Sheriff Woodard Response After Candidates Forum

Calvin L. Woodard

Thank you ALL for being supportive during the forum. We must stay focused and not allow ourselves to be turned away from the main issues. I did not have a reporter come to my house tonight, but every means was used on television (CBS Channel 17) to try to make it about animals and nothing on crime, children or our schools. Please make sure you VOTE, because Wilson County deserves to be a safe place for everyone and as your Sheriff I will continue fighting to make that happen. CW4WC Sheriff Calvin L. Woodard, Jr.

Wilson County sheriff’s Facebook post alleges dead dogs are attempt to derail reelection – WRAL

The Watch Dog response: It is a damn shame how this mess about these dogs have suddenly come into play during the upcoming elections. This is nothing new some have attacked Sheriff Woodard from the time he has been elected. They are mad he is black. They are mad  about his salary and also some have said he has not done enough as his department is over animal control for the county something that has not been too long put in place before he became the Sheriff. The Sheriff is an animal lover so why would he not want what is best for animals. But damn the most important thing is it is a part of his job description and that is what he get paid to do. Some are mad because they say he ain’t saying enough. But damn if he share too much information it could hinder the ongoing investigation. But for the damn 2 candidate to weigh in talking about they don’t think. Really! If your ass don’t know why are you speaking to the issue in that aspect. It is a damn shame that folk want to silence him on Facebook because he didn’t say what they wanted him to say. Again damn he don’t need to share too much information. For the 2 candidates Dinise Dew Williams and Chris Boykin to comment if I was a candidate I would not touch it but they took advantage of the opportunity to get some TV time. Really! I get so sick and tired of folk trying to discredit good people in office. But what bothers me the most is when community leaders are silent. Silence is betrayal. Where are the NAACP President and other organizations on the issue? It is sad when folk sit back and allow the majority minority folk attempt to mislead folk and discredit good leaders. In my opinion Sheriff Calvin Woodard has done and is doing a great job.

WILSON COUNTY, N.C. — What started as an investigation into dead dogs found in trash bags around Wilson County has turned into a political issue.

Ten dogs have been found dead over the past few weeks and Sheriff Calvin Woodard posted online that he believes the timing of the scrutiny of the case is somehow designed to undermine his upcoming election to retain his office.

After several news stations covered the investigation into the dead dogs, Woodard made a post on Facebook questioning why the story was getting coverage so close to the election and implying that there was an agenda to derail his campaign. (Read more)

Note: I pulled the following comment from Sheriff Woodard’s page and I feel it speaks volume. Reminds me of what is going on in Edgecombe County.

Suzanne McAllister Amanda Lamb, you’re supposed to be an investigative reporter. Who has access to sick, old dogs? A couple that claim to care for over 100 dogs, many sick and old. The man has been arrested for stealing dogs. Why would dead dogs be placed in plastic bags and left next to the road? To be found! Why would this occur before a primary election? Bad publicity for our good sheriff. Who benefits from this? The opponent. Catherine-Lee Daniel Jenkins starts a petition to remove the sheriff. What is her motive? For the love of Dogs? That’s the name of the dog man’s business. Jenkins is obsessed with taking Woodard out. Many of those supporting her petition are those that have supported everyone that has ever run again Woodard. Many are dismissed WCSO employees. Many dislike Calvin Woodard because he is black. Amanda Lamb, if you’re going to come and stick your nose in, ask candidate Chris Boykin why, when he was the Chairman of the Wilson County Democratic Party, he refused to support the primary chosen candidate, Calvin Woodard. Ask Boykin why the state Democratic officials had to ask for his resignation.

Re-Elect Calvin L. Woodard, Jr. Sheriff Wilson County

The CW4WC Sheriff Campaign Headquarters is officially open and will be open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9am-6pm. Stop in for your T-shirts. The window decals and pens are free thank you gifts. Also the yard signs will be available soon. Thank you for your support. The number to the headquarters is (252) 991-7389. Thank you for your support and let’s make this happen!!!

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General Election 2014 Sheriff Races Edgecombe/Wilson/Nash Counties

Sheriff Elections in all 3 counties I felt would turn out the way they did.

Edgecombe County Sheriff race Danny Colbert challenged Sheriff James L. Knight. That race turned out just like I knew it would. Sheriff Knight is the first black Sheriff of Edgecombe County and has been in office since being first appointed in 1996 to serve the unexpired term of former Sheriff Phil Ellis who retired. Sheriff Knight was first time elected by the people in 1998. He has been one of the most active Sheriffs in Edgecombe County bridging the gap between all races. He has been doing a great job over the years but there has been some folks who just can not get over him being a black man. They do not take in consideration his accomplishments and fairness that he has provided over the years. Sheriff Knight’s salary in my opinion should be reviewed but the County Commissioners would probably argue that they can’t afford to pay him anymore. I was there during the appointment and has been there during all of his elections. Congratulations on your victory and I know you will continue to do great things because I follow you faithfully.

Wilson County Sheriff race James Gardner challenged Sheriff Calvin Woodard. That race turned out just like I thought it would. Sheriff Woodard is the first black Sheriff of Wilson County and has been in office since 2010 when he defeated former Sheriff Wayne Gay during a nasty election. It appears that Woodard has been doing a good job inspite of some folks have been trying to paint a negative picture of him since he has been in office because some just refuse to accept that Sheriff Woodard is a black man. He is one of the highest paid Sheriffs across the state but he had nothing to do with his salary and it is up to the County Commissioners to change that but some folks want Sheriff Woodard to reduce his own salary. Well they didn’t have a problem with the salary when Sheriff Gay was in office. I followed Sheriff’s Woodard election in 2010 faithfully and attended several events. I have been following Sheriff Woodard for the past 4 years however I didn’t attend anything during this election. Congratulations on your victory and keep up the good work.

Nash County Sheriff race Stanley Griffin and Keith Stone was quite interesting. Griffin was trying to become the 1st black Sheriff of Nash County. Knowing the makeup and the mentality of Nash County electing a black Sheriff was going to be tough. I felt Stone would be elected. I have been knowing Stone for years dating back to when he used to live in Edgecombe County during the time he was a Highway Patrol. I met Griffin about 2 years ago when we were both guests on a local radio station. I learned then that he was a former Edgecombe County Sheriff Deputy and that he is a former Rocky Mount Police. Congratulations Keith Stone on your victory and we will see what you will do to help move Nash County Sheriff Department forward during the next 4 years.

Wilson NC – Wilson County sheriff receives 3rd-highest pay – News & Observer

The Political Agitator response: Damn these ignant racist a** guys continue to go after Sheriff Calvin Woodard Jr.’s salary. Hell he said he would support a pay reduction but it ain’t his damn fault the County Commissioners have not chosen to reduce his pay. Hell he is only guaranteed he will be in office 4 years at a time so hell this is his livelihood. Where were these folks who are complaining about his pay when the previous Sheriff (the white man) Wayne Gay was in office? Oh but race ain’t got nothing to do with this. Former white Sheriff now a black Sheriff. I ain’t ignant to the FACT! Thes guys need to sit down and shut the hell up!

RALEIGH, N.C. — Rural Wilson County continues to be home to one of North Carolina’s highest-paid sheriffs, four years after the former sheriff’s salary sparked debate, according to a review by the News & Observer.

The newspaper reports ( ) that Wilson County exemplifies the disparities caused by leaving sheriffs’ pay up to county commissioners. Across North Carolina’s 100 counties, sheriffs make between $45,000 annually in Clay County and $182,000 in Mecklenburg County, when including salaries and bonuses, according to the paper’s review of state treasurer’s data from 2013.

Wilson County ranks third highest.

In 2010, then-candidate Calvin Woodard Jr. said he’d support a pay reduction if he was elected sheriff. Four years later, the job in a county with less than 82,000 people still pays more than $160,000, and Woodard is seeking a second term. (Source: Read more)

Wilson NC: Sheriff responds to campaign attack – Wilson NC

The Political Agitator Response: It is sad when candidates have to spend time dealing with ignant racist ass folk. It is evident that Gardner is campaigning on don’t vote for this black man. Thank you Sheriff Woodard for your setting the record straight.

Incumbent Sheriff Calvin Woodard said there’s a lot about politics he wishes weren’t true.

“I really wish candidates didn’t have to raise money to run for office,” Woodard said Friday afternoon. “I like meeting and talking with the people of Wilson County. But I think campaigns should be based on the candidate’s platform. Unfortunately, there is the raising money portion of this.”

Woodard doesn’t believe the person with the biggest war chest is automatically victorious.

Woodard, a Democrat, faces Republican Joey Gardner in the November election.

“I think people want to know your work record, your history,” Woodard said. “I think the people of Wilson County believe in this office and believe in me and know I am dedicated to getting the job done.” (Source: Read more)

Wilson NC: Gardner launches bid, lands attack – Wilson Times

The Political Agitator Response: Damn this article is so full of bull manure that it actually stinks from abroad. Damn these ignant racist ass white folks need to get the hell over Sheriff Calvin Woodard is an intelligent black man.

Joey Gardner kicked off his campaign for Wilson County sheriff Thursday evening at the Wilson County Fairgrounds.

Cutting into Wilson’s drug trade as well as the sheriff’s salary were top topics for Gardner.

Gardner, who wore a shirt that read "Gardner — Sheriff Wilson County,” greeted each person coming in and he had a house full by 6:30.

Gardner promised the crowd to cut his own salary if elected.

The Republican Gardner faces incumbent Democrat Calvin Woodard in November.

He said he understands Wilson County commissioners make the decision on how much the sheriff makes, but he won’t take that much of a salary. (Source: Read more)