Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission Meeting Wednesday October 9, 2019, Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson Another No Show

Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson was the topic of discussion again this month during the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission meeting. Damn he has been scared to come to yet a 2nd meeting but felt safe coming to the meeting on Hispanic/Latino meeting sponsored by the HRC on Monday. This racist hide behind Social Media reminds me of how the KKK operates. Steve although you were not at the table your ass sure was on the table again.
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Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson Just Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk Damn Why Don’t He Just Listen Sometimes? Monday October 7, 2019

Damn this guy right here is a piece of work! Just look at him. He is an embarrassment to the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission but always trying to put the focus on me. I came to listen but this guy always come with some WSBS. I don’t make this stuff up watch for yourself.
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After the meeting damn fool came over to the side of the room where we were and still trying to give ignant ass advice. Damn listen to him for yourself I don’t make this stuff up. Click On Photo To List To Audio
See what Steve says he tell Black Guys about Window Tint, Big Rims and Booming Music

Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson You Continue To Validate You Are A Bonified Racist!

What in the hell does this have to do with me? First time I have even heard of this story. I have no clue of where this happened and no clue of who the killer is. But even at that I have never robbed nor killed any damn body be they White or Black. Bull S…! Boy you have been a racist every since I met you back in the 90’s. And you say this happened 4 years ago and you want to make folk think that you just got that way. So now I see why you created the B.S. you have on these boards not only locally but across the state. Damn you are good at the b.s. you do. Who in the hell is Dancy and Company? I have never signed anything saying I was speaking for someone other than me. However I probably could but that would only bring assholes like you that come for me after them. Damn oh you talking about Black Councilmembers and their vocal Black Supporters. Damn I am a bully because I refuse to be Silent and has not been since I joined Black Workers For Justice in the late 80’s and becoming actively engaged in the Democratic Party around that time also. I joined the NAACP in 1992 to be a voice for the people. But this ignant ass Steve act as if my family along with other Black folk have not endured racism and other from folk who looked like him. This post right here goes to show why this dude do not need to be a part of any group that is suppose to be for the better of all folk because he has a personal agenda. This sounds like some children mess. Somebody need to get Ralph some help because I be damn if he don’t continue to validate his racist attitude. Damn he has hit 2 home runs this week. I am The Political Agitator and Steve has been agitated! Don’t Blame caus you Ignant!



Rocky Mount NC – The More Johnny Cunningham Share Them Messages From Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson The More I Love Me Some Ralph

The Political Agitator’s response: Damn these messages by Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson gets gooder an gooder! Wow! I believe Steve was saying, Why….cant believe white folk cant have a plan….lololol. I believe (Why….) could be Why Niggers oh just my ignant opinion. Confirmation about Lige Daughtridge saying that Douglas Block took all of the downtown money. Wow said that Sandy Roberson has had family in RMT before it was founded. Damn it now! So I guess Sandy Claus has really come to town to claim the city. I am just talking about what he said. Don’t Blame Me! Wow! Steve ended this segment talking about time is ripe before next generation expands like Cooper and others. Cooper is Cooper Blackwell and others are young Black Folk who are waking up. Folk I done told y’all that Steve is a RACIST! He is confirming who some others are as well. But this is just my ignant opinion. Hell I am just going by what he said! Don’t Blame Me!


Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson Sincerely Apologize To Sandy Roberson For His Proven Ignant Mess

Sandy Roberson for Mayor

It is alarming that at this late hour in the campaign, there are some who want to characterize this campaign along racial lines. In 30 years of business with Medicare and Medicaid, I have never had a civil rights complaint filed against me or my company based on actions dealing with employees and the thousands of patients we have served over that course of time.

Furthermore, the people who know me, know my family — know my reputation. I have worked throughout my career and my personal life to support and advance people regardless of their station, their race, their age, their religion, and their sexual orientation. Allegations otherwise are propugated for political gain and are totally without merit.

It is sad that so many people want to color this race based on skin tones — that’s the politics of the status quo because they don’t have any real solutions to move our city in a new direction and provide the leadership that will deliver safe neighborhoods, new jobs and better student performance.

My campaign is about equality. It’s about moving in a new direction. It’s about lifting up every single neighborhood in our city — so we can be prosperous and successful. That’s why my campaign motto is: Working together for progress. It’s time to stop the silliness and focus on the real issues that will impact real people

Sandy Roberson

The Political Agitator response: This election has been about RACE since December 2018 it has been in full force leading up to now.

I repeat this RACE is about COLOR but it didn’t begin with you and will not end with you. The minutes of the meetings and the videos are documented facts to show that there has been a dedicated movement to attack Black Leadership so that it would create an atmosphere to remove Andre Knight and Richard Joyner from the council. Whether you have been actively publicly engaged in the process does not change the mere fact there has been a movement. The movement prompted Warren Daughtridge to yet start another group LoveRockyMount. He said the group was not political and I challenged him on it several times and he finally admitted to it during the 1st City Council meeting earlier this month in September.

The current city council has done a damn good job since the council became a 4-3 Black Majority in 2003 however the Caucasians on the council has not shown they were divided during 95% of the time when voting on city business. To make it plain there has been very, very few times the council has voted down racial lines which would be all the blacks voting together and all of the whites voting together. All of the Caucasians either voted together or it may have been times when 2 voted one way and 1 the other.

What solutions are you talking about because I have been attending the City Council meetings long before any of the current council members have been on the council?

You say your campaign is about equality? Could you explain equality as in what because that could vary.

I agree it is about moving in a new direction. What is the direction because this council has been going in a new direction since 2003?

How do you go about lifting up every single neighborhood in the city? That is a broad statement without providing how that can be done? What city has lifted up every neighborhood and how did they do it?

Since you talk about how successful and all tell me what Black community have you lifted up since you have been the business man you say you are.

Wow! You say so we can be prosperous and successful. Damn that sounds like those money hungry preachers that preach prosperity.

Wow! Your Motto tickles me because if you don’t get 100% of the votes then how do you call that togetherness?

I agree the Special Cs that created the division in the community because the council is not divided, need to stop their ignant mess. They created the mess but then when we call them out they play VICTIM. Obviously they represent you from your silent actions until now when you have no choice but to speak since you are a candidate.

What are the real issues that impact real people?

I have no problem with you running for mayor and I have told folk that all of the emphasis do not need to be put on the mayor’s race because the mayor has limited power and will just sign off on what the council does and may never get to vote.

The problem I have is the Black community is being targeted by certain Black folk who are pushing your and LoveRockyMount agenda.

It is about Voter Integrity on all sides and what I see is some mess that has been taking place that has been linked to your campaign and the mess I am talking about is what has been printed in the newspaper and from the folk I have talked to directly and/or indirectly.

I ain’t mad with anybody and if I was to get mad with anyone it would not be you, it would be the Black Folk who are pushing your agenda. You see they are responsible for allowing mess to take place in the Black Community. So what elections like this does is validate what I have been saying over the years, watch who the folk to see where they stand politically. After the election is over folk will be able to see as you stated real people but I want to take it one step further real Black Folk. This will let folk know the character of the Black Folk and the Caucasian folk when they go public with their political activity. One thing about it one can’t go in the polls with them but it is clear who they supported when they wear the shirts, work the polls and especially try to persuade Black folk to vote for you.

Carry on!

Steve Stevenson Sandy, I sincerely apologize for the remarks I made in a private message to an individual. The statement published by itself it totally out of context. It was in response to a black gentleman stating politicians being scared of confronting inept, and possibly corrupt managers and administrators because of their race. I know you and your management team have a proven track record and are beyond reproach in all compliance and employment practices. My statement was intended to communicate my opinion that you do not and will not give a pass to anyone, regardless of race, and are not intimidated by those who may use their race as a shield from accountability or responsibility. The snipet of that exchange is regrettable and considering the party who revealed it, poor judgement on my part to even engage in.


 The Political Agitator response: Wow! So Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson is apologizing for his remark made in a private message to Johnny Cunningham. So whether you said it in private or publicly your ass is a racist and you have just validated it. Damn if your statement was taken out of context what the hell are you apologizing for? But what I learned a long time ago is you can’t control how someone receive what one say. Damn you being a jackleg attorney ought to know that much.

Wow! You say your response was to a Black gentleman the same damn Black gentleman that you teamed up with some Caucasian friends to attempt to silence him by taking out a restraining order on him. But you and they underestimated him because he showed up in court with not only some supporters but a real attorney. You tried to get Johnny’s attorney to go against Johnny by saying Johnny had come after you. SMDH!

Wow! As a jackleg Attorney you should have been able to articulate Sandy’s track record in a better fashion but you did it from the heart because that is what you have done over the years and the numerous recent inboxes to Johnny validate such along with my videos of the HRC meetings.

You say your statement was intended to communicate your opinion and that is what got your ignant ass in this mess. But you see you have been getting away with such over the years but now you have proven where your heart is.

Damn and then for you to end it by going from saying a Black gentlemen to saying consider the party who revealed it tickles the hell out of me. You continue to show how ignant your ass is.

You are correct it was poor judgement on your part to even engage in the exchange. But this is what you have done and continue to do even after Johnny Cunningham filed a formal complaint against you with the Human Relations Commission after the HRC had voted on the issue that a HRC member raised against you during our last meeting.

You got so damn much mouth but you didn’t show up for the meeting but then interviewed with the newspaper trying to make the meeting about me.

Well I have tried to tell folk about you but I don’t have to do that anymore because it is documented in your ignant conversation private and public. The inboxes don’t lie and my videos don’t either.

I ain’t mad with anybody.

Admit that you are a racist and that you want to seek help. Oh that is just my opinion. If you like being that way, then I love it!

Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission Vote To Remove Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson

The Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission is recommending the City Council remove a voting commissioner, citing the commissioner having gone on social media supporting a local businessman’s posting another commissioner considers insensitive to African-Americans.

Funny that the reporter didn’t say what kind of business it is. I understand that the business is a computer repair business.

The commission, in a meeting on Wednesday, took the action against Commissioner Steve Stevenson, an attorney in Rocky Mount and who once chaired the state Human Relations Commission.

Local Human Relations Commissioner Curmilus Dancy, who is a blogger and a videographer, recorded the meeting, which showed Commissioner Nehemiah Smith taking issue with a comment on Facebook by Rocky Mount native Randy Adcox.

Funny how this reporter West didn’t share the link to my video.

The posting by Adcox attached remarks from Booker T. Washington to support Adcox’s argument that Washington, in his time more than a century ago, called out African-Americans who would stoop to use their peers as pawns in a power struggle.

Adcox wrote he believes with all that has transpired in 100 years, one would think it would be impossible for certain African-American leaders to exploit their fellow African-American citizens for political gain.

“And yet, it continues,” Adcox wrote.

Washington was a prominent spokesman for African-Americans from the late 1890s to the early 1900s.

On Facebook, Stevenson responded to Adcox’s posting by writing he believes the situation is one of power and control delegated by those who keep them in poverty, servitude and victimization.

“Those leaders have constantly been exposed for subjugating their followers to victimhood for over 100 years and yet history continues to repeat itself,” Stevenson wrote. “The amazing part is the relative success leaders have in projecting the consequences of their action onto others.”

Stevenson wrote he believed an entire race and a political party have been demonized in the process.

During the Human Relations Commission meeting, Smith told his fellow commissioners, “First of all, it’s good to know that I’ve been in this black skin almost 50 years and Mr. Adcox is more of an expert on black folks than I am.”

And Smith said of Adcox’s and Stevenson’s comments on Facebook, “This runs adverse to what we’re trying to do.”

Smith also said he believes Washington’s statement was taken out of context by Adcox and had to do with to an ongoing argument with early 20th Century African-American activist W.E.B. DuBois.

“And that’s extremely opinionated, too,” Commission Co-Chairman Linwood Williams said in supporting Smith.

Smith particularly took issue with Adcox also commenting on Facebook he believes no ethnic group on the planet has been as cruel and heartless to its own people as some in the African-American community.

“Black folk didn’t create abject slavery nor any other things that came after it, the poverty that came along with it, the miseducation that came along with it,” Smith said. “We didn’t do any of that. We were subjugated to it.”

The Human Relations Commission’s purpose is to promote harmony, respect and understanding among all people.

During Wednesday’s meeting, Smith tried to lead a vote to have the commission prohibit Stevenson from continuing to serve as a commissioner.

City Human Relations Director Archie Jones, representing the municipal government at the meeting, advised commissioners they could make a recommendation to the council in the matter of Stevenson.

Jones also suggested concerned commissioners and the parties involved could meet and get a chance to hear both sides.

After much discussion, Williams made clear he was not going to carry Smith’s motion, based on his interpretation of rules of order.

However, Williams said of Adcox’s and Stevenson’s Facebook postings, “All those comments and the response are very egregious.” Egregious is defined as shocking.

“I tend to agree with you also to think that a person of that mindset on this commission is very counterproductive,” Williams told Smith.

Smith made a second motion. That was followed by a vote, without dissent, for recommending the council remove Stevenson.

Adcox, 60, who lives in the Dortches community in Nash County, told the Telegram he was astounded after watching the video of the commission meeting.

“There was, to me, a glaring lack of any kind of formality,” Adcox said. “It seemed to be almost a free for all. There was a glaring lack of civility.

“At times, it got just downright ugly. It certainly did not reflect on the Human Relations Commission in a good light,” Adcox said, noting he believes the commission has done good work in the past.

Funny how the reporter West didn’t state facts to support what Adcox meant by it got just downright ugly. 

Adcox said that, “This action now to exclude someone with a differing opinion is just unconscionable, in my opinion.”

He also said he was surprised by Williams’ labeling of his Facebook posting.

“There was no intent on my part to offend anybody,” he said. “I was merely just stating a parallel that I saw in history.”

Stevenson told the Telegram he has made initial contact with the office of an attorney specializing in suing municipalities, seeking counsel from that attorney, and is awaiting a return phone call.

This is what Steve does he throw out mess then when he is challenged he play victim.

Of what happened at the commission meeting, Stevenson said, “The biggest thing that upsets me is I had an inkling that something was up.

No he Steve looked at Clint Williams live video of the Rocky Mount City Council meeting on Monday night he seen where Johnny Cunningham he addressed the council about him but didn’t call his name. I was close by Clint Williams and when Cunningham was speaking he told Sandra Smith WHIG-TV that he was talking about Steve.

“And I called and spoke with Archie Jones — and told him that I was not going to be coming to the meeting because I didn’t want to fall into an ambush,” Stevenson said.

Steve said he didn’t want to be ambushed. So since Steve knew that Johnny Cunningham was coming to the HRC meeting on Wednesday how was he going to be ambushed? See how Webster defines ambushed.

Stevenson also said Dancy is ineligible to serve on the commission because he does not live in Rocky Mount.

Funny how Steve shifted to me being ineligible to serve on the commission. So why did he come for me? Well that is because Cunningham and I are friends and Steve have posted on Social Media about Cunningham was listening to me. The Rocky Mount City Council addressed the issue and it was stated that I could serve until a replacement was named.

Stevenson said he believes Dancy’s position should have been declared vacant and Dancy’s vote on Wednesday should be voided.

But Steve I have attended all the meetings up until now and you have not said a word so how damn hypocritical. It was alright as long as I didn’t participate in voting about your racist a…

Dancy not being a resident of the city was reported by the Telegram in early April.

The Telegram reported that, based on discussion at a City Council workshop, Dancy, the local NAACP’s representative to the commission, would continue serving until the civil rights organization could appoint a new representative at its next monthly meeting.

West so where did you get the part from about the next monthly meeting because I don’t recall that part but maybe I missed it.

Dancy is known for boasting online about being an agitator. Dancy also is known for labeling whites he disagrees with as “Special C’s” and labeling African-Americans he disagrees with as “Ignant Safe Black Folk.”

West I don’t boast online or anywhere about being an agitator. I have been doing what I do since the late 80’s so I didn’t just start doing what I do. Obviously you have a problem with who I am. Where in the hell did you get whites that I disagree with that I labeled them Special Cs? I labeled them Special Cs because they started calling Black folk niggers, racist, crooks, Shaved Ms and all kinds of names so when I began to label them in a factual way because the last time I checked white folk are Caucasians. When I posted the definition of Special Cs they say that is not what I meant and they had been saying that I was calling them Crackers. Not so! Goes to show you where these Special Cs minds are.

As for Wednesday’s commission meeting, Stevenson said, “I mean, the whole thing was a setup to provide Mr. Dancy with a video to say, ‘I got me a Special C,’ in my opinion.”

Talking about mindset how ignant of Steve to say this was a setup for a video when Johnny Cunningham have text messages, inboxes and etc. that are documented so why do a video need to be produced?

Stevenson, 57, was chairman of the state Human Relations Commission under previous Gov. Pat McCrory. Stevenson is presently on the commission as state House Speaker Tim Moore’s representative.

What tickles the hell out of me is Archie Jones told me that Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson called and said that he was not coming to the meeting that he would meet with Cunningham, Nehemiah, myself and anyone because this was an election year. But my question is what did I have to do with Cunningham coming to file a complaint on him. I didn’t speak to the Rocky Mount City Council on Monday and nor did Nehemiah Smith call out Steve but since he know we know the deal on Steve and Cunningham having some issues about the beach trip money that the flyer stated that all donations be sent to Steve’s address and Tracy Pridgen . 

On August 30 Cunningham had to attend court because Tracy Pridgen had taken out a warrant on Cunningham for stalking and guess who shows up at court to try to help her silence Cunningham. But since they underestimated Cunningham because they thought he was coming to court without any support. But Cunningham had some supporters and an attorney. The plaintiff asked to have the case continued. But they want ready. Steve tried to manipulate the process trying to discredit Cunningham but it didn’t work.

Last week Pridgen has some more papers served on Cunningham saying that he was still stalking her and that that his friend posted about the document from the clerk office on Social Media. I guess I am that friend because I sure did post it because it is Public Information.

It is funny that on the August 30 court day that I received an inbox from someone that I believe to have been Steve that showed the court document and whited out Pridgen’s name and had the ExParte amendment. However there was an attachment that stated, “Not sure what kind of attorney Johnny Cunningham has – but he might want to consider firing them or reconsider his recent conversations. Because that’s a special kind of stupid right there.”

But my question is what did I have to do with what happened on Wednesday at the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission. Why did Steve try to make it all about me? Oh I know. Because I challenge his ignant mess during the HRC meetings and I have been challenging him on Social Media.

Steve is mad that I talk to certain folk Johnny Cunningham, Andre Knight, Bronson Williams, Reuben Blackwell, Richard Joyner and some other Black Folk. Steve says Cunningham is listening to me now so therefore he wants to control Black Folk.

Steve is advising LoveRockyMount, Sandy Roberson and others. He is all over Social Media making racist comments and when challenged he can’t handle it.

Steve is mad that I am effective in my political activism.

Watch the video for yourself and if you allow the Racist Special Cs to think for you then you are no better than those coming for me.  Rocky Mount HRC Members Vote To Remove Atty. Steve Stevenson

See original newspaper article: City panel aims to oust member



Fighting Crime & Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson Is This Your Agenda? City Council candidate: Keep town as white ‘as possible’

The Political Agitator’s response: Damn Chris Sifford shared a post on my page that a friend of his shared with him. I have never met Chris in person but I love that guy because he speak out on issues. Fighting Crime shared the post from my page and Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson has been trying to link that Black Agenda to Rocky Mount when these folk don’t even know Chris nor the author of the agenda. Hell I love it! I will not be Silent and/or Apologetic for being Black and standing up for my Black A . . .

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(CNN)A woman running for a city council in Michigan said she wants a “white community as much as possible.”

Jean Cramer’s racist answer came at a forum Thursday to a question about bringing more diversity to Marysville, which is 95% white.

Other candidates gasped at her words, as heard in a recording posted on the website of radio station WPHM.

Asked by the moderator if the community diversity needed to be addressed, perhaps by attracting foreign-born citizens, Cramer said: “My suggestion, recommendation: Keep Marysville a white community as much as possible.”

But These Guys Right Here Warren Daughtridge Founder LoveRockyMount & Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson Has Lied To Me Just Tell The Truth

These guys along with some other Special Cs want to challenge the Rocky Mount City Council especially Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell but when we challenge the Special Cs they get mad as hell and want to play victim. They play . . . but then don’t want to get . . .! Well too late my friends.

The following post right here answers many questions I had for Warren Daughtridge that was in the Rocky Mount Telegram:

Warren D. said the group was not Political and I said it was founded after he came to City Council meetings and went in the attack mode. But Warren D. this is what I read, “The car wash is set for 2-6 p.m. at Prid­gen Tire on Sun­set Av­enue hosted by Love Rocky Mount, the heart and brain child of busi­ness ex­ec­u­tive War­ren Daugh­tridge. He said his new pur­pose in life is heal­ing the city of the re­cent po­lit­i­cal strife and un­der­ly­ing racism with a goal of bring­ing city res­i­dents to­gether.”

So Warren D. how your it appears that y’all political candidates Sandy Roberson, Lige Daughtridge, Gwen Wilkins and Tarrick Pittman are working really hard trying to unseat the current council members and to take the seats of those who have chosen not to run during this election.

Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson had a damn problem with Johnny Cunningham questioning the money that was directed to him and his address: Any­one who wants to help but can­not make the car wash event can make checks payable to S&P Law c/​o Re­group 1 and mail them to S&P Law, PO Box 981, Rocky Mount, NC 27802. Cash and checks also can be dropped off at S&P Law Firm at 874 Coun­try Club Road in Rocky Mount.

So Steve did you account for all of the funds?

Have you filed the necessary paperwork for receiving the funds?

Who was the treasurer?

Just asking since all of a sudden Johnny Cunningham is a crazy man but that was as long as he was blinded by y’all motive. Johnny’s motive was good then and still good now, to help the Impoverish!

Johnny Cunningham is a brilliant man and that showed when he came to the Rocky Mount City Council and apologized to Reuben Blackwell and Andre Knight while sending a message to LoveRockyMount, Warren Daughtridge, Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson in a nice way.

Damn shame these guys want to hold others accountable but got a problem with Black Folk holding them accountable for what they say.

Fact Check That!

Report Back!

I’ll Wait!

Rocky Mount – So How Did My Name Come Up Attorney Steve Stevenson In The Discussion About The Beach Trip For Poor Black Children?

I am just asking questions about the Beach Trip but obviously they don’t want me to question Johnny Cunningham. Thanks for you response Johnny.
Johnny Cunningham

3 mins ·

The real reason why they say they “FOLDED OUT” SO DISREGUARD ALL THAT OTHER BS.

Image may contain: text

No photo description available.

  • Curmilus Butch Dancy II

    Curmilus Butch Dancy II So I see Steve called my name on June 4. So how did my name come up?
    Damn this is getting gooder and gooder!

Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson What An Interesting Conversation And He Thinks I Am Going To Send Him A Friend Request, The Devil Is A Liar!

This Special C right here has been trolling my page and reporting me. Ain’t that something! I just can’t!
6:01 PM

Steve Stevenson

You sir, must have blocked or unfriended me in the past. FB says you have to send me a friend request and will not send one from me to you.

10:58 PM

You are not on my Blocked List. I can see your page and you should be able to see mines. I don’t know why you can’t send me a request.

Steve Stevenson

I see yours but cant comment….send me a friend request or change your settings

You can now call each other and see information like Active Status and when you’ve read messages.


No you can’t comment because we are not Friends. I don’t understand why you can’t send me a request. Trying to figure out what is going on.

Steve Stevenson

Steve Stevenson

I figured it out…. I reported a post you made a while back…. FB blocked me as part of the block.


I knew it was nothing that I had done!

Steve Stevenson

So send me a friend request and let’s see if it goes thru….


So what was the post about that you reported me?

Steve Stevenson

A NOI post you shared that was antisemitic. It was removed.



Seen by Steve Stevenson at 11:36 PM

Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson This Racist Is Obsessed With This Black Man

Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson Welcome to the club! The gentleman from Pine Tops and/or Tarboro has convinced himself, with the help of others he’s the Great Wizard of Oz incarnate. Unaware the folks behind the curtain are goading him on to foment racism and desent to distract and divide the community. IMHO he is truly righteous in his indignanancy, oblivious he’s being used as a pawn. The racist troupe has been well identified as a smoke screen to squelch debate concerning progressive agendas. Racism, discrimination, white guilt, white privilege, along with xenophobic, homophobic, misogynist, patriarchal, and worst yet, capitalist, conservative, and/or classic liberal are all cudgels to silence any voice that challenges progressive goals. The double standards, and selective use of historical evidence of past discrimination are used to deflect attention from racial equity…that’s the new word for wealth redistribution. Or work force Housing the new term for public housing….that’s not public because they utilize 3rd party entities as partners…a new term for front BTW. Righteous indignation, rabidly espousing hatred, and unyielding allegiance to extreme theories has been utilized through history to silence opposition or worse.
My next rant will propound and pontificate on finer theories that social service organizations perpetuate poverty, and truly lifting people out of poverty threatens the livelihoods of those promulgating public service….how better to maintain and grow your clientele than to separate them from a sincere population that desire to end circumstances that keep them down.

Curmilus Butch Dancy II And this dude is an attorney. He tries to make a name for himself by trying to prove himself on the Human Relations Commission and got someone to appoint him to the State Human Relations Commission from another county. He is on the local Dr. King Commission and has been on the State. What an ass to serve in these capacities trying to act as if he give a damn about black folk. He has shown he don’t give damn about Hispanics and Latinos as well.

He also attempted to sway the conversations about the removing of the Confederate Monument that were held by the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission.

And trying to sell himself to Moe Deloach and other black folk.

Tell us about how you became a lawyer.

This is why Stevie has an issue with me:

Rocky Mount Human Relations May 2019 Meeting

Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission Meeting My Final Meeting As A Voting Member 

Curmilus Dancy II Attempt To Address Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission March Meeting

Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission February Meeting

Attorney Steve Stevenson Says, “Some Information on the Human Relations Commission, and my opinion on recent articles and “open letters”

I find Attorney Steve Stevenson’s following conversation to be quite interesting, “Some Information on the Human Relations Commission, and my opinion on recent articles and “open letters”  (which I can’t directly respond to . . . oh well).”

The following was sent to me because I was blocked from being able to see the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Page. But the Open Letter is on my Blog, Facebook Page, Linked In and Twitter pages but he knew that I couldn’t read and respond to him on this page.

Someone sent me the following today but they said it was posted a couple of days ago.


Me: So why are you terribly disappointed? I strongly feel that is because you have a problem with me challenging you, something I have done since being on the HRC. I responded to you months ago during a training when you made a comment about black boys being shown favoritism in the courtroom. I said just like white boys used to get it when the D.A. and other were white but now that we have a black DA and other you have a problem.

Thanks for confirmation that you shared your observations and provided recommendations to anyone who wished to consider them. I have no problem with that but only if based on trues in which I seriously doubt. But since I don’t know the conversation, I can’t challenge it but I bet you I could tear it the hell up if I knew.

You speak to the Commission was formed prior to the 1968 Civil Rights Act and … since your friend Keith Harris spoke to that in a post, I bet money that you were the source for that information going out but you used him to get your message out there. I have no problem with that. But I am just trying to figure out your point.

Me: You say you have served on the City HRC since 2003. I attended many meetings back in the 2000’s and folk talked about your role then how you were a piece of work. I attended the meetings and seen you in action. Been hearing about how you continued to be a piece of work over the latter years as well.

Now I find the following to be really, really interesting. You say, “of course Mr. Dancy’s appointment has concerned many on the Commission, myself included.” I addressed the Commission and no one, I repeat no one responded. If I had received a response I would have addressed the issue more in depth during that time but I was under the impression that it was okay that I could serve as the NAACP designee and my physical address was not going to be an issue. Anyone that knows me, know that I am about policy and procedures and that is why I addressed the HRC.

I unaware of the concerns being shared with the officials.


Me: So thank you for validating that the issue is the b.s. stemming from the issues with the City Manager.  You damn right you know me from attending the HRC meetings back in the 2000’s but you also know me from WNCR-TV where you worked and I was at the station several days out of the week. You had issues with your reporting back then that I challenged you as well.

You are ab so damn lute ly correct I am a skilled political operative and deft with my ability to champion what I believe is right. I must admit I had to look up deft because never heard it before. This is what I found via Webster: accomplished with trained ability, characterized by facility and skill. Well sir I got this by putting in the time and energy being a self proclaimed community activist and a political activist. I consider myself a professional and will challenge you (an attorney) and anyone when it comes to community and political activism. This my friend is why I am not liked by many in the white community and labeled as a racist and the black community labeled as militant. That can attribute to me being Unbossed and Unbossed. I am for Justice No Matter Who It Is For Or Against. And another one of my philosophies, I Have No Permanent Friends No Permanent Enemies Only Permanent Interest.

Sir you say, “I am deeply disappointed he has decided to abandon the mission of the City HRC. In his opposition to concerned citizens, particularly in the manner of his divisive overtones and personal attacks.”

I have not abandoned the mission of the City HRC as you call it instead of referring to it as the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission. You see as usual y’all play games with words and I specialize in code words and code names. Please share one incident during a HRC meeting that I didn’t following the mission of the HRC. I repeat, the problem again is because I ain’t the normal black man that you are used to when it comes to meetings. Since I have been on the HRC, you have seen how professional I am in meetings. Y’all learned that I don’t play during meetings, I keep the meetings on track and stress that we can get in and get out in a timely fashion when staying focused. You learned that I am not afraid to challenge you although you are an attorney, nor anyone when it comes to following the agenda and the conversation during the meetings.

You sir manipulated the Confederate Monument meetings with your personal and I feel somewhat from an attorney standpoint when we had the series of meetings. I chose not to participate because I knew that if I knew the focus would have been on me and what I had to share. I just observed. You know and the others know I didn’t agree with the hiring of the consultant who was black because I felt that we could have handled the discussions around the confederate monument in a different way. But you talked about it from your personal standpoint and from an attorney standpoint in my opinion which I feel drove the conversation and some of the folk were following your lead.

Steve I will not allow you and your Special Kind of C friends to attempt to discredit me, black folk and other folk when I know that lies are being told. I have been counteracting the lies over the years. I will not allow folk to call me out of my name and I do not respond. When they call me out of my name then I am going to respond likewise. Your friends use all kinds of words but then when I use some choice words, y’all have a problem. Hell I am a grown ass 56 year old man. I say grown folk stuff but I know when and where to say it. I will not take on a title that I can not be myself. You confirmed that I have been me for years now so therefore I LMAO when I read the comments because these Special Kind of Cs make it appear that I just began doing what I do since the y’all have come after the city manager.

imageThe following video shows how I operate in meetings and you sir I feel didn’t take well my challenging you about the immigrants discussion.

I will end with the video and to view it click on the photo.

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An Open Letter To Attorney Steve Stevenson So You Get To Choose What Is Racially Motivated Just Because You Are An Attorney?

Funny as hell the attorney post this mess on the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens page where they can control how black folk respond but allow white folk to say and do whatever the hell they want to but they say they are about what is right. B.S.!

I’ve commented and followed comments on most of the post here. I believe those on the side of concerned citizens need to take a deep breath and consider what you put in print before hitting send. First and foremost, the problems, issues, and concerns expressed have never been racially motivated, but the complaints have been deflected by treating them as racist.

Me: Really Mr. Attorney. Just because you are an attorney you get to choose what folk feel is racially motivated. Oh hell no. And you suppose to be an attorney ain’t no damn way you could represent me. Ain’t a damn thing been deflected but the lies ya’ll tell without giving the folk facts. Hell yeah it is racist because ya’ll Special C’s think ya’ll can talk negative about black folk and we suppose to accept it and not respond. When we respond we got to be racist. I am so glad I know you and you know me.

Don’t fall into that trap, while most of the antagonist in this matter happen to be minorities, it’s not their race that’s the problem, it’s their ideas, beliefs, and goals that many disagree with.

Me: This is about as ignant as it gets especially coming from an attorney.

Without researching it’s fairly common knowledge most of our minority population own very little real property, in comparison to corporations, governmental agencies, and white citizens. Personal property values are at about the same ratio of ownership as well. Our minority majority population and their leaders want parity in that ownership, and utilize Grant’s and property taxes to achieve that end. The general opinion in that thinking is if its “for us” it’s basically ours. If you discount corporate tax payers, the 38% white population likely pays nearly 60% of the balance of city taxes….the 62% minority population likely pays the other 40% ( figuring 25% of total population of Rocky Mount is under fed poverty levels and our minority population likely makes up the bulk of that 25%).

Me: All of that but incorporate how black folk have had property taken from them dating back to slavery. I was told that areas such as Candlewood where majority of white folk live in the area used to be owned by black folk but that property like so much other that was taken away from black folk, white folk prospered. I could name other areas as well. Want to tell the story, tell the whole story.

So the concerned citizens problem is rooted in how our city manages that disproportionate tax contribution, and the manner in which our council and like minded management have determined where that money should be spent.

Me: The problem is it was okay when white folk were in control because they controlled where the dollars went and now that the council is a black majority long before Rochelle Small-Toney came here, ya’ll just been mad because you no longer control where the monies are spent. You see ya’ll used to could pick up the phone and say spend the money here and there but ya’ll can’t do it with the black majority council.

I remember during the time when Andre Knight and Chris Miller were running for a seat on the council I was at a meeting at the Church of the Good Shepherd in a Common Ground Meeting when a white male said that the white community said if the council become a black majority they would move out of Rocky Mount. The council became a black majority and they been mad every since.

The constituents that live in the minority majority Wards support the current methods of expenditures because it directly benefits that demographic. Aggressively pursuing that agenda in the city naturally increases the sphere of influence of our current council leadership. Their choice of city manager and turn over of city employees furthers that agenda with the hiring of more like minded employees. This is a progressive agenda apposed to a conservative agenda.

Me: This is what the majority white council and the white department heads did when they were in control. But now that roles are reversed ya’ll can’t handle it. I now the history because I have been following Rocky Mount politics since the late 80’s.

This is a clash of ideology not race….it just happens that in this case the progressive agents of change happen to not be white. It has been an effective defense of progressive actions to label opposition as racist….it does several things, it chills open dialogue, it inflames some who revert to personal attacks that can be racially tinged, and it lowers the level of discourse.

Me: This is some b.s. because again I know the history. It is all about RACE and I don’t give a damn how you try to twist it. Hell yeah the opposition is racist. The problem is ya’ll just can’t get over the progressive change that is taking place and it is under the leadership of a black majority council and black department heads. Oh ya’ll can make personal attacks but black folk are suppose to just take it and not respond to ya’ll. Oh hell no!

Remember that old country saying, “Never get in the mud fighting with pigs, it lowers you to their level, they love the mud, and they beat you with experience. I counsel all to keep the matter on topic, ignore the racial accusations, avoid returning personal attacks, and if you get exasperated find a few friend, privately commiserate off line, take a deep breath, and come back to the debate on the side of what you believe is right.

Me: Oh so now black folk who are speaking out against ya’ll b.s. are pigs. Now this is from an attorney’s point of view. Black folk are going to continue to respond to ya’ll racist so ya’ll continue to attempt to make black folk the racist all ya’ll want but it does not make it fact. You tickles the hell out of me talking telling your Special Cs to avoid returning personal attacks when damn ya’ll are the ones who created the mess. It is one thing to hold the black majority council and the other blacks accountable for their actions but damn ya’ll just lie, lie, lie throwing out accusations without backing it up with facts.

As of the moment all of the b.s. ya’ll have thrown out name one thing that is factual and can be proven. Damn I love the following, :take a deep breath, and come back to the debate on the side of what you believe is right.” Act on the damn facts but you can’t because you have nothing but allegations and lies. You as an attorney ought to be better than this but nope you are part of the problem.

The council has to know the city needs the concerned citizens tax money, our economic impact, and the jobs, businesses, and capital invested….. we’re the ones subsidizing all the public expenditures for most of the citizenry.

Me: Damn I can’t believe you would go there but then again I know you so I expect all of what you are saying coming from you. Hell the ones with the most property, the most income and the most of everything ought to do more. Damn some things just ought to be common sense. But it appears that in the world today, folk want to make it seems as if competent, intelligent, caring, willing qualified and experienced black folk ain’t capable of doing the job

They cant afford for many more folks to pick up their marbles and leave, regardless of race. Take the high road, dont return insults with insults, and dont get in the mud.

Me: I find this to be too ignant, because folk leave and new folk come all the time. You say don’t return insults with insults. Well damn it is ya’ll who start the insults but when black folk respond, then ya’ll play games and try to make it look like the black folk started the b.s. Damn ya’ll are the ones slinging mud and black folk are going to get all up in it and support the the black majority council and department heads when as long as they do their job.

This change hasnt happened overnight, its crept up over nearly 20 years, the hiring of RST and subsequent management has shone a light on their agenda, which likely wasn’t intended….but this isnt racial, its ideological….any other way you look at it drags everyone into a cesspool of unending accusations of long ago misdeeds and suffering by people long dead and gone. Nobody on either side of the current issues can or will atone or forgive those past transgressions.

Me: Steve you are ab so damn lute ly right! This has been around 20 years when the council became a black majority and ya’ll been mad every since. What about the black council majority council’s agenda because ya’ll act as if there are not 3 other council members who just happens to be white along with the white mayor. The mayor stated at a recent meeting that he has not had to break a tie so therefore that means that this council has been consistently working together. However I didn’t have to wait for the mayor to say that because I have been following the council before it became a black majority.

Again this whole damn mess is RACIAL and you can continue to say it ain’t but it do not change the fact. Well damn ya’ll are the ones who are the damn racist but in denial, too ignant to understand ya’ll are racist and/or ya’ll just going to be racist and don’t give a damn because ya’ll are going to try to continue to try to dress up ya’ll b.s. as if ya’ll ain’t about that life. This mess right here is fact, your working is proof.

Because ya’ll get mad when black folk bring up 1898 and how things were when it was a white majority, ya’ll can’t handle the truth. Well ya’ll may as well get the hell over it because this is a new era.


Note: I serve on the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission with Steve and this is one of the reasons why they don’t want me on the HRC because I ain’t scared to challenge them.