Schuye LaRue Is Living On The Streets Of Washington D.C. And She Doesn’t Want Your Help – ESPN

imageIn this photo: One of Edgecombe County finest Tynesha Lewis former SouthWest Edgecombe High School standout. Lewis played at North Carolina State and then went on to play in the WNBA.

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I watched it and it was sad but real. I think we think some things are impossible. However I wonder how many folk think that this could not be them one day. We are not our mind keeper and therefore something can trigger us to do some things out of the norm at any minute.

I think what would be good with this story is to start at her beginning child hood to see what she went through all the way up til the time she just couldn’t take it anymore and just gave up.

I wonder how many folk tried to reach out to her when she began to take a turn in her life. I think that if we all are honest especially most folk, sometimes we have come to the point that we wanted to give up on some things but then we snapped out of it.

I think we could look at the facts as presented from what I read last night in the article and then after looking at the show this morning, I remembered what I read last night.

We have got to start being proactive and not always reactive when we see things going different with our family and friends. We may not be able to change their turn but we sure can say we tried.