Name remains on ballot while candidate seeks appeal –

Response: Now this is too damn funny! More said: “A press release issued by Moore stated, “The Liberal Democrats in Raleigh made this decision. They did not want an honest, hardworking, conservative Democrat in the State Senate. I plan to continue my campaign with all that my body and finances allow.” Damn who had control over him moving? I don’t think Liberal Democrats in Raleigh had a say. I hate ignance. Sir you should have moved in time and you would have been legit.

Although there are just seven days to vote in the 2012 primary election, an interesting twist in the N.C. Senate District 5 Democratic race — between Don Davis and Tony Moore — came to fruition Friday when the State Board of Elections reversed a March decision, made by members of the county boards of elections covered by the district. (More)

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State board reverses Moore ruling – Reflector

State board reverses Moore ruling – Reflector

Response: Don Davis former Senator is challenging Moore for the District 5 seat. Interesting. Good job Calvin Henderson.

The State Board of Elections on Friday reversed a decision that Tony Moore was qualified to run in the state Senate District 5 race.

The state board said the evidence did not support the ruling of a five-member panel that first heard the challenge, said Gary Bartlett, executive director of the state elections office. (More)