Rocky Mount City Council Committee of The Whole Special Called Meeting Today

The Gate Keeper response: Well looks like these upset folk are getting a taste of what black folk used to have to deal with. Now the times have changed. I am for justice no matter who it is for or against.  But I remember when white folk were in charge and all of the corrupt mess was going on. Didn’t have black media to expose them at the level the black folk are getting exposed. They took everything black folk had from the land to their ass be it man and woman. They don’t want to talk about the whole trues. Some folk got am ne sia. So I am just going to sit back and see how it all unfold.

Ab so lute ly! Packed out the wrong meeting. But that is what happens when folk are mislead. Didn’t attend because I know how politics works. I love it how folk are so easily mislead by 2 social media sites. Oh folk don’t want to hear these trues. But prove me wrong. Join me at the next meeting and be able to speak during Public Comments and to see what is discussed. Well!

Rocky Mount NC – Special Called Rocky Mount City Council Committee of the Whole Meeting On Dr. MLK Holiday

The Gate Keeper: Wow! This don’t sound good! Well will just have to wait and see. However I believe I got a feeling this ain’t gonna be pretty.

Please note: A special called Rocky Mount City Council Committee of the Whole meeting will be held at 3 p.m., Monday, Jan. 21 in the third floor Committee Room of the Frederick E. Turnage Municipal Building.

Purpose: Closed session; Personnel Matter; and such other business as may come before the Council.