Property tax increase a bitter but necessary pill – Rocky Mount Telegram

The city of Rocky Mount in 2009 hired eight police officers through a Community Oriented Policing Services grant. The $1.08 million grant was part of President Barack Obama’s stimulus package. It covered salaries and benefits for the new officers for three years under one condition – that the city retain the new hires and pick up the expense of their salaries and benefits after the first three years. (More)

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Rocky Mount City Council

40 House Republicans Sign Letter Saying They’re Open To Tax Increases – Source: Think Progress

Forty House Republicans joined 60 Democrats today in a letter calling on the congressional super committee to consider “all options” in crafting a deficit reduction package, including increasing revenues. As the AP notes, the “letter puts about one-sixth of House GOP lawmakers on record as saying the supercommittee should consider collecting more taxes.” From the letter: (Read more)

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House Republicans make cross-party pitch to embolden debt ‘supercommittee’Washington Post

73 Percent Of Americans Support The ‘Buffett Rule,’ Including Two-Thirds Of Republicans

Every demographic sub-group supports President Obama’s proposed tax increase on the wealthy — known as the “Buffett Rule” — including two-thirds of Republicans, more than half of self-identified Tea Party members, and nearly three-fourths of those who make more than $100,000 a year. (Read more)

Tax rate increase in Tarboro likely – Source: The Daily Southerner

NEW BERN — Tarboro residents will want to brace themselves for an expected tax rate increase this year – the town’s first in 20 years.

“(Town Manager) Sam (Noble) says that every year, and always finds a way where we don’t have to,” said Mayor Donald Morris during a council retreat here over the weekend. “But it has come to the point where we may very well have a tax increase.” (Read more)

Tarboro NC – County approves $55.3 million plan

The Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners approved Monday its $55.3 million county budget, along with an 86 cent property tax rate.

Commissioners approved Edgecombe County’s 2009-10 fiscal year in a 6-1 vote during a Board of Commissioners meeting in Tarboro. (Rocky Mount Telegram)