Didn’t Mention This Happen On Thursday Also

I did a post on yesterday about Delivered.”

l mentioned that, “On Thursday June 14, 2018 I delivered 16 DVDs to the Office of Aging for the Super Seniors Program.”

What I didn’t mention is I had to spend $196.00 on a turn signal switch on my son’s car on Thursday as well. While I am out here giving it ain’t like I got bills too especially unexpected ones such as this one.

You know sometimes I say why do what I do when folk don’t appreciate it because if they did they would donate to the cause since they get to see my work for free.

What media source do we have in the black community that do what I do?


On Thursday June 14, 2018 I delivered 16 DVDs to the Office of Aging for the Super Seniors Program. The Seniors are 90 and above.

I have volunteered to video for the past 2 years and in the future.

This make my 2nd year donating my time and services for this worthy cause. Last year I donated 25 DVDs and photos.

The cost for videoing the event would be a cost of $150.00 and the individual DVDs $10.00 each.

Folk when you give me a donation this is what you contribute to along with meetings and etc. that I video and make available for others to see on my Facebook Photos and YouTube.

There are other expenses such as gas, ink to print labels and sleeves to put DVD in.

Important Message From The DCN About My Work

Folk you need to understand that I video and take photos everywhere I go and I don’t video or take photos to sell copies so that is why I don’t advertise. I do what I do to capture history and to be able to go back and look at the event at home.

Although I video and take photos for myself, I share the videos and photos on my Social Media Sites. I am now posting my videos on Youtube so now you are able to watch them on your phone.

I don’t go around recording events that are not at a public location, private events such as funerals and etc. and if and when I do, you best believe I get permission from the folk in charge of the event.

Folk don’t even think you are going to get my videos/photos and sell them to make a profit when it is my property. If you want to make a profit then you are going to pay me for my video/photos and then I will give you the rights to sell them however otherwise no one has permission to sell my videos/photos.

Beginning August 26, 2015 any and all of my videos/photos that I release recorded on or before August 26, I  will have who the copyright belongs to printed on each copy because I put labels on my videos/photos.

Local and surrounding media outlets, tv, radio and newspapers have watched my videos to do their stories because the majority of the time they can see it first on The DCN News Blog Online TV. For these sources, I am requesting that you name The DCN News Blog Online TV as the source. When I share other sources information, I make the source known. The difference in the sources and myself, I don’t get paid and do what I do out of pocket.

If anyone should have any questions about any videos/photos then you need to contact me via phone (252) 314-5484 or email thedcn@embarqmail.com .

Donations can be sent to Curmilus Dancy P.O. Box 1391 Pinetops, NC 27864. Thanking you in advance.

Princeville NC: Yesterday I Delivered DVD’s of 5 Events Princeville 130th Birthday Celebration And A Copy Of The Black History Presentation At My Church To The Senior Citizens

Yesterday I delivered videos of the events that I videoed during the Princeville 130th Birthday Celebration and a copy of the Black History Presentation at Anderson Chapel MBC. The Seniors will get a chance to see the weeks festivities celebrating the oldest town incorporated by slaves that I recorded along with the Black History Presentation featuring Dr. Evelyn Johnson at my church on this past Sunday. I truly believe the Seniors will enjoy these DVDs.

I am going to seek some other places where Seniors congregate to see if I can possibly share my DVDs with them.

So folks when I ask for donations, it ain’t for me to live off, I have a real job. The donations help with my equipment, buying DVDs, labels, ink to type labels, vehicle expense ie: gas and etc. I spent $300.00 total on Friday February 13 and Monday February 16 for repairs. I do have to travel to locations to be able to video events.

When you be a blessing to me, you just don’t know how much of a blessing you are really giving because it reaches beyond me. But when you don’t be a blessing to me, it is alright because I am going to continue to be a blessing to folks and will reap all of the blessing when you could be receiving a blessing by being a blessing to others.

Now meditate on that because who else do you know that has the type of video ministry that I have. Go to The DCN TV and see where you can find these events. You can request a copy of the events on a DVD and when you do that you are being a blessing to me and others.

Political Candidates I Can Help You Promote You!

Today September 13, 2014 Dancy Communications Network The DCN will pick and choose who gets promoted on my services. I have been there done that for many folks who in return has done nothing for me. I ain’t mad with you because I chose to do what I do and will continue to do what I do how and when I do it. But thinking about how I have promoted other folks and they move forward and never give back, I refuse to promote you to a certain degree. I will mention you however promoting and endorsing you will not be a given.

If you want to be promoted on The DCN which consist of my Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LikedIn Accounts and The popular DCN TV you need to contact me because I am going to begin a new thing.

Candidates I live on a highway that has much traffic going to Tarboro, Pinetops, Wilson and Rocky Mount so putting political signs in my yard is a good thing. Along with the signs promoting you on my Social Media sites daily/weekly and my mentioning you when I call in to local and statewide talk shows on the radio and tv almost weekly can be to your advantage.

Don’t get it twisted, I don’t have but one vote and I can vote for you but I have no control over who other folks vote for. But I can promote you making people aware of who you are and that you are running.

To be featured on The DCN you may contact me @ cdancyii@embarqmail.com, thedcn@embarqmail.com or (252)314-5484.

Here I Go Again, Help A Brother Out!

While most folks are moving on to Tablets well I can’t. I have to have laptops to be able to make DVD’s and to use the software Corel and Livestream to put my videos on The DCN TV. Because I can’t afford to pay for the Livestream Premium Services, I am limited to Livestream features. My videos are not accessible on mobile devices.

Last year I had to replace 2 camcorders and I purchased 1 new one but I was unable to dub copies to my portable DVD player whereby I can make DVD’s anywhere, in my car or where ever I have access to an outlet. Since George Fisher, the one responsible for setting up my most recent blog and The DCN TV, I gave him that camera because he can dub our work on the computer.

I went online and I was able to purchase 2 used camcorders just like the 2 that I had that are no longer working.

Now one of my 2 laptops is no longer working and it is time to replace it.

Friends, associates and enemies I am seeking donations to help with purchasing a new laptop and to help with other expenses such as purchasing of DVDs, ink for printer, SD Cards for taking photos on my photo camera, gas and etc. I video and take photos of meetings and all other events and etc. I believe that we must capture history via video and photo.

I don’t advertise videos because I am not in the business of videoing for money. I video because I love what I do capturing history and making it available to others on The DCN TV for free because some folks don’t have the time to attend meetings and etc.

Tomorrow June 8, 2014 I plan to try to cover more events in the Tarboro area since the Daily Southerner has shut down.

All donations can be mailed to Curmilus Dancy @ P.O. Box 1391 Pinetops, North Carolina 27864.

Thanking you in advance.

Originally posted: June 14, 2014 10:30 AM


Who Is Capturing Our History, Black History?

Who is capturing our history, black history?

I have been doing my very best trying to capture our history at my own expense. I have sacrificed much trying to document our history because it comes with a cost and it is very time consuming. I just don’t understand why there is so much history that goes undocumented in our communities.

If we are not going to capture our history who will? Either it will go without being captured or others get to tell our history how they want to and the way they want to. I have refused to allow others to capture our history alone and to tell it the way they want to. I try to be where I can when I can so that I can capture what is going on around us. The local newspapers and television stations don’t always tell the whole story so that is where The DCN Dancy Communications Network comes into play.

Are you concerned about our history or are you only concerned during black history month? For me I am concerned every day all day.

The DCN has been capturing our history via my blog, video and photos. This comes with a price because it takes equipment and supplies. The DCN make videos possible for viewing on The DCN TV for others to watch for free and post the photos on my blog free also.

The DCN can and will capture history via photo and video for you but know that whenever the cameras are rolling it comes with a price. So therefore do not think that in 2014 I owe you something by thinking I am  going to provide you a free service while I use my equipment and supplies. I record things but I am not going to give you copies when I am not getting paid to do what I do. If I video things without being paid video copies may or may not be made available until such time I decide to make copies.

I am not begging you to use my services or to purchase a DVD from time to time because it does not matter if you hire me to do something for you or if you never purchase a DVD. I capture history for my archives but that do not include going into your archive for free.