The Watch Dog Is What I Started Out As But When Folk Started Calling Me An Agitator I Changed To The Political Agitator

Because I am involved in many things and not just politics I am going back to the name The Watch Dog. Congressman G.K. Butterfield gave me that name around 15 years ago but when folk began calling me an agitator I changed my name to The Political Agitator. However for me all things are political and I eat, drink and sleep politics.

When I call in to the Larry Hall Talk Show (Talk Back) on FM 104.3 on Sunday mornings from time to time, Rep. Larry Hall when he hears my voice he call me The Watch Dog Of The East.

Although I have changed my name back to The Watch Dog, I will still be The Political Agitator also.

Some folk will call me Curmilus, Butch, The Watch Dog, The Political Agitator, The N-word and more but I know who I am and whose I am. Some will love me and some will hate me but that’s okay, because I am going to love everybody even my enemies. You see it ain’t about them anyway! It is all about him!

Go Ahead And Delete Me Now From Your Email, Facebook And Etc.

Go ahead and delete me now from your email, facebook and etc. because I will no longer tolerate ignorance, stupidity and most of all allowing you to mislead others while you try to push your agenda. All I ask is that you tell the truth when it comes to dealing with other folks lives.

So go ahead and delete me now because I am going to call you out. I can not be silent because although I know better there are some folks who do not.

Do you hear me now?

I am the Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator and some across the state call me The Watch Dog of the East in case you don’t know who I am. But trust me I know some may have some other names for me but I know who I am and whose I am so it does not matter.