Who Will Say The Things That Need To Be Said, And Do The Things That Need To Be Done, Without Compromise?

The older I get the less ignance, injustice and other mess I can tolerate!


Message To My Niece On A Facebook Group Page

Hold on wait a minute. I started out mad with everybody back in the day until I learned that folks are just going to be folks. Just like we say drugs is a problem. Well for me folks who ain’t involved is worse than the minority who have a drug problem.

But on the job and when it comes to politics I learned years ago that people ain’t going to get involved until it hit home. I joined Black Workers For Justice first, then I had to find out where the local NAACP branch was because I wanted to be a voice for the least of these. Majority of the folks join the NAACP when they have a problem and seeking help. Not me.

I joined the Democratic Party because I wanted to be a voice for the voiceless.

I learned that many folks didn’t get involved because they were scared and what over and that is okay. 

You have to learn to do your part and don’t worry about what others do. Somebody will appreciate you even those who are silent. And every now and then someone will tell you even folks who don’t know you personally but have seen you or heard about you.

But at the end of the day know that you are setting the tone for your children and the other children that sees you. I do it for the children long before I had a child. Folks told me when I was challenging the school system I hate it for you when you get a child. I said well I ain’t going to stop speaking truth to power and when they retaliate against me and my children then they better be ready. Yep had some retaliation but I handled their asses and came out victorious every time.

So niece do your thang and don’t worry about other folks. Either they will get involved now or later.

Damn I Have Been Blocked From Yet Another Facebook Friend’s Page Wilsonian Voices Hosted By Zette McArn Wilson NC

Folks when you try to discredit me you better have your s… together because I am ready! Think I ain’t just check out this post.

The Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC blocked me a couple of months ago from being able to comment on their page because I spoke truth to power. I responded to them because they were attacking, posting and allowing others to post misleading information about Rocky Mount Councilman Mayor Pro-tem/President NAACP Rocky Mount Branch, the Honorable Andre Knight. I responded to a person that commented on a post and said that ain’t right and I also posted that this page is not doing anything that I and someone else could not do. I said they listen to a scanner and report crime. I said hell I been listening to my scanner since the 80’s and I could do the same but that ain’t what I do. I said hell I am glad they do it because I don’t have to do it.

Recently I have been receiving information that the owner of the page is a (white) bailbondswoman and they are using to the page to get folks to help them find their customers. I believe it because although they blocked me from commenting on their page, I can still read it. Folks just check out the content. For the record I ain’t mad with them because I don’t have to post on their page to do what I do. What I hope they recognize and understand that my work still continues.

Yesterday I found out that my Facebook friend Zette McArn has blocked me from her page. Not only did she block me from that page but she blocked me from her other page, Wilsonian Voices. Why? Because she is supporting Attorney Mark Bibbs and I am supporting Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield for the NC House 24 race. Farmer-Butterfield is the incumbent. Damn I thought we were friends and that we could agree to disagree on politics but I see not so. Again hell I still ain’t mad with her.

This is when it began.

March 1st, 5:04pm

What in the world? Bibbs and Jean?


My response: So you supporting Bibbs?

Party POO does not allow for officers to do so.

And you’re asking because …? George fisher asked you to?

My response: Have not talked to George. It looked like he called him a drunk in his post.

He did.

My response: George forgets the lesson of people paying their dues and the lessons of forgiveness.

Jean’s record is a reflection of her work in Raleigh. Some agree. Some don’t.

My response: Oh a while back I thought he was going to support Bibbs.

No – he’s come at Mark fullblast

My response: Oh

He and I had an exchange a few weeks back about the matter.

My response: Didn’t know that..

I told him the bottomline are the folks in her district and it appears to be …HE IS NOT.

My response: Ok


You see where Asa’s Mom is running?

OR did u know aLREADY

My response: Asa told me don’t know his mom.

running against Susan Martin


My response: Don’t know her either

So are you a Farmer-Butterfield backer too?

My response: gonna deal with those in my district for now

wise decision

George should do the same…just sharing.

My response: Well I am not limited to my district nor is George. Plus he is a blogger.

March 3rd, 7:29am

No one said you were… An opinion shared. I TOO am not limited and DON’T MIND WHEN I HAVE TO.

Shalom. Come what may.

March 3rd, 8:35am

Responding to your wise decision and George should do the same. All is well!

so be it

April 5th, 8:08pm

wrong forum …thot he was in the Dem. Yeah I removed it…Deb won’t like it

April 6th, 12:09am

My response: Your messages to Deb ain’t you suppose to be responding to her on NC Democrats for a New Way? Wilsonian Voices So can you answer Deb’s question? Who did Baby Burr run against tthat year?


My response: I was trying to see who Deb was and I seen where you were responding to a question she asked on the other page.

Ohhhhh… did I flip my pages again??? Let me look

My response: Yep!

Dunno about your request to talk about NC HD 24 race. I don’t know what’s going on in Edgecombe County enough to share commentary. Besides, you and I sparred enough already within the last 24 – you gonna make my blood pressure rise and that ain’t good for me. Besides two against one ain’t never been fair!

And then around 2 weeks ago Zette got pissed because I posted something and she said I didn’t intimidate folks in Wilson. I said I don’t go around attempting to intimidate folks. I said I say what I mean and mean what I say and I have no control over how people receive it. I thought we had got past the bullmanure but I see not.

Now some of the most recent conversation around 2 days ago:

Ooops! THERE IT IS !!!


Are you ready to vote?

Beth Plus, don’t tell me what is bad about your opponent.

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Wilsonian Voices Ahhhh, THAT’S A GREAT ONE Beth! It!

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Curmilus Butch Dancy II Beth and why not! LOL! Some may not know why the opponent is bad.
So does that apply to opponents of another party too? SMDH!

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George Fisher Hmm…"don’t tell me what is BAD about your opponent. Ready, is that right. So, I can save this post and come May 7th when we go after the Teapublican NC GOP–I can pull this out and say…Oops…Sorry folks, we’re not gonna tell you what’s wrong with the GOP…cause that would be wrong. Please.

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Top of Form

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Wilsonian Voices George Fisher & Curmilus Dancy, your comments here reflect an eagerness to find fault with other’s opinions with the intent to ridicule and exert your self imposed ‘righteous indignation’. LET ME BE CLEAR, that is not the intent of this forum. Your comments come across as negative, insinuating & insulting.
Friends of this Community Forum are ENCOURAGED & WELCOMED to share their
opinions as well WITHOUT BEING demeaned and/ or BELITTLED by the two of you every time they post. I don’t want anyone deciding not to share their thoughts on Wilsonian Voices because they don’t want to be badgered by what the two of you have to say. That’s WRONG & RUDE.
There has NEVER BEEN a time when this forum has left such on your forums. I ask that you refrain from doing it on mine.
It would be appreciated if you kept that in mind for future reference.

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Curmilus Butch Dancy II Zette McArn I will not debate your opinion however what I will do is remind you that I say what I mean and mean what I say. I can’t help how one receive the message but if they have any doubt I am the one to ask and not you. I do a damn good job of speaking for myself.
Oh because we had a conversation about the NC House 24 District seat and you don’t want the incumbent and you don’t want me to talk about the race, you better get the hell over it.
So you can post what you want but I can’t post what I want when it comes to my take on POLITICS and any issue. I ain’t the one so don’t go there.
Self imposed ‘righteous indignation’? Call it what you want cause frankly I don’t give a damn because I know who I am and whose I am. I am The Political Agitator and I am damn good at it inspite of you saying I don’t intimidate folks in Wilson, don’t know why you said that recently but that is okay because I responded to that too.
Intent of your forum? Really?
Oh now that I don’t agree with you because you are supporting Attorney Mark Bibbs and I am stating the facts, you see me differently from when you asked me to video and to support you when they got rid of you in the AAC.
Just like I told your friend a couple of days ago, I will not be apologetic for speaking the truth although you call my comments negative, insinuating & insulting.
Oh so I am demeaning and belittling others for giving my opinion that you have a problem with? SMDH! I remember recently after a post on your page I just posted SMDH! but no you asked me what was I shaking my damn head about so obviously you wanted to know in case if you agreed with me? LMBAO!
Who have I badgerd? Wrong and rude? LMBAO!
So in other words you are saying don’t comment unless I agree with you? Well if you have a problem with my comments, remove me so others can only hear your side where you are posting little things and some even in codes. LMBAO!
Until you unfriend me, then I will continue to comment speaking truth to power.
Obviously you don’t remember, in denial or simply just don’t give a damn when it comes to one of my favorite quotes: "I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!"
Now Run and Tell That!
I am glad to know that you have a problem with me because again we had a conversation about the House 24 Seat.
You have a blessed day!
I am Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator and I am damn good at it!

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Wilsonian Voices THIS IS AN EXCELLENT EXAMPLE of the aforementioned.

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Write a comment…

Wilsonian Voices shared mytime2vote‘s photo.

There was much more conversation after this but I didn’t even save it because hell it ain’t even worth wasting my storage place on this ignant ass stuff. I think I have saved enough to show folks who the damn problem is. Again when you try to discredit me your ass better be ready!

But the last conversation on this page was with Robert James as he and I posted civil comments about how he had some concerns about Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield and that he was supporting Bibbs. I challenged him on his concerns about Farmer-Butterfield and we moved on. But damn Zette blocked me.

I am Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator and I am damn good at it!

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I Am Going To Continue Speaking Truth And Don’t Give A Damn How Much They Try To Discredit Me


You can’t discredit me so you may as well get the hell over it. All you can do is not read my Blog, block me of Facebook and Twitter Accounts so I can’t post on your pages. But ignants who block me, it don’t stop me from speaking the truth.

Now Run & Tell That!

ARE YOU GONNA STAND WITH OBAMA? – William Reed Columnist

For the Democrats’ Black partisans the message is simple: Stand With President Obama, Vote November 2.”

Leading Democrats are betting that if the midterms are a “referendum on Obama” they like their odds with the party’s African American base.   Nine out of every ten African Americans have an unwavering loyalty towards the Democratic Party.  So, to tap into President Barack Obama’s high approval rating among Blacks the head of Democratic National Committee (DNC) has approved a $2 million advertising outreach effort among African Americans for the 2010 November midterm elections.  The ad-buy says: "Stand With President Obama. Vote November 2."

President Obama may be floundering among the rest of the population, but has a 91 percent approval rating among Blacks. During the Congressional Black Caucus’ recent Legislative Conference in Washington, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine met with White House aides and civil rights leaders about Black turnout for the November elections.  But counting on a high turnout among African Americans in the midterm elections is tenuous at best.   Polls show that the enthusiasm gap between Whites and Blacks is even higher than in past midterm elections: 42 percent of Whites are thinking about the November elections, whereas only 25 percent of Blacks are focused on the midterms.

Kaine’s goal is an 8 to 10 percent “Obama bump” over prior midterm participation, and says “investment in African American outreach is fundamental to that effort”.   The $2 million the DNC is committing is up from $260,000 in 2006.  The ads will go up in key states with sizable Black populations such as: Florida, California, Maryland and Illinois.  Overall the DNC has committed $50 million to minority voter outreach. 

More than $3.7 billion will be spent in the 2010 midterm elections by various interest groups, so the $2 million outlay among African American media shouldn’t be a major matter.  But, the Black chairman of the Republican National Committee is accusing Obama & Company of making “an appeal based on class warfare and race”.  RNC Chairman Michael Steele acknowledges that the GOP should do better when it comes to minority outreach; but, now as before, has committed no money.  The RNC’s first African American chairman admits that the Republican Party has failed to sufficiently reach out to Blacks, and has employed a “southern strategy” for the last “40-plus years.”  Throughout his tenure Steel has repeatedly promised to do a better job of minority outreach, but has done little but talk loud.   Steele’s negative comments on the DNC’s minority outreach should be viewed by Blacks as an affront.

It’s good that the Democrats are giving Black media outlets some “walking around” money, but its young people, Latinos and African-Americans that have fared the worst under Obama’s presidency.  Blacks are between the devil and deep blue sea when it comes to our causes.   The Republicans really don’t want us and the Democrats take us for granted.

It’s curious as to why those most battered by the economic recession would be expected to “stand up” for more of the same.  Obama’s, and the Democratic-led Congress’, economic recovery programs have not possessed the key elements necessary for all Americans to share equally in improved prosperity.  African Americans are still being hit hard with an unemployment rate of 15.7 percent; and as high as 50 percent for Black teenagers.  Double digit unemployment is tragic for Americans who are not accustomed to more than 4 – 5 percent joblessness, but for African Americans, being in a recession is nothing new, since we tend to hover at unemployment rates that exceed those of white Americans by 4 – 5 percentage points.   On the whole, racial sentiments are playing a role on both sides of this season’s advertising and get-out-the-vote issue.  The RNC is pointing to Obama’s minority outreach to stir White resentment and goose the GOP base.  Be the voter Black, or White, the greatest problem either group has with President Obama is that an economic recovery means nothing if his policies and practices create no jobs or wealth-building where they live.

(William Reed is available for speaking engagements via BaileyGroup.org)

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Across the board, Black Americans love President Barack Obama.  We love his wife and his family.  We love the symbolism of it all and most refuse to attack his presidency.  But, has it stuck you that the ever growing list of problems Black Americans face aren’t on anybody’s agenda? Though we have Black people in high positions the quandary of Black Americans is not on the president’s agenda, or that of Congress and mainstream media.   Even the Congressional Black Caucus leadership takes a hands off approach to their constituents’ dire situation. Unless African Americans develop an agenda and make the requisite demands, their economic prospects will continue declining.

With the current national unemployment rate at 9.5 percent, Americans across the board are wondering when they’ll see an economic recovery.  But those concerns are even greater for African-Americans, whose unemployment rate is closer to 20 percent.  Lack of economic opportunities has long been a problem among most African Americans, but financial woes have fallen on the Black middle-class.  Disturbing trends made up of a stagnant economy and a inactive Black middle–class has put this group on a downward slope.  A report from the Economic Policy Institute shows that economic gains African-Americans made in the 1990s have slowly eroded.

These economic concerns are even greater for African Americans that languish behind the rest of Americans.  But, from all appearances, Blacks are just “fine on Cloud 9”.  The historic election of President Obama led to big cheers among Blacks, but their reality is growing uncertainty, joblessness and poverty.  As it was in 1920, the economic trajectory for Black Americans continues downward – despite the presence of a Black man in the White House.  On all major economic indicators, which can include income, wages, employment and poverty, African-Americans are worse off than at the beginning of the decade. A Pew Research Center report reveals that of the sons and daughters of the 20th Century Black Middle-Class are ending up with lower incomes than their parents.

As Blacks were defending his presidency, Obama signed economic stimulus legislation in the form of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – $787 billion aimed at helping America’s economy recover.  The act includes increased federal spending for health care, infrastructure, education, various tax breaks and incentives, and direct assistance to individuals.  But nothing has been targeted to help Blacks in the grave economic circumstances they face.

Many Blacks elect to fall in behind the fantasy being pushed that America is better because it has a Black President and that “we all” are moving towards becoming a post-racial and equitable society.  It looks like Blacks will be the last Americans to hold Obama’s feet to the fire for their lack of “economy recovery”.  Most Blacks, definitely those of the middle class, don’t seem to realize how they’ve brought about their own decline.  DuBois’ vision of Blacks building a economic foun­dation by incorporating into White industry and gaining skills and acumen that foster capitalism never happened.   Blacks in positions to do something, don’t.  Few among the mainstream have looked out for Black Americans’ best interest.  Like Obama, many Blacks have assimilated American Establishment mind-sets and apologize for this nation’s injustices and inequality.

The unique circumstances of Black Americans will get no attention from the Obama administration unless Blacks in crowds stop adoring and making apologies for him and start making demands of him.  If Blacks continue to lose assets, homes and jobs and fail to bring attention to their plight, then hackneyed speeches from Obama will be all we will get.  Blacks are foolish to not hold Obama, et al., accountable.  We continue confusing “political empowerment” with “economic empowerment” and as we accept “politics as usual” and continue African Americans’ downward spiral.  Blacks overlook basic mechanisms we need to employ to gain and sustain collective wealth.  Interactive participation in capitalism is the way we can maximize economic growth and generalize prosperity.  Capitalism can work for us if we hold elected officials accountable and form effective economic and political bases.

(William Reed is available for speaking engagements via BaileyGroup.org)

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“BLACK POWER”: NOT YET – by William Reed Columnist

Politics without economics is symbol without substance” – Minister Louis Farrakhan

August 6, 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act. The landmark legislation outlawed discriminatory voting practices that had been responsible for widespread disenfranchisement of African Americans in the U.S.  But, 45 years after the legislation Blacks nor their vote have attained   “Black Power”.

The 111th United States Congress consists of 541 elected officials from 50 states, five territories, and the District of Columbia.  The Senate has 100 members and the House of Representatives has 435 members and six non-voting delegates.  African Americans are at their peak in the national politics and total 42 Members – 9.5 percent of the House.  Historically underrepresented in Congress, at 13 percent of the US population Blacks still remain unrepresented.  Blacks proudly claim and defend Blacks who hold the four House Committee Chairmanships.  But, compare that with the 45 seats Jewish Americans occupy in the House and Senate – 13 in the Senate and 32 in the House.  Jews chair scores of the Senate and House committees and sub-committees that oversee every aspect of American affairs.  Jewish Americans’ proportional representation in national representation dwarfs that of Blacks.  The Senate has 13 Jewish Americans, one Hispanic (Bob Menendez, D-NJ) one Japanese American (Daniel Inouye, D-HI), one Native Hawaiian (Daniel Akaka, D-HI) and one African American, Roland Burris (D-IL).

About 2 percent of Americans identify themselves as Jewish, but their Congressional influence is four times that.  The Jewish community wields vastly more power than any other ethnic or religious group.  Most Jewish money goes to Democrats and most vote Democratic.  But the Republican Party strongly supports Jewish interests.  The House has one Jewish Republican, Virginia’s Eric Cantor.  The Senate has two Republican Jews, 2 that are Independents and 9 Democrats.   All of the Blacks currently in Congress are Democrats.

Can it be that the concept of “Power” is a state of mind Jews have that Blacks don’t?  Collectives and unity of purpose are alien notions among Blacks.  While Black American debate the merits and utility of Black institutions such as the NAACP; there is a conglomeration of Jewish efforts at work in the U.S., such as the B’nai B’rith community service organization, devoted to supporting the needs and interests of their communities.  Jews have power in America Blacks don’t have because they have cohesion and a higher dedication to their people and purpose.  Jews don’t as a rule go “mainstream” and leave their kind behind as assimilated Blacks have done.   Jews have demonstratively more wealth than Blacks.  They comprise eleven percent of  the nation’s elite and are 20 percent of the leaders of important voluntary and public interest organizations, and more than 15 percent of the top-ranking civil servants.  Jews definitely network and cooperate in ways Blacks don’t seem to comprehend.

The substance in Jews’ political power is economics.  Close to half America’s billionaires are Jews. The chief executive officers of the three major television networks and the four largest film studios are Jews, as are the owners of the nation’s largest newspaper chain and the most influential single newspaper.  Jewish Americans are more than 25 percent of journalists and publishers.  By far the most uncompromising pro-Israel newspaper in the country is the chronicle of American business, the Wall Street Journal. Throughout history, Jews have played important roles in reforming or overthrowing regimes in which they have been unable to obtain their goals.  In contemporary America, Jews have far more power in molding public and foreign policy than Blacks.  When race-based issues come to the fore, not only Obama, but many American policy-makers run and hide.  Isn’t it time Blacks took a page from the Jewish American Power playbook?  Though Blacks are the most disenfranchised ethnic group in America, we still find no value in joining groups such as the Urban League and NAACP.  Blacks have to rethink our reliance on partisan  politics as a strategy to reach higher levels of clout.  One way is to learn to work together like our Jewish friends do.

(William Reed is available for speaking engagements via BaileyGroup.org)

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