner Calvin Sherrod and Commissioner Isabelle Purvis-Andrews. I understand that a series of incidents happened over the weekend in Princeville related to the mayor.

Sources also question why the mayor requested she and the commissioners met in Greenville with the auditors instead of allowing the auditors to come to Princeville. I understand there is atleast one person on the payroll illegally among other things.

Sources say the town clerk had cut a check to pay Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight for checks that have been withheld after the magistrate ordered that Knight be paid on Wednesday, November 24, 2010.

I commend Commissioner Knight for asking all the right questions at the town meetings about the business of the town. Commissioner Ann Howell has done the same and when she was silenced by the mayor then she attempted to silence Knight by holding her check. Obviously Howell and Knight don’t get it that this is Priscilla-ville and not Princeville so they can’t talk. The mayor removed the commissioner’s comments from the agenda so she is the only one who can run the show. Well damn Mayor Everett-Oates is one of the few mayors who gets to vote nearly every meeting because you can count on Commissioners Sherrod and Purvis-Andrews voting against anything Commissioners Howell and Knight votes for.

Now this is what I am talking about, the manager Victor Marrow has taken a stand and we must take a stand when we see things are not going right. I was beginning to question how can this brother who is a minister continue to go along with the mayor’s mess. But then I also question how does the mayor continue to do her mess and she is a minister? Oh well.

Again I call on the citizens of Princeville to take a stand and demand justice. It is past-time that the citizens need to go to the meetings and ask the mayor and her cronies along with the ignant attorney Chuck Watts to resign also.

Enough is enough.

Hell yeah I said it, now what?

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