Social Networking Forum Sexting Sponsored by Tarboro Police Department Thursday March 27, 2014

I along with my son attended the social networking forum. It was a powerful presentation by the different resources that were participants in bringing about awareness. The shock of the night for me was my son stood up and wanted to share something.

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Marriages face new threat: social networking – Source: WRAL

Raleigh, N.C. — Social networking websites have literally become today’s "town square" – they are a place to reconnect with old friends and, sometimes, lost loves.

But local divorce attorneys say the number of cases that case they deal with involving sites like Myspace and Facebook are on the rise and that they might be the most high-risk behavior facing marriages. (Read more)

Note: This is sad just let your partner know you want out. How do they do it to their children just walk away and leave them. Oh well maybe it is not for me to understand. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher


FACEBOOK Suppose To Be A Social Network Site But Some Folks Will Say Anything

It is so sad that some folks (especially children in school) will post anything on their FACEBOOK page where others can read it instead of sending it to certain friends via inbox and/or to their personal email.

It bothers me to see high school and college students post certain words that I don’t use in public and/or on FACEBOOK. I have seen some use the F-word and it really pisses me off to see a female use it.

Some folks uses the N-word as if it is cool. It may be cool to those whom they are referring to but it ain’t cool to everybody.

It is of my opinion that nothing should ever be said on FACEBOOK that can’t be repeated publicly. Obviously the children who post certain things on their page that I feel is unacceptable, their parents must not check their pages. I feel strongly that parents should monitor what their children are posting if they still live at home and attend public school and/or if they attend college.

Children you must understand that some of your teachers, your pastor, future employers and others whom you may come in contact with may see you as a negative person.