Folk Visit My Page Faithfully For Information And I Try To Be Professional In Reporting The News

I have been trying to find a post from a couple of days ago when someone talked about the 2 guys who caused the accident with the Rocky Mount Police. They said why were folk not protesting about them being charged and mentioned Black Lives Matter.

Well I am not a member of Black Lives Matter Organization but my black a.. matter and I am going to speak for me when no one else does. I have found myself doing that all the days of my life but I have been speaking up for others also.

It was a freak accident. When I got the call on Sunday morning about an officer had gotten killed in Rocky Mount I had not heard. I began to try to find out the details. It was about 2 hours later before I found out it was an automobile accident and the name had not been released. One of my contacts sent me a video of the officer dancing at a community event. Then another resource gave me a name. I looked up the name on Facebook and found someone had said rest in peace so I knew it was him. But I didn’t post it and waited til another source posted it. Folk go to my site to find out information but I try to be professional about posting things. I am very cautious about posting things when I don’t know the folk involved because a death of a love one is painful and personal.

Someone said how did they charge the guys when they were not at the scene. That was the problem they left the scene. I had seen one of the guy’s name on Mobile Patrol and the arrest details coincided with the incident so I told one of my contacts what I found and they knew the guy.

Well I hated it but when we take chances and the outcome is what it is we have to deal with the outcome.

I had been telling folk the charges would probably be reduced until I found out some more details and I then said more charges may be added. But that is just my opinion.

Folk questioned me with their opinion of the accident and I had to explain to them that it didn’t matter what the police was doing if he was speeding, texting and/or whatever that if they vehicles had not been in the road the accident would never had occurred. Now that is not my opinion but the facts.

Wow! I am still in shock. I can’t imagine what the family on both sides are going through. However I can imagine the pain of losing a love one.


Didn’t Mention This Happen On Thursday Also

I did a post on yesterday about Delivered.”

l mentioned that, “On Thursday June 14, 2018 I delivered 16 DVDs to the Office of Aging for the Super Seniors Program.”

What I didn’t mention is I had to spend $196.00 on a turn signal switch on my son’s car on Thursday as well. While I am out here giving it ain’t like I got bills too especially unexpected ones such as this one.

You know sometimes I say why do what I do when folk don’t appreciate it because if they did they would donate to the cause since they get to see my work for free.

What media source do we have in the black community that do what I do?


On Thursday June 14, 2018 I delivered 16 DVDs to the Office of Aging for the Super Seniors Program. The Seniors are 90 and above.

I have volunteered to video for the past 2 years and in the future.

This make my 2nd year donating my time and services for this worthy cause. Last year I donated 25 DVDs and photos.

The cost for videoing the event would be a cost of $150.00 and the individual DVDs $10.00 each.

Folk when you give me a donation this is what you contribute to along with meetings and etc. that I video and make available for others to see on my Facebook Photos and YouTube.

There are other expenses such as gas, ink to print labels and sleeves to put DVD in.

I Should Stay Busy, Oh I Could!

You know with the work I do in the community actively engaged in educating folk about what is going on, all of these leaders, churches and others who say they are about making a difference and like what I do, I ought to stay busy. Well I could as long as I do it for free promoting them. But they talk about they are about supporting folk in the community. Really?

Just said that to make a point because I ain’t the only one that is doing something but I don’t know anyone else that do what I do.

Oh just having an ignant moment because I am good.

Because I Show Up, I Speak Up I Ain’t Gonna Shut The Hell Up!

Because I Show Up, I Speak Up I ain’t gonna Shut the Hell Up!

You see I am Proactive and not just Reactive.

Folk already know where I stand so Ignant Racist Ass White Folk and Ignant Safe Black Folk already know who I am and know when they do something or something happens, they just waiting on me.

HOld on I am coming!

How Would You Have Known And Would You Have Seen?

So if I had not taken 3 hours vacation and used my resources do you think you would been able to see the historical moment when Lamont Wiggins was sworn in as Superior Court Judge?

Do you want to see the video?

Where was WHIG-TV or were they there? I didn’t see them.

But uf it had been a black man in the negative they would have been there.

I haven’t seen anyone forward anything from Fighting Crime what did they report?

The DCN Will Not Be Promoting Some Folk In The Future, You Will Have To Earn Your Way To Be Promoted

The DCN has promoted some folk over the years even ungrateful folk especially black folk. Going forward some folk will have to earn the right to get promoted on The DCN.

Over the past 2 weeks some folk but not limited to, have just been nasty while I was trying to educate them but they chose to take sides with mess and not going with the facts as presented after I have shared my video and photos over the years. I have been sitting back laughing at how some elected officials, pastors, church folk, organizations and black men who ought to be standing for something have been silent. Silence can be betrayal.

Folk don’t understand why the young folk are doing what they do. They see the folk I mentioned above playing it safe or choosing mess without any regards for dealing with the trues.

I am going to just wait and see how many folk that was made to look ignant publicly will ask for a public apology for being used publicly.

I am going to see how many folk are going to apologize.

Now folk ought to see that the work I do reporting local news but not limited is so important. Other media outlets do not give you the whole story like I do. But the sad part is I do what I do at my own expense and then some folk think I owe them something. Right now there are a bunch of folk that owe me something. (Somebody didn’t get that!)

I ain’t mad with nobody just going to change the way I do things. I can do that!