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After reading and listening to ignant mess during the week from ignant folks about our President and other issues that affect the black community, tuning in to these talk shows bring it back home.

I trust in all of these brothers because they are always “Right on!!” each and every Sunday. These guys keep me motivated and ready to deal with whatever come my way during the following week. However, don’t let me mislead you because I am my best motivator because I am going to do my part to the best of my ability.

Join me each and every Sunday as I listen to the FM 104.3.

Comments about black leaders on Talk Back Sunday morning talk show with Rep. Larry Hall

My comments on Talk Back Sunday May 10, 2009 Morning Talk Show on FM 104.3 hosted by Rep. Larry Hall Show

What are our black leaders advocating for?  Are they trying to help others or are they continuing to live off the backs of those whom they claim they are trying to help?

I have a problem with some of our black leaders who say they are about helping black folks when they have the resources but are doing just enough which is not enough.

There are folks like myself who are out here working a real job and struggling using my own resources trying to make things better in Edgecombe County while some black folks are receiving funds to do so.

I sent an open letter out to my black elected officials in Edgecombe County this past week serving notice that I am going to hold them more accountable than ever before by exposing them on The DCN Blog/TV. I am going to send this same message out across the state to those who are making decisions on my behalf.

2nd call after a caller behind me called in and said we don’t need to just hold blacks accountable but get rid of them because a lot of them are old and have been there a long time.

Hall said we must hold all officials accountable because we did not elect any blacks to the state council seats such as Governor, Auditor and etc.

My point is we must hold our local black elected officials accountable to stand up for us case in point we here in Edgecombe, Nash and Wilson Counties contacted the black elected officials to request that our Gov. Beverly Perdue to appoint a black District Attorney. When black elected officials demand justice we can make some things happen.

Note: True we need to look at what all of our elected officials are doing and see what they are really doing. Let’s look at what they are doing socially and economically for us. Let’s see if they are doing suspected illegal activities such as our former Governor Mike Easley and the others have been in the news about.