Princeville NC: Yesterday I Delivered DVD’s of 5 Events Princeville 130th Birthday Celebration And A Copy Of The Black History Presentation At My Church To The Senior Citizens

Yesterday I delivered videos of the events that I videoed during the Princeville 130th Birthday Celebration and a copy of the Black History Presentation at Anderson Chapel MBC. The Seniors will get a chance to see the weeks festivities celebrating the oldest town incorporated by slaves that I recorded along with the Black History Presentation featuring Dr. Evelyn Johnson at my church on this past Sunday. I truly believe the Seniors will enjoy these DVDs.

I am going to seek some other places where Seniors congregate to see if I can possibly share my DVDs with them.

So folks when I ask for donations, it ain’t for me to live off, I have a real job. The donations help with my equipment, buying DVDs, labels, ink to type labels, vehicle expense ie: gas and etc. I spent $300.00 total on Friday February 13 and Monday February 16 for repairs. I do have to travel to locations to be able to video events.

When you be a blessing to me, you just don’t know how much of a blessing you are really giving because it reaches beyond me. But when you don’t be a blessing to me, it is alright because I am going to continue to be a blessing to folks and will reap all of the blessing when you could be receiving a blessing by being a blessing to others.

Now meditate on that because who else do you know that has the type of video ministry that I have. Go to The DCN TV and see where you can find these events. You can request a copy of the events on a DVD and when you do that you are being a blessing to me and others.