(Ignant Column) Ignantville NC Oh I Mean Princeville NC – The Princeville 3 And The Interim Town Manager Handing Out Press Release To The Citizens In Rebuttal To The Local Government (LGC) Warning

Tonight I passed by the Town Hall and I seen Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates and Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews vehicles at the Town Hall. I wonder what were they cooking up for tomorrow? I guess they were getting ready for LGC to arrive in town on tomorrow.

Just when I thought The Princeville 3 Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates, Commissioners Isabelle Purvis –Andrews, Calvin Sherrod and the Interim Town Manager Maggie Boyd couldn’t get anymore ignant, damn I was given a Press Release that is being circulated to the citizens.

I was told that some folks lights were disconnected today however it was confirmed on the 11:00 PM news WRAL TV “Princeville residents dry as water bills go sky high.” 

Please read the following Press Release in its entirety.

Press Release


Princeville Citizens Keep Looking Up and Don’t Count This


Administration Out


July 11, 2012


These are the people who are against our Administration and their negative efforts effect everybody in Princeville since the beginning of this Administration in 2010:


Former Mayor Delia Perkins                                   Commissioner Ann Howell

Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight                          Former Commissioner Ann Carney Adams

Former Commissioner Carolyn Sharpe                   Newspaper Reporter, Calvin Adkins

County Commissioner Viola Harris


Here are some of the problems our Administration has inherited:


1.    The Town was in the red for the years 2007, 2008, and 2009 under the Former Mayor Perkins, Commissioners Ann Howell and Gwendolyn Knight, the Former Commissioner Ann Adams and Carolyn Sharpe’s Administration. No warning given by the Local Government (LGC).

2.    Former Town Manager Sam Knight was convicted for fourteen (14) charges by the Attorney General Office. He was still able to work for the town for 2 years and misused approximately $75,000.00 of the town citizens’ money. We visited the Local Government (LGC) on the issue in October 2009. Again no warning was issued from the Local Government (LGC).

3.    There were no audits done for 3 years for the town, in 2006, 2007, 2008, until 2009, under the Former Mayor Perkins’ Administration. Again, there was no warning issued from the Local Government (LGC).

4.    Water and Sewage was a great issue doing Former Mayor Perkins’ Administration and they also increased the rates of water and sewage bills which cause the bills to increase. Again, there was no warning issued from the Local Government (LGC).

5.    Why would the Local Government (LGC) allow Former Mayor Perkins’ Administration to borrow $310,700 for a loan, when the Town was in the red, according to the audit report ended June 30, 2012?

In 2010, when we got elected our Administration got the town out of the red into the black in six (6) months, according to the audit report ended on June 30, 2010.


We hired Former Manager Victor Marrow in January 2010 and passed a policy to help assist the citizens on a payment plan for keeping their payment current. In 2011 audit report revealed that Mr. Victor Marrow did not perform his duties to manage this town as a Town Manager should have done. We feel he was greatly influenced by listening to the people who are against this against this Administration, and he stopped listening and serving the pleasure of the current board.


Mr. Victor Marrow was the Budget Officer for the town and during his management we were sited several times by the Local Government (LGC) for not being compliance with the Budget, which his job to do.


On June 14, 2012, Mayor Oates, Mayor Pro-Tem Andrews, Interim Town Manager Maggie Boyd, and the Town Accountant were on a conference call with the Local Government (LGC) approximately 2 hours, discussing the budget. In the conversation, The Local Government (LGC) agreed to come down and help assist with any issues we may have. We were planning to meet with the Local Government (LGC) here at the Princeville Town Hall after July 4, 2012 (after the holiday). On this conference call, nothing was ever mentioned about issuing a warning.


On Thursday, June 28, 2012, we had our monthly Board meeting. Mayor Oates told the citizens during the Board meeting that the Local Government (LGC) had begun to assist the Town Staff with the Budget and would continue to give us technical assistance. At the Board Meeting, Commissioner Ann Howell stated that she could not believe the Local Government (LGC) would work with us and she will make sure to call the (LGC) the next day. Before we could schedule the next appointment with The Local Government (LGC), within the next three days, July 3, 2012, the Local Government (LGC) calls to let us (Mayor Oates, Mayor Pro Tem Andrews, and Attorney Watts) know that we were going to get a memo about a special meeting in Raleigh to issue a warning against the Town. We were shocked to even hear this news from the Local Government (LGC) after we had begun to work together and this was without a warning!


Now the Local Government (LGC) is giving the current Administration a warning. The Former Administration issues were much serious than our and they never received a warning. We are getting this warning from the Local Government (LGC) and County Commissioner Viola Harris, who seconded the motion, is a conflict of interest. Mrs. Harris is a conflict of interest, because she attends The Town of Princeville Board Meeting on very regular basic and she helps Commissioners Ann Howell, Gwendolyn Knight, and Former Mayor Perkins disrupt the Board meetings. She is also on the Local Government Board (LGC).


Now the Local Government (LGC) will come in to help assist the town and the Board with problems that were already created.

In the last four months, The Town of Princeville had made great changes in Personnel, in training, and receiving technical services. The Interim Town Manager Maggie Boyd and her Staff is doing a tremendous job. The Town of Princeville will continue to work diligently on our comprehensive plans.


Submitted by:

Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates                              Mayor Pro-Tem Isabelle Andrews

Commissioner Calvin Sherrod                              Interim Town Manager Maggie Boyd          


Note: I retyped this documented because I had the original handed to me and do not have it in an email. Blame any and all errors that do not match the original document to me Curmilus Dancy II and I will make the necessary corrections.

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