White Candidate should represent District 2 in poll – Source: The Daily Southerner

Now this is just too funny. Here we go again Terry Smith editor of the newspaper trying to justify their movement.

So again something to mislead folks because how many of these people live in the district, how many voted more than once?

See article: “White Candidate should represent District 2 in poll.”

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Poll In The Daily Southerner About Race Pertaining To The Edgecombe County Public Schools BOE That Ended In A Deadlock 

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Poll In The Daily Southerner About Race Pertaining To The Edgecombe County Public Schools BOE That Ended In A Deadlock

Go to The Daily Southerner to see how the people are voting as it relates to the Edgecombe County Public Schools deadlocking over appointing a candidate to replace Attorney Teresa D. Bryant whom had resigned. However since the board deadlocked at 2 different meetings, Bryant rescinded her resignation.

My vote is hell yeah it makes a difference because Bryant is black female. The district is predominately black. I believe I can speak for others as well as myself that we wanted a black person to fill her unexpired term which will end in May 2012 so damn we ain’t talking about a long time.

The other thing is the white candidate was not impressive at all and could not answer the questions during the interview process. His main concern was downsizing class sizes which is not doable. He did not know the true needs of the district.

District 2 was set up as a majority black district to ensure black representation so therefore until it is changed, it should be respected as it relates to the appointment. If a white person should run in 2012 and is elected then so be it. I stand by where I stood on this appointment.

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