WHIG-TV Sandra Smith Just Trashy

WHIG-TV @ www.whigtv.com is trashy unlike what the black female said this morning when she called in. She said people ain’t trashy.

What make folk trashy is a prime example of what take place on WHIG-TV when they continuously report half-trues day after day and do not do their homework.

How in the hell can you report the news and give your opinions as facts when you don’t do your homework? This is called lying and the truth ain’t in you.

Reuben Blackwell comments about a trashy TV Morning Show was right on point.

Racism is promoted not only during the morning show but other shows as well. But when they are called out they play victim.

WHIG-TV Trashy Fake News Station Half-Trues Daily Sandra Smith Liar

Calling now gonna see how this unfolds. Not picking up but the show is freezing up on my tv, however the phone is ringing so I know ain’t noone on the line.

Okay I hung up so redialing.

They taking about the right thing because Sandra is a snake.

Whig-TV @ www.whigtv.com is fake news. Sandra lies about taking everybody calls when it is documented on our phones that we have called and you did not pick up.

When I called in 2 days ago she looked at the phone and didn’t pick up and shut the show down early.

Sandra tickles me when folk call in that she agrees with no matter how ignant they sound.

I agree the station is just trashy because she does the same thing day after day reporting fake news.

Wayne Holloman is the only one I can stomach because I believe he is sincere.

Sure be glad when WNCR TV Bronson Williams begin his morning show.

Sandra reading what I just posted. Look at her! Funny to me!

But folk get mad when I call out Racist Special Cs. Prove me wrong! This is White Privilege at it’s best.


Thursday May 30, 2019

Lindell John Kay Rocky Mount Telegram Reporter Guest On WHIG-TV Morning Show In January, But He Don’t Live In Rocky Mount


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This is so damn hilarious! I would love to see these 2 go back and do a follow up to all they talked about on this day because the Independent Audit showed otherwise.

What I find is so hilarious is my guy LJK talking as if he lives in Rocky Mount. He lives in Spring Hope and been working in Rocky Mount since 2014.

Well the Special Cs have a problem with me talking about Rocky Mount because I don’t live there. I have been working in Rocky Mount for the past 32 years and almost 6 months. I was a member of Black Workers for Justice in the late 80’s. I have been a member of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee since the late 80’s. I have been an officer of the Rocky Mount NAACP since 1992 and currently is the 2nd Vice President. I was Vice Chair of N.E.E.D. Inc. in Rocky Mount in the early 90’s. I have attended more community meetings in Rocky Mount than folk that live there. I have many, many family members, friends and associates that live in Rocky Mount.

I attended the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commissions over the years dating back to the early 90’s.

I attended the Rocky Mount City Council meetings dating back to the 90’s as well. I have seen all of the council members now come on board because I was attending the meetings before they were elected.

Councilman Andre Knight, myself and some others had a group called Eastern North Carolina Committee on the Affairs of Black People and we were housed on Falls Road. We helped folk during the 99 Flood.

We were the ones who found out about the ElectriCities as we began to research why the utilities were so high. It was at Truth Tabernacle when we had a meeting about the Utitilies and this is where it was brought out about the ElectriCities deal.

But again I can’t wait to see these 2 go back and respond to this hilarious show. I’ll wait. Oh maybe they need to wait until the State Auditor’s report.

WHIG-TV Nash County Commissioner Purchased The Station But Where Is The White Outcry? Oh They Are In Control Over What Goes On The Show And Who Can Call In

Sandra Smith manipulated the damn station out of the family and then it was able to be sold so she can continue to have a lifetime job. I remember when I used to go to the station almost daily and I also remember when Sandra used to work at Pilot Life in the same building. I knew Herb real well. However I ain’t going into that part.

Well the word on the street was the owner of WHIG-TV Herb Greenberg died at Sandra’s house. It was on the street that they were going together. Damn makes me wonder who else is she may be going with.

This morning I just happened to turn the tv to Whig something I normally don’t do because I can’t stomach them racist. But since my stomach was already tore up I said hell go for it. I looked at them to ignants Clint Williams and Wayne Holloman and damn you just can’t make this stuff up.

I hear folk say they try to call in to the talk show but they screen calls. I didn’t expect to get through but I did.

I asked them since they wanted to talk about it was not unanimous that all council members didn’t say it was a hit list. I said do you not think they talked about it in closed session so therefore when Knight said all of them said they didn’t say it that was the reason why he said it I know how politics work and I told them I would bet them my paper check that I bet they discussed it in closed session. I said you racist get up here and twist stuff and I said bye.

They ended the show by saying don’t take their word for what is going on with the city, look at the video. They say at the end look at what AB Whitley said and Bill Long. So what in the hell the purpose of looking at the whole thing for if you gonna tell them to look at Whitley and Long. Hell when they look at it they will see them but nope they want to get their point across through Whitley and Long.

But what I liked the most is when Clint Williams said when he and his wife moved to Nashville, but ain’t that something because to live in Nashville is not in the city limits. Oh but because I don’t live in Rocky Mount I can’t have a voice. Them Devils are a liar.

Read about the purchase for yourself, WHIG-TV Sold.

Open Letter To WHIG-TV Sandra Smith Owner & Clint Williams Reporter In Re: Dems Spar Over Sheriff Pick

On Wednesday March 1, 2017 I got several calls that I was on the front page of the Rocky Mount Telegram “Dems spar over sheriff pick” and that those ignants over at WHIG-TV Clint Williams, Sandra Smith and some others were talking about me. They say Sandra Smith Owner called in. I was going to look at the show that was rebroadcasted at 11:00 PM last night but I fell asleep.

Clint and Sandra don’t get it, just don’t care or just ignant as hell because they know we have had numerous conversations in the past and they can’t win. These ignants think they can pick and choose our leaders. Rev. Roosevelt Higgs has called in to their show talking ignant almost daily over the years talking about the NAACP, Princeville, Rev. Andre Knight, myself and others who don’t fool with him but ya’ll like that because ya’ll think it validates your conversation about black leaders and organizations. Well ya’ll are just as ignant as Higgs and he nor ya’ll can discredit the black organizations, black leaders and myself.

I understand Clint you said that that Democrats can’t talk about the Republican Party because Higgs and I were Democrats. Really? How ignant!

I understand Sandra you said I didn’t want to follow protocol. Well Sandra what is the protocol? Are you a resident of Edgecombe County? Are you a Democrat? Hell yeah I said we don’t need to have another candidates forum especially being held by the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission when Higgs chair of the party, the secretary and the 3rd vice chair is on the HRC and they need to be focused on calling a Democratic Party meeting so we can vote. But Higgs is playing with the process.

Sandra I understand you said the date for voting for the appointee is on March 23rd. I am a precinct chair and has a vote but I along with others have not heard or received anything from Higgs. But he talking about fairness and transparency. A flat out lie!

The last time I checked Rev. Roosevelt Higgs is just as black as me so that eliminate race. In the article written by Lindell John Kay Reporter for The Rocky Mount Telegram that ya’ll were discussing it was written, “Dancy posted that Higgs can’t intimidate him like he does “ignorant white folks;” and Higgs fired back, accusing Dancy of “acting like a little vagina.” Well the reporter intentionally left off and Ignant Safe Negroes.” I don’t spell the word as ignorant and spell it as IGNANT.

Since ya’ll are all into the Democratic Party Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment have ya’ll asked Higgs the county chair who has sent in packages seeking the appointment? Have you asked Higgs has he and/or the secretary given the candidates the information that they have requested? Have you asked Higgs where can you find information about the Edgecombe County Democratic Party online? Have you contacted the candidates to come on your show?

You see my friends do some damn real journalism. But you can’t because ya’ll operating on ignance!

Oh and by the way Sandra tell us about you having the TV station up for sale trying to take it from Herb’s wife and where did Herb die? But attend to the Democratic Party stuff first. LMBAO!

Open Letter To Lindell John Kay Reporter Rocky Mount Telegram In Re: Dems spar over sheriff pick

Audio of Firing Sandra Smith at WHIG-TV on MovingForward TV

The Political Agitator response: Last night Friday September 12 edition of MovingForward TV that audio of the firing of Sandra Smith at WHIG-TV on Monday September 8 by Herb’s wife was very interesting. Did I hear Herb Greenberg’s wife say to Sandra I allowed you to have an affair with my husband but she wanted to be friends with her. Herb’s wife said she had forgiven her. I have been hearing for years that Sandra was having an affair with Herbie but tonight I heard it come from Herbie’s wife Glady’s voice. But on Monday Herb’s wife said to Sandra you must give up the key and leave. Whew! Did you miss the show? Do you want to hear it for yourself? Audio Only: WHIG-TV Herb Greenberg’s Wife Gladys Fires Sandra Smith And Says She Allowed Sandra To Have An Affair With Herb Monday September 8, 2014 Note: You can not access my videos/audio from a cell phone/tablet, I would have to pay for that service for you to be able to do that.

In response to the following on the Moving Forward Facebook Page and and after looking at the show listening to the audio. “There are many who do not think the firing of WHIG-TV Manager took place. Tonight I will share the audio recording of that meeting. Hear for yourself that it did in fact take place. Tune in at 9pm on WNCR-TV Suddenlink 20, Prism TV 41, Crystal Broadband 6, Greenlight 412 or online at wncrtv41.com.”