Things On Regular TV At 8:00 PM On A Monday Night What About The Children

I just happen to have the TV on Channel 9 with my back to it while on the internet. I kept hearing the casts talk about a small Penis. I didn’t pay it any mind at first but I couldn’t help but turn around about 15 minutes into the show to see what kind of show it was. And then I hit info on my remote and the show was “How I Met Your Mother.” Since I have not used the info button before I noticed that the show was rated TV 14.

The cast talked about a man being a stud and more sex talk. What the what? One cast even said son of a bitch.

I thought radio was worst enough but this took the cake. I normally just look at the news and turn the TV off until the news come on again but sometimes I look at shows like CSI.

So have anyone experience shows like this on regular TV during early hours of the evening? Maybe I am just a little slow.