Tarboro High Vikings Defeats SouthWest Edgecombe In The Edgecombe County Game Of The Season With A 32-16 Victory

Congratulations to the Tarboro High Vikings.

I do believe the Cougars could have beat you all if we had not had a bad game. But sometimes this happens. The mistakes that the Cougars had I believe was the deciding factor. I would say Tarboro had a bad night if they had not capitalized on the Cougars mistakes. Not so, they did what they needed to do and therefore they have bragging rights and I ain’t mad with them.

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South West Edgecombe at Tarboro Tonight – VIKINGS NO. 1 Tarboro tops AP 2-A poll

South West Edgecombe at Tarboro Tonight – VIKINGS NO. 1 Tarboro tops AP 2-A poll

TARBORO — Who’s No. 1?

The Tarboro Vikings. (Read more)

Reidsville Rams 14 – 0 Defeat SouthWest Edgecombe Cougars 13 – 1 In Pinetops NC

SouthWest Edgecombe season ended as the Reidsville Rams handed them their first loss of the season. SouthWest had an awesome season and should be commended for going to round 3 of the playoffs. The Rams has won 46 games straight after defeating the Cougars.

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Reidsville Sheriff Sam Page and Edgecombe County Sheriff James Knight Meet At Abrams Barbecue In Pinetops NC Before the Reidsville vs SouthWest Edgecombe Football Game


Edgecombe County Sheriff James Knight (right) welcome Sheriff Sam Page (left) to Edgecombe County. They met at Abrams Barbecue in Pinetops NC around 6:00 PM.

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Sheriff Sam Page brought Sheriff Knight some Reidsville barbecue and gave it to Sheriff Knight after the game although Reidsville defeated SouthWest 22 –20.

Sheriff James Knight is the President of the NC Sheriff Association and Sheriff Page is the 1st Vice President.

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Watch Video Sheriff James Knight Installed As President NC Sheriff’s Association

SouthWest Edgecombe High School Football Happenings

Glad to be a Cougar class of 1981.

Cobb named Twin County Coach of the Year

‘I’m thankful’

Sheriffs wage barbecue

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Note: Sorry have been having difficulties loading the video of the Jacksonville Northside vs SWE game on last Saturday. Hope to get it loaded soon.

Note: Updated Friday November 27, 2009.

All 3 Edgecombe County Football Teams Advancing To Playoff Game 3

Please support our local high schools on Friday night. I am hoping that all 3 teams advances to the state playoff finals. Wouldn’t that be grand?

SouthWest Edgecombe will host Reidsville

North Edgecombe will travel to Jones County

Tarboro will host Whiteville

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Football Saturday: SouthWest Edgecombe Football Team Made History When They Defeated Jacksonville Northside on Saturday Night In Playoff Game 2

The SouthWest Cougars football team made history on Saturday night when they defeated Jacksonville Northside 28 – 0. Jacksonville Northside is now (9 – 4) and SWE is (13 – 0) with the longest winning season in the school’s history.

SWE defense was on the money. The score shows what the offense did. Someone sitting behind me said they thought this was the best defensive game SWE had however someone said other than when they played Hunt. I didn’t attend that game so I don’t have an opinion.

SWE will host the Reidsville Rams on Friday night after Thanksgiving November 27, 2009. Reidsville have won 45 consecutive games, the fourth longest streak in high school football.

Video of the record setting game should be up within the next 24 – 48 hours.

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