There You Have It: Edgecombe County Taxes Is Not A Stumbling Block For Recruiting Businesses To Edgecombe County

The Political Agitator response “The tax rate is not a stumbling block,” Jordan said. “Most companies looking to relocate typically come from the Northeast and Pacific Northwest, and the taxes here are less than where they are now.”

Local economy appears poised to improve
By John Carson, Staff Writer

Despite a property tax rate that is one of the highest in the state and continuing double-digit unemployment, the economic development future of Edgecombe County may not be as bleak as it appears.

Evidence of that is the scheduled Sept. 9 ribbon cutting at Acme United in Rocky Mount – a new company that has brought some 90 jobs to the county.

While not the industrial behemoth some want that could take a bite out of the jobless rate, it may well signal a potential resurgence of economic influx to the county.

“There are some things on the horizon,” Carolinas Gateway Partnership vice president Oppie Jordan said. “Nothing specific can be revealed at this time, and that’s just the nature of economic development. Companies really like to keep a lot of those things close to the vest.

“Still there are three or four things we’re working on for new companies and expansions of existing industries.”

Jordan is Edgecombe’s liaison with Carolinas Gateway Partnership, a group that leads economic development efforts for Edgecombe and Nash counties, as well as the cities of Tarboro, Rocky Mount and Nashville.

The Partnership does the day-to-day work on local economic development, according to Edgecombe County Manager Lorenzo Carmon.

Much of the daily efforts, Jordan added, are working with existing industries on issues that arise and expansions, as well as working with site consultants, the N.C. Department of Commerce and anyone interested in locating a business here.

With recruiting a vital part of the effort, both Jordan and Carmon use one of the area’s biggest problems – unemployment – as an asset.

“One of the main things I tout about Edgecombe County is the available workforce,” Jordan said. “I also push the small-town atmosphere of Tarboro, the community college and schools.

“I really tout the entire community – every aspect of it. The focus is to create jobs.”

A major bullet in Carmon’s economic development gun is making prospective companies aware of the resource that Edgecombe Community College can be in terms of the county’s workforce potential.

The college – coupled with the available workforce – allows the county to turn the negative its unemployment rate is into a positive.

“We make prospective companies aware of the programs available at the college,” Carmon said. “Edgecombe Community College has excellent work-ready programs. It will also design programs to meet a specific company’s employment needs.”

Both QVC and Keihin have utilized the college and its company-specific programs and “are as happy as they can be,” he added.

Conceivably, the largest hurdle to economic development is the county’s property tax rate – which at 89.5 cents per $100 valuation is the second-highest in the state.

However, Carmon and Jordan have found that to not be a problem.

“The tax rate is not a stumbling block,” Jordan said. “Most companies looking to relocate typically come from the Northeast and Pacific Northwest, and the taxes here are less than where they are now.”

Admitting the county’s tax rate “is what it is,” Carmon was quick to add the rate is not given as a reason why companies decide to not locate in Edgecombe.

The county also has two key pluses that brighten the economic development future.

One is the industrial complex at Kingsboro, which makes Edgecombe one of three North Carolina counties with a 1,000 acre-plus tract the N.C. Department of Commerce designates as ideal for a large manufacturer like a carmaker.

The other is the county’s logistical advantage to roads, ports and particularly railroads.

In fact, CSX has Edgecombe listed as a preferred industrial site because of its rail capacity, according to Carmon.

“All the recruiting efforts – from the state to CSX to Carolinas Gateway – are geared to one major thing,” Carmon said. “It’s all about the number of jobs the company will create.”

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Take Action! Tell Congress that ALL North Carolinians pay taxes – NC Justice Center

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress that ALL North Carolinians pay taxes

Don’t Eliminate Improvements to Tax Credits for Working Families


All too often in recent days, we’ve been hearing the misleading claim that almost half of Americans pay no taxes, and that more Americans need to pay more in income taxes so they have “skin in the game.”

The real story is that ALL Americans already have “skin in the game,” since ALL Americans pay taxes.

While 47% of Americans did not pay federal income tax in 2011, they paid lots of other taxes, including sales taxes, property taxes, gas taxes, state income taxes, or payroll taxes.  In fact, two-thirds of the families that didn’t pay federal income tax did contribute payroll taxes. And seniors make up another quarter of those families who don’t currently pay federal income tax, but paid payroll taxes into the federal retirement programs for their entire working lives.  The remaining households are people with disabilities and students.

The federal income tax system was designed to be progressive so that it could offset the greater contributions required of low- and moderate-income families in the state and local tax system. This is important for the fairness of the overall tax system.  The poorest North Carolinians pay 9.5% of their income in total state and local taxes while the richest 1 percent pay just 6.8%.

Recent proposals passed through the U.S. House of Representatives have sought to eliminate improvements to key tax credits for middle-class and low-income Americans like the Child Tax Credits worth more $800 per family, Earned Income Tax Credits worth $500 per family, and the American Opportunity Credit, which assists millions of American college students.  Eliminating these improvements would require low- and moderate-income families to contribute even more and make the overall tax system less fair.

In North Carolina, preserving the improvements Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit alone would save $467.4 million for an estimated 522,645 families (and 1.11 million children in these families).

Tell Congress that North Carolina’s working families already have skin in the game and the improvements to tax credits for working families must be extended.

Take Action Now!



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TAMPA, Fla. – Billionaire industrialist David Koch, who is helping steer millions of dollars to elect Mitt Romney and congressional Republicans, on Thursday told POLITICO he disagrees with the GOP’s stance on gay marriage and believes the U.S. needs to consider raising taxes to balance the budget.

Koch, who is serving as a delegate to the Republican National Convention from New York, spoke to POLITICO after delivering brief remarks at a reception held in his honor by Americans for Prosperity, the political advocacy group he chairs and has helped fund. (More)

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Letter to editor: Gay families are taxed the same as you. Yet, in the end, our contributions to this same system are used to deny us equal rights to the same benefits as married families

Was not our great country founded because of religious persecution and is said to be the land of the free?   Yet, same sex couples are persecuted, beaten, shammed, and live in fear because of whom they love. I am hurt by the actions of some in the Christian community because of their hypocrisy, historical revisions, and selective application of biblical law. 

In case you didn’t know, Gay families are taxed the same as you are with our houses, our levy for schools, and our dollars support all public institutions, such as the courts, police, and hospitals.   Yet, in the end, our contributions to this same system are used to deny us equal rights to the same benefits as married families.   For example, married families get to combine their incomes and can claim a larger tax refund because of additional deductions for their spouse.  And, the same public hospital that we support with our tax dollars has the legal authority to deny us access to our committed spouse when even in a critical emergency or even on their death bed.  There are nearly 1400 benefits that we, Gay Taxpayers, contribute to in our country, and still, we are denied the same use as married families and denied freedom to love and share life with whom we want.  

It wasn’t so long ago that Blacks were not considered a whole person and thought to be “simple minded” and needing guidance for even the most basic of tasks.   And, whites and blacks weren’t allowed to drink of the same water, marry, or use the same bathroom for fear of contamination – yet, they were allowed to breast feed and groom the white children for a successful life by teaching them manners, values, and a sense of self.   This fact is the zombie contradiction of the seemingly reasonable and the irony of their hypocritical lies.   Now, the black church dares to join in on the carnage, cannibalism, and “lynching” like style of a persecuted group – they choose to throw rocks at the victim from the supposed sanctity of holiness and “God Word” when many of their own Houses are in desperate need of a cleaning and sweeping before running and judging us.   Just take a look at the state of much of the “church” given the continuous scandals, low memberships, and the preference for passively ignoring the economic poverty and crisis endemic in our communities on squarely on their door steps.  Whatever happened to the historical leadership in difficult times shown by the church?

For those that asserted that “marriage was founded and sanctioned by GOD between one man and one woman, as recorded in God’s word from the beginning.” This was apparently gleaned from the Bible.  If this book does indeed set forth as the only divinely ordained human union, one man and one woman, then its historical contents should support and advance this. But this is where it gets confusing given that nearly 55 percent of all marriages already end in divorce and the Catholic Church, which calls their divorces “annulments,” are no exception to the rule.   So, here is a bit of history that seems forgotten by my “good Christian” brothers and sisters – I intentionally used a small “c” in use of the word Christian with those who claim more “HOLY” and have more “Devine Authority” than they should.

The believed father of both Jews and Arabs, Father Abraham, had a wife, Sarah, but he also had a concubine, a secondary wife, by whom he had a son.  This arrangement posed no problem for God until the issue arose to which woman’s son was the rightful heir.

The progenitor of the Hebrew nation, Jacob, later renamed Israel, had two wives and two concubines, his wives’ slave girls. God didn’t condemn Jacob for his bigamy, but instead blessed this family unit with many sons, who became the patriarchs of the 12 tribes of Israel.

King David, God’s anointed one, divorced his first wife after she criticized him for dancing naked in the street, had Bathsheba’s husband killed and then married her, had multiple wives and concubines by whom he sired many children.   In later years, he had a beautiful young woman as his regular bedmate (“to keep him warm”) while Bathsheba slept elsewhere.  His son Solomon had 700 princesses and 300 concubines.  What a guy!!!!

Ezra, an advocate of ethnic cleansing, ordered all Israeli men who had married Canaanite women to divorce them and send them and their children away.  Later, God commanded the prophet Hosea to marry a prostitute who would be unfaithful and whose children would be immoral.

Where is the so-called “sanctity of marriage” as defined by the “family values” organizations and ministers in these biblical stores???   Even Genesis 19:36 has Lot sleeping with both his daughters (they got him drunk, not his fault), but shortly after we find old Abraham admitting that his wife Sarah is his half-sister.   Jacob then pledges himself to Leah, Rachel and Bilhah, and, not to be outdone, wise Solomon had racked up 700 wives!  Deuteronomy 21:15 has some good advice on what to do with two wives – and so on.

Yes – I am cherry picking and I’m certainly no biblical scholar, but I know better than to deny my own prejudices and judgments by claiming intimacy of GOD’s will and intentions.  To claim that, beyond GOD’s personal message to me, is to attempt to equate myself with Him who is omnipotent, omnipresent, and all knowing.  It is amazing how so many readily claim this place next to him in “holiness” when they themselves are not foughtless to stand before HIS throne.  

I hope now that you can see and remember that the church and life are not so simple.  If it is difficult for you now, just imagine what it is like for us who love and happen to be Gay?   We are simply asking for the same rights you already have and allow us to do as GOD commanded us too when HE said “…the greatest commandment is that you love one another…”

Believing that GOD is STILL my savior and redeemer,


When the top 20% own 93% of the wealth, expecting the bottom 80% to divvy up the remaining 7% to run the government, including paying for additional tax cuts for those wealthy individuals, is gross injustice – Source: Facebook

Response: Damn this is good!

Jim Hubbard – When the top 20% own 93% of the wealth, expecting the bottom 80% to divvy up the remaining 7% to run the government, including paying for additional tax cuts for those wealthy individuals, is gross injustice. According to the Tax Policy Center in 2010, the federal government’s revenue came 42% from personal income tax, 40% from the payroll tax (FICA capped at the first $110,100), and corporate income taxes were 9%. With a minor share of overall income, the middle class pays personal income tax AND payroll tax at almost the same level as the wealthiest individuals pay primarily personal income tax.

Corporate income tax is no better. In 1952, the percentage of federal revenue from corporate income tax was 32.1%. In 2011, it was 8%. Conservatives will claim that a "35%" tax rate is stifling business, failing to mention that 35% is the statutory corporate rate while the average effective rate is 12%. How much less revenue can the federal government expect from corporations–artificial entities that exist at the pleasure of the government–if the statutory rate is dropped to 25% or lower?

It is time to dispel the fiction that the wealthiest people are the job creators. The Bush Tax Cuts have been in effect since 2001 and 11 years is more than enough time to see that jobs in America are not being created. Yet, we are being told by Republicans in Congress that we need to lower the tax rates even more to encourage job creation. How about we tell them to create jobs with the trillion+ they’ve already been given before expecting us to give them more?

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Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus defended the GOP on Sunday against the notion that its policies only favor the rich, arguing that Republicans are out to create jobs and cut taxes for people of all income levels. (Read more)

Response: So where are the jobs? Folks on unemployment has to be taxes on that money but rich folks are exempt? What a strange world we live in. Curmilus Dancy II – The Political Agitator

Cain Has Another Issue With Women: Taxes – Source: The Root

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain’s controversial tax plan may cost working women more overall than their male counterparts, writes Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page. It’s because women are disproportionately likely to be single parents and to have lower wages, smaller pensions and more medical problems, he writes, citing census statistics. (Read more)

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Forty House Republicans joined 60 Democrats today in a letter calling on the congressional super committee to consider “all options” in crafting a deficit reduction package, including increasing revenues. As the AP notes, the “letter puts about one-sixth of House GOP lawmakers on record as saying the supercommittee should consider collecting more taxes.” From the letter: (Read more)

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