Women’s shelter seeks support – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Gate Keeper’s response: This is a great place for women. Vanessa has done a great job over the years providing a Safe Haven for these women.

For the past 18 years, a woman in the Twin Counties has operated a home for women overcoming addiction.

In order to continue to supply their needs, Vanessa Scaife, owner of the Lighthouse Home, a Rocky Mount shelter for women in recovery from drugs and alcohol, said the 501(c)3 nonprofit is asking the public for emergency winter donations during the holidays. Scaife said all donations are tax deductible.

As a certified massage therapist, Scaife uses her income to supply needs for the Lighthouse Home and also relies on outside contributions.

“The upkeep and maintenance of the home is always an expense we need,” Scaife said. “Our light bill is $800 and we really need help with our electric bill. Some girls work and some can’t, but they do go out everyday being productive and going to their substance abuse classes is a must.” (Read more)

Watch The Light House Women’s Shelter Video And Make A Donation, You Will Be Glad That You Did!

Please watch the following video and then click on the Go Fund Me to make a donation. As I was recording the video I was crying because of the stories that the women were sharing and the love that was in the room. This is the 2nd video I have done for the shelter over the years and I was touched this time just like it was my first time.

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