Keep Silent And Keep Praying While Taking No Action, Silence Is Betrayal

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"Your silence and your amnesia is complicity." Senator Cory Booker You Tell Them!

The Watch Dog response: And folk wonder why I do what I do because this mess is real and has been real all the days of my 55 years because I have heard about it and seen it. I refuse to be silent and ignant to what is going on around me. You see this is what Senator Booker is saying to these ignant damn other party folk when it comes to supporting the guy in the White House which is now a Shit hole. But the sad part is some black folk look at me as if I am the problem for making them aware but you see that is the problem, they don’t want to be made aware so I can’t hold them accountable for being silent.

DHS secretary says Trump used ‘tough’ language on immigration but denies hearing specific slurs
“Your silence and your amnesia is complicity.”
Cory Booker unleashes on the DHS secretary when she says she doesn’t remember the specific word President Donald J. Trump used in an immigration meeting to
characterize African countries.