Shootings What Can Be Done? Add Your Questions

Do these shooters live at home or do they have their own place?

If they live with their parents or anyone do the homeowners check out the activity in the home?

When the shooters go to jail and come back home who are monitoring them?

What is the root where does it begin?

Who are they shooting at?


In Response To The 15 Year Old Teen That Was Murdered In Rocky Mount Today

I can’t come together and claim other folk kids if they don’t allow me to.

Rocky Mount Police can not control other folk children. RMPD was not with this teen when he was shot so they were not responsible for him. What they are responsible for is trying to solve the crime.

Now there may be some questions such as why he was not in school? Did the parents know he was not in school?

The only question for the RMPD is will they do all they possibly can with the help of the community, I repeat with the help of the community to help solve the crime.

When folk deal with the what is real, what is factual and leave opinions not based on facts and perceptions out of the crime then the better off we will be.

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Police seek leads in fatal drive-by shooting  Rocky Mount Telegram

9 dead, dozens injured in biker gang shooting at local restaurant – Channel 25

WACO – Police have confirmed nine motorcycle gang members are dead as a result of a shooting between rival biker gangs in the parking lot outside Twin Peaks located in the Central Texas Marketplace in Waco.

Police on scene confirm the shooting started about 12:15 p.m. Sunday afternoon and involved as many as five biker gangs and close to 200 bikers. The shooting reportedly started after an argument inside the Twin Peaks bathroom escalated to the parking lot.

Waco PD Sgt. Patrick Swanton says the fight “started as a fist fight, escalated to a knife fight, then to a gun fight.” Police report there were shots fired both inside and outside the restaurant. (Source: Read more)

U.S. George Zimmerman Involved in Florida Shooting, Knew the Gunman, Police Say – abcNews

The Political Agitator response: How many more times will this dude be in the news? He is always starring in something.

George Zimmerman was involved in a shooting incident today in Lake Mary, Florida — and it involved a man he’d had a previous dust-up with just last year, police said.

Zimmerman flagged down an officer — saying someone shot at him and his car, said Bianca Gillet, a spokeswoman for the Lake Mary Police Department, at a news conference.

Zimmerman, 31, did not fire his weapon during the road rage incident, police said.

PHOTOS: George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

Trayvon Martin: DOJ Announces No Charges Against George Zimmerman

Zimmerman’s attorney, Don West, said Zimmerman was driving into a retail center when a car came up behind him, flashing its lights and honking. Zimmerman claimed the other driver yelled at him, West said.

When Zimmerman tried to leave, West said, the other driver pulled up and fired a shot through the passenger side window of Zimmerman’s truck. The bullet lodged somewhere in the car, West said. According to West, the other driver fled. (Source: Read more)

Officials say mental illness spurred fatal shooting spree – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: Well the rumor mill ain’t gonna want to hear this because this is not what they wanted it to be. Like I said a couple of days ago, no matter what information is released nothing is going to bring all of the persons whom lost their lives back. This is just a sad situation that all of the families will endure losing family members that were dear to them.

TARBORO – Authorities released a statement Monday indicating mental illness was the catalyst for a man gunning down three people on Feb. 28.

According to police reports, Ian Trevor Sherrod gunned down George Lee Dickens around 1 p.m. at Master’s Touch Barber Shop at 801 W. Saint James St. While police were investigating the shooting of Dickens, officers received a call about a second shooting at Lot 48-B Mobile Home Estates. The two victims – Ventura Sanchez, 36, and Ana Marden Cruz Franco, 28 – later died from their injuries.

Officials reportedly spotted Sherrod traveling along Main Street and Northern Boulevard in Tarboro then found him in a car parked at 2311 Main St. Law enforcement officers converged on the scene and attempted to make contact with Sherrod, who was seated in his vehicle, displaying a firearm. (Source: Read more)

Rocky Mount NC – Since They Have Met, So Now What?

You say, "Since the shooting last week, local pastors, parents, elected officials and others in the community have spoken out about the need to work together to find proactive ways to curb violence. We need to make sure we match those cries with action." Quote: Rocky Mount Telegram

I understand that some of the meetings were private and then later others were invited. So what is the real deal? It took the shooting after the 15 year old teen got killed so why didn’t they come together during that time or before and call a meeting. It was a group of folks (grassroots) who held a march but theses folks named didn’t do a thing. But now! Oh since the cameras are rolling.

I have heard that some folks especially white folks wanted to know why they didn’t see certain folks at a meeting and I have been told they were not invited. But these folks continue to criticize some folks especially one person but do not even know what is going on because they get part of the story from certain media and Facebook pages.

Rocky Mount NC – Lights, Camera and Action

I find it quite interesting that since the death of the 15 year old and this group of folks marched, now that another shooting happened, there are more folks who are seeking the spotlight. I wonder how many of these folks seeking the spotlight contacted this group who had a march and was scheduling another march to see how could they connect?

Lights, camera and action.

I have a basketball game tonight, Wednesday and Friday so maybe I can get to writing my story on Thursday night about what I see is going on since the most recent shootings in Rocky Mount. It is a damn shame that some folks uses others sorrow to gain fame and fortune.

So when the lights and the cameras go away it will be back to business as usual.