Rocky Mount NC – Response to Ward 1 Race Featuring Tarrick Pittman



As a supporter of Andre Knight we beat out the b.s. that was endorsed by the Special Cs that you teamed up with to attempt to unseat Andre but the devil was a liar.


Damn your message extended beyond racial barriers. Maybe I will check with the board of elections to see just who voted for you by race. The message by the Special Cs was put out there long before they convinced your ignant ass to be their fall guy.

Damn you say you are surprised by the racial division that exist. Really! Now that is too ignant for someone who has lived here all of these years. But that is understandable though because you seem to be unstable in your existence.

You and others need to stop playing upon the use of throwing out as if y’all are concerned about the children. How man board of education meetings have you, Kevin Jones, Gwen Wilkins, Sandy Claus and the other Special Cs attended?

Damn stood on your own 2 feet that were in line with your values. Really! What 2 feet and what values?


Sounds good so where is Cool Geeks located now and when will you pay the people and/or return their computers that you didn’t repair and didn’t return? What about that part!


Damn you don’t have to buy into crime is happening everywhere because it is a fact. That is just more b.s.


Damn it will be interesting to see what happens in the next coming month or so.

It is a damn shame that grown ass Black folk will allow Special Cs to make an ass out of them. But if you they like it, I love it.

This has been one of the most ignant races I have seen in all of my years. This race brought a whole new meaning to political bullying, lying and just down right nasty. A race that the Special Cs started their WSBS in full force in December and because Tarrick had a business, had a business downtown and served on a board via the Rocky Mount City Council that they thought they had found the right one to unseat Andre Knight.

I have been struggling with how this guy could fight against the council when the city had filed a lawsuit against him and he had to give up the property on Douglas Block trying not to pay rent saying the building had mold. Damn sources tell me that his class reunion met there on at least one occasion.

How in the hell do you turn your back on folk who help you get where you are?

And most of all I have been struggling with how folk support someone who residence has been unknown throughout the process of this election and knowing that it was a pending lawsuit on Cool Geeks location and then the lawsuits for not returning folk equipment.

Not only do I remember what Tarrick role was but also I will not forget those who support messy folk.

Well they tried to say that Andre was messy but they have provided no proof so I don’t count that which I can’t prove unlike some folk count any and everything.

So glad this messy race is over.


Tarrick Pittman Need Some Real Family & Friends Because If They Didn’t Attempt To Reach Out To Him Then They Failed Him

If Tarrick Pittman’s family and friends didn’t reach out to him and try to get him to not file to run for office putting himself in the spotlight for failure they failed him. This guy needed someone to tell him now is not the time to put himself out there.

I reached out to Tarrick Pittman and didn’t even know him. When he came up to me and hugged me at a meeting, I didn’t even know who he was and had to ask someone.

I talk to folk and try to give them some good advice but sometimes folk don’t accept it. Well since I didn’t know him and we were not friends, what did I have to lose?

Tarrick has been trying to discredit me because I talk to Andre Knight. But what he fell to realize hell I was trying to talk to him too.

Well I hate it has come to this but I had nothing to do with all of his shortfalls hell, I got enough of my own so I ain’t got time to create any for other folk.

Folk what you need to understand is when you come for me I will not give you a free pass because I am going to defend my ass.

Now when you come for folk around me that has a stake in the community especially elected officials, then you come for me too.

I have always told folk that if you are running for an office in Edgecombe County and/or abroad that directly or indirectly affect me you better talk to me. I have spent too much time in being a community and political activist to allow folk to come in and think that I am not going to hold them accountable.

Well when you attempt to by-pass me, you need to understand that I am watching and waiting.

I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

Rocky Mount NC – Tarrick Dinell Pittman Eviction Date For Cool Geeks Thursday October 3

I find it very interesting that Tarrick Dinell Pittman has spent so much time trying to discredit Rocky Mount Councilman Andre Knight while he should have been trying to take care of his personal business.

When the city won the right to retain their property from Tarrick the amount was $15,000 and since he has not paid it the amount has now escalated to $18,420.

If Tarrick is not out by October 3 then all of the things inside will be sold at a surplus.

Somebody mentioned to me today that have you thought about Tarrick may have been living in the Cool Geek property. What I do know is that some of his classmates said that they held a class reunion there some time ago.

On October 7 the day before the election Tarrick has a court date for traffic violations that he has continued twice so therefore I don’t believe he can continue it again.

Earlier today I post October 3 and October 7 so there you have it.

One thing Tarrick can not say is that I didn’t talk to him in person and tried to make him understand about this political thing but he chose to go the route he is going. Damn his friends could not be real friends because I am straight up with my real friends.


Rocky Mount NC – In Response To Ignant Tarrick Dinell Pittman To My Report On Andre Knight And All American City Protest

Tarrick Pittman for Ward 1 

Hello, Rocky Mount!

Recently, the Ward 1 incumbent’s self appointed spoke person has blogged another brief in an effort to defend the incumbent’s record since 2003.

Ignant I am who I am and have been long before I knew Andre Knight.

There is one statement, in particular, I’d like to breakdown for everybody. It is in quotes below.

“I have been knowing Andre Knight since the late 90’s and I have never heard him say everything was alright in Rocky Mount. Hell he went to Philadelphia and fought against Rocky Mount receiving the All-American City status. Because Andre recognized and understood then leading up to now that hell no everything ain’t in Rocky Mount so therefore he came back and began to prepare to run for a seat on the Rocky Mount City Council. Because the Ward 1 Seat was coming up, he moved over to the East Side, I repeat to the East Side of Rocky Mount so he could get on the council and help Reuben Blackwell fight for equality for all throught the entire city of Rocky Mount.” ~ Curmilus Butch Dancy II

Before I break it down. I want to acknowledge the incumbent, by saying I understand, support, and appreciate why he ran for Council in 2003. He saw what he felt were inequities in our city and wanted to be the voice of change. Not much different than why I and quite frankly others are running for City Council in 2019. However, since 2003 ALL of the Wards have struggled to gain footing and regain our once vibrant status as a City and regional player in North Carolina’s economic development.

The blogger has shared with us the incumbent “…went to Philadelphia and fought against Rocky Mount receiving the All-American City status.” This is stated as if this was a good thing or in any way helpful in moving our city forward. In fact, as I breakdown what the reward actually stands for and means in terms of growth for any city recognized I believe you will see this effort, in fact, is the crux behind why we as a city are worse off more know then 16 yrs ago.

Ignant hell yeah it was a good thing back then because the Rocky Mount City Council was a Caucasian majority and the Edgecombe County side of Edgecombe County was little to no attention. Again hell yeah it was a good thing.

Before I begin, for background Rocky Mount is, in fact, a Two-Time All America City in 1969, and again in 1999 this a designation we ALL can take pride in. City staff in fact, in an effort to bolster the city’s image as the RMEC was being built, had planned to pursue the designation again in 2015 only to have it squashed by the incumbent. In the same vein, he squashed having the designation “Two time All-America City” installed on the new highway signs welcoming citizens and visitors alike to Rocky Mount. Why?

In 1969 and 1999 Rocky Mount City Government was not friendly to Edgecombe County.

What I didn’t include in my report was that it was Andre Knight who was not on the council in 1999 and Carol Batchelor who went to Philadelphia to protest the All-American City. What I also didn’t say was that it was the NAACP under the leadership of Dr. Elbert Lee who had call for the boycott but wanted to back out after receiving all kinds of calls from the former Mayor Fred Turnage trying to call off the NAACP. Well Dr. Lee backed out but Andre an Carol raised money to go. It was not Andre and Carol who started the Protest Process ignant. You needed to have done just a little bit more research.

I am not going to respond to all of the other b.s. in your response because you are just repeating yourself of mess you continue to say that means ab so damn lute ly nothing.

But I love how you say you spoke to the folk in Ward 1 and they are telling you because you don’t know anything about the Ward because 1s of all hell you are ignant to what the boundaries of the Ward is. Hell since it is unknown where you live, you might be talking to some folk in Pinetops. Oh but you don’t want to talk to me. Wrong answer you should have listened.

As a serial entrepreneur. Someone with 25 years of corporate experience in managing people, mentoring our youth, creating businesses. I ask you to select me as your next Ward representative. I will work alongside you to ensure Ward 1 will have a voice as we move Rocky Mount forward regaining our national recognitions.

You mean as a SERIAL CROOK don’t you?

You say 25 years of corporate experience and that may some good to you but right now tell us where you live. You damn sure don’t live at 2009 Rosewood Ave. The Citizens of Rocky Mount have that right to know where you live. Matter of a fact since you want to come for me then let’s do it. I will be checking with the Edgecombe County Board of Elections to see what address they have on file because again you are doing some felony mess in my opinion.

Bro. Man what is your current address?

Is it 2009 Philadelphia Ave.? At the rate you are going I do know where I believe it is going to be and that is 2009 Penitentiary.

See my response to Tarrick’s Original Post: Rocky Mount NC – Tarrick Pittman This Dude Right Here Has Taken Elections To A Whole New Level

Tarrick Pittman
Candidate for City Council, Ward 1


Curmilus Dancy II
The Political Agitator The Watch Dog of The East

Rocky Mount NC – Tarrick Pittman This Dude Right Here Has Taken Elections To A Whole New Level

The Political Agitator’s response: This dude right here has lied about where he lives. He voted in Nash County in November 2018 but in early 2019 he was quoted in the Rocky Mount Telegram that he said he lived on Woodland Ave Edgecombe County in Rocky Mount for the past year. From November to March is around 4 months. But then shortly after that he goes to Tarboro and change his voter’s registration from Nash County to Edgecombe County saying he lives on 2009 Rosewood Ave. He had to find somewhere to move in Ward 1 so he could run against Andre Knight since Woodland was not in the Ward. But 2009 Rosewood Ave there is no one living on the property. Now ask yourself how in the hell can an Unstable Tarrick Pittman who has not provided a valid address to the Board of Elections as to where he lives and that could possible be a felony charge if found to be intentionally falsifying information. But he can get away with it as long as no one from Ward 1, any Democrat in Edgecombe County and/or the Edgecombe County Democratic Party does not make an official complaint with the Edgecombe County Board of Elections. But what tickles the hell out of me is this dude has been put out of the property downtown where his business Cool Geeks was housed, ejected from Woodland Ave and 2009 Rosewood Ave so where does he really live? Now don’t get it twisted I have no problem that someone move to another location to run for office because that practice has been used for years so that ain’t a problem. Speaking of Cool Geeks Tarrick has numerous court documents where customers are taking him to court because he has failed to return their property. The problem is when you are Unstable and just lie, lie, lie. Damn appears that dude need to begin with working on serving himself before trying to serve other folk because it is a fact that he is UNSTABLE. It is documented. Don’t Blame Me because I read the documents. And lastly what tickles me the most is folk who support this UNSTABLE dude, it speaks highly of them. But if they like it, I love it!

Tarrick Pittman for Ward 1


Rocky Mount is a great place to live, and keeping it great requires someone who is truly serving the needs of its citizens with initiative, fresh thinking, and a willingness to be bold. I will bring a unique perspective, new energy, and careful leadership to the Rocky Mount City Council. I vow to be an independent voice of people of Ward 1, to challenge the status quo and to offer a vision for our future. I will work tirelessly to improve the citizen experience in Rocky Mount.

As the next councilman to represent Ward 1 #I_WILL:

Support & drive economic opportunity and infrastructure development to ensure the Ward and our great city, and region grows together

Expand access to quality education so our children have a real shot to stay in the area and succeed

Expand trade and certification programs so every young person who wants a job can get one

Expand broadband Internet access to all areas of our city

Continue to invest in technology for continued STEAM training for our youth and a more effective
and transparent city hall

Empower those addressing social concerns such as Veterans’ needs, home ownership, poverty, and literacy

Seek innovative solutions for budget, infrastructure, parks and public safety issues

Restore civility to the political process so we can end the bickering and focus on solving real problems

Join us. Support as you can. Time to send a message to them all. We mean business for Rocky Mount.
Time to move forward. ✅
#Vote #tarrick4ward1 #letsgrowtogether

Tarrick Pittman Campaign Page Shows The Following Address Mail Going To Nash County Interesting


I was looking for this to be a headquarters but to find out it is a Postal Annex on Nash County side. Who does that? I am asking for me. He supposedly lives in Edgecombe County.

Note: My physical address is a Tarboro Address and I live 7 miles from Tarboro but 3 miles from Pinetops. I already had my P.O. Box long before the flood of 1999 so when the flood came I changed all of my mail to go to my P.O. Box.

Tales of an Educated Debutante – What is Happening in Rocky Mount?

The Political Agitator’s response: This Special C right here is as ignant as it comes. Funny as hell you say y’all Special Cs give a damn. Found a few Safe Black Folk and a couple of Ignant Black Folk to push the Special Cs agenda White Supremacy B.S.

What in the hell are you talking about Andre Knight being the past President of the NAACP because he has been the President since he was elected the 1st time around. Correct he is the current President.

So what in the hell does, “ An older African American fellow, no longer in government, warned me against calling or directing any negative attention against Knight” that suppose to mean? Whoever the hell he is don’t speak for all Black Folk so he means nothing.

Damn Andre and Reuben Blackwell didn’t like the process that was used to get Richard appointed and they spoke up. But what you fell to understand is they have gotten past that so your WSBS ain’t working by bringing up that part because these guys have bonded. Richard see what the hell Andre and Reuben has been up against and they have worked well on the council.

Damn so you are mad because you say, Johnny Cunningham, the African American executive director of ReGroup, said in a council meeting, “Andre Knight, you’re the biggest racist I know.” Funny now you trying to be like Trump Mr. Slick by trying to throw in his business name because you want to send a message to some folk to attempt to break up the bond that Johnny, Andre, Reuben and Johnny have now.

An educational moment: You talking about Rocky Mount back then a city on the rise. Well when the city was up for the city on the rise Andre went to Philadelphia and spoke out against it. This was before he became President of the NAACP.

An educational moment: This council has not only focused on real issues by prioritizing them and then acted on them. They have done a damn good job after coming behind the majority Caucasian council that didn’t do anything for Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount.

B.S. to say it is not about Black and White. It is about Black, White and Green. The WSBS Movement began strong in December 2018 working on trying to unseat Andre and Richard.

It is funny to me how this ignant is supporting an UNSTABLE Black man but that is what Special Cs do they rather support an UNSTABLE Black Man. Oh because you can’t control the Stable Black Man. I just laugh when I read this kind of mess on Social Media.

So what are you wanting Sandy Claus to bring your Tale?

The following video tell the story: “United Rocky Mount Local Elections, Money & Progress.”

Tales of an Educated Debutante

What is Happening in Rocky Mount?

My hometown. Eastern North Carolina. A place that conjures up wonderful memories and where, not so long ago, people gave a damn.

There are those that still do. Folks who I knew growing up, fierce advocates for the place they still call their own.

There’s this man in Rocky Mount, past president of the NAACP, current president of Rocky Mount’s chapter, and he seems to have a lot of power.

Andre Knight.

An older African American fellow, no longer in government, warned me against calling or directing any negative attention against Knight.

He’ll lie and leave you hung out to dry, he said.
And so, I stayed quiet.
But no longer.

Sandy Roberson is running against Bronson Williams for Mayor.
Tarrick Pittman is running against Andre Knight for City Council.
Councilman Knight and Blackwell have dictated the direction of the city for far too long.

Black and white folks who argue are shut down and verbally attacked. When Pastor Joyner was up for nomination to the Council, Knight accused him of being, “the white man’s jigaboo and Uncle Tom.”

White man’s jigaboo?
Uncle Tom?

Reverend Joyner, a black man, was nominated for CNN’s 2015 Hero of the Year for his work in the community, particularly the Conetoe Family Life Center where he has championed healthy eating and lifestyle to those in poverty.

Johnny Cunningham, the African American executive director of ReGroup, said in a council meeting, “Andre Knight, you’re the biggest racist I know.”

Rocky Mount was once the city on the rise and today, Rocky Mount “leaders” are too busy bolstering their own personal interests rather than the community.

“We need a new leadership team who will focus on the real issues facing our city,” shared Sandy Roberson for Mayor, “leaders who will be open and honest, accessible, accountable, and transparent.”

“It’s not about black or white, you must pick a side and I still believe in Rocky mount,” said candidate Tarrick Pittman for Ward 1.

Do you?


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