Ignant Racist Want A Be Special Cs Tickles Me When They Talk About Democrats

I love reading them posts about what Democrats such as Governor Roy Cooper is doing along with some other Democrats on the National Level because they agree with them but these same Ignants never post about about what local Republicans and Trump is doing. Hell atleast talk about Democrats and Republicans. Oh no Republicans can do no wrong so that validates these Ignants are just bona fide Racists.

Oh and I don’t expect Ignant Racist Special Cs and Ignant Safe Black Folk validate what I say and do because when you know you are right about it, that is all that matters. Most folk are afraid to speak up because they can’t take the scrutiny but I have no problem with it. You see the Ignants will respond using code names but they are so damn bad. When you post comments on my blog hiding behind a code name that mess goes right into my Spam Folder.

Carry on!

Now Run & Tell That! Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Safe Black Folk Tickles The Hell Out Of Me Especially During Election Time

Safe Black Folk tickles the hell out of me especially during election time and other.

Today begin early voting but look at all of the drama that has been going on especially since December 2018. Who have been speaking out? Name the Pastors, Organizations, Fraternities, Sororities, Masons, the ones that call themselves community leaders and other.

But I hear all the time someone talking about me because I am vocal. Well folk been talking about me over the years and I have no problem with that because I can talk about them too. But some of the same ones that have talked about me have come to me when they had issues and/or they have benefitted from some of the things I have done.

What tickles the hell out of me is these are the same folk who talk about what the young folk are doing as it relates to crime and murder. Well hell if you ain’t doing anything but talking about the folk who are doing something, what do these young folk have to look forward to?

Well I am so glad that I don’t need masses to do what I do because my tract record shows that I have no problem with standing alone. But I know who ain’t scared to speak up.

On October 8 after the victory is won, watch how these same folk will come out in masses for the Victory Party.

Safe Black Folk tickles the hell out of me.

Safe Black Negro, Scared Negro

If you are a Safe Negro just don’t show up at places where the conversation take place!

If you are a scared Negro stay home!

But don’t play it safe around me when I am speaking Truth to Power because I ain’t scared.

Don’t make me have to call you out. You claim to be about what is good for all folk but you want to appease certain folk while hoping things change. Well change don’t take place without sacrifice. If you ain’t willing to stand then stay home.

But the sad part Safe Negroes benefit from what other folk does. You claim to be about what is good for all folk but you want to appease certain folk while hoping things change but you ain’t apart of making the change.

Black Community: Which Is Worst Black On Black Crime Or These Damn Pastors/So Called Community Leaders/Elected Officials Whom Are Holding Us Right Where We Are?

I have been a community activist since the late 80’s and my problem has been watching Safe Negroes hold us right where we are. I attended community meetings and later joined the Democratic Party and the NAACP. So I know who are sincere and about truly moving the black community forward. We know that when the black community move forward all communities move forward.

It is sad that there are a few black Pastors/community leaders/elected officials whom play both sides of the game. They attend black community meetings and/or attend meetings and claim they are going to represent the best interest of the folks whom want to see forward progress but actually they go back and tell the enemy what the plan is. These damn Safe Negroes are dangerous as hell but these Pastors and these community leaders ie: church going folks are in church on Sunday preaching feel good sermons but also working against them as well.

Black folks when in the hell are you going to wake up and shut these Safe Negroes down?

I am sick and tired of the damn games that are being played and since ya’ll are ignant to whom these folks are, I am gonna have to do my Safe Negro list. But in the meantime ya’ll don’t know? Keep on promoting these folks while they continue to hold you right where you are.

I will not continue to allow Safe Negroes to continue to hold us right where we are without calling them out. Now just because ya’ll are scared, I ain’t the one. I have worked too damn hard over the years at my own expense having to deal with folks whom have the means and the resources to do what is right but hell no they are smiling in our faces and sticking a damn knife in our backs. You see these damn Safe Negroes are doing more damage than the black on black crime although what they are doing is legal. Legal but damn sure ain’t morally right.

It is some things that are going on that I will be talking about from this day forward. I gave a 1st and Final Warning several days ago to delete me from my Blog which automatically goes to my Social Media pages. You still got time!

I haven’t written any Open Letters lately so it is about time!

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against! I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!


Hell Yeah I Said It! Social Media Folks So What Do You Really Stand For?

You folks who get on Social Media that are always talking about you stand for this and you stand for that what in the hell do you really stand for?

You talk that religious talk and you go to a candlelight vigil and/or a march but you ain’t saying anything.

We have a free resource in social media and we all ought to be utilizing it to make a difference in our communities and abroad. I don’t play these games on social media and it pisses me the hell off when I get a game request.

I look at your social media posts you make and I look at what you respond to and damn you ain’t saying anything. You don’t make posts or comment on posts that some call controversial but for me ain’t a damn thing controversial when it comes to speaking Truth to Power. This makes you a Safe Negro because you are an Afraid Negro. So, “If You Are Scared Say It and Get the Hell Out Of The Way!” You see you are a dangerous Negro and you will get somebody that stand for something hurt or killed. I be damn if I can walk with you. Matter of a fact I don’t want to be around you and if you notice you haven’t seen me.

Now don’t get it twisted because I ain’t talking about everybody but those on social media that I can identify, I am only talking about them. You see I know you and you know me and if I don’t know you, I check you out. I tell folks to check me out as well. I don’t walk with folks if I don’t already know them so when I don’t, I check them out.

I continue to post that if anyone have a problem with me then they can delete me or ignore me. I am tired of folks perpetrating. I am not going to delete or ignore you when you are misleading folks on social media.

“You don’t understand!” Bernie Mac

The moment you understand what is going on around you and the role you play, the better off you will be!

Ignant Column: Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount Petition To Remove Rocky Mount Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight Is Too Ignant!

It is a damn shame Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount has taken the video of the Rocky Mount City Council Meeting recorded by WHIG-TV and  began a petition on Change.org. The petition is misleading folks because nothing in it is cause for Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight to step down nor grounds for removal.

First of all Mayor Pro-tem Knight is not going to step down over ignant ass folks over at WHIG-TV and Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount mission. Their mission is baseless and racist in my opinion.

Let me break it down for you. The petition reads as follows:

Time and time again COUNCILMAN (MAYOR PRO TEM 2014)  ANDRE KNIGHT in WARD 1 has shown true UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR. His tone with the citizens, he continuously brings race into the equation, he has been arrested, he does not live in his ward, he has been caught in lies etc. PRACTICES that are UNPROFESSIONAL, UNETHICAL and are an EMBARASSMENT to NASH and EDGECOMBE COUNTIES!!!! In order to move forward we need to have him removed. Ask Mr. Knight to step down or BE REMOVED!

What law states that Knight can not talk about race?

He has been arrested? So what? Arrested for what? He was arrested in Raleigh during the Moral Monday where hundreds of folks have been arrested because they have protested the NC General Legislature. Just on Wednesday January 22 over 50 of those cases were dismissed. Even if the judge does not rule in Mayor Pro-tem Knight’s favor, the charge will only be a misdemeanor. Knight would have to be charged as a felon. so since the charges will not be a felony, he will not have to step down.

He does not live in his ward. Now in my opinion this is grounds for a lawsuit and I may be wrong. In my opinion this is defamation of character because the NC Court Of Appeals Ruled in Knight’s Favor when Roosevelt Higgs and the Edgecombe County Board of Elections filed a petition saying he didn’t live in Ward 1. Edgecombe County had to pay Knight’s attorney fees after he filed an appeal and won.

He has been caught in lies etc. What lies?

PRACTICES that are UNPROFESSIONAL, UNETHICAL and are an EMBARASSMENT to NASH and EDGECOMBE COUNTIES!!!! Who in the hell gave Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount the power to determine what is unprofessional, unethical and embarrassing when it comes to trying to define Mayor Pro-tem Knight? In my opinion this is racist as hell and all of the forward thinking folks, especially black folks who liked  Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount Facebook page ought to be blasting their page saying they do not appreciate the misleading information about Knight.

Hell I don’t have a problem with them being on a mission but just tell the truth. This petition is misleading and Mayor Pro-tem Knight ought to contact his lawyer to see if he can file a charge for defamation of character and harassment.

Ask Mr. Knight to step down or BE REMOVED! I ask Mayor Pro-tem/Rocky Mount NAACP President Andre Knight to continue to stand up and don’t let nothing and nobody turn you around.

It is a damn shame that Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount and WHIG-TV expect black folks to like their facebook pages but have the audacity to single out and try to silence one of our black leaders. I refuse to all allow them to do such without challenging them. Because I have challenged Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount before the petition was started, they blocked me from being able to post comments on their facebook page.

Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount petition to remove Rocky Mount Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight is too Ignant!

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An Educational Moment: To Racist White Folks & Safe Negroes Rev. Andre Knight Rocky Mount City Councilman/President NAACP Is A Citizen/Mayor Pro-tem

In order to become an elected official one must first be a citizen. So do Racist White Folks and Safe Negroes think that Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight suppose to give up his citizenship while serving on the Rocky Mount City Council? Not!

Racist White Folks and Safe Negroes Rev. President Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight was first a citizen of Rocky Mount NC and now he is a Rocky Mount City Councilman along with being President of the local NAACP. When you take your mess to the Rocky Mount City Council meeting attempting to intimidate and/or mislead the citizens of Rocky Mount but not limited to, you better recognize. Recognize what Mr. Dancy? Here we go!

For those of you who don’t know my brother personally you need to always remember the following: Knight has an opinion just like you do and when you approach him you are going to get his opinion. You see he is not afraid to talk about RACISM that can be visual or hidden behind code words and etc. You may not like his opinion but you will get the hell over it or take it to your grave.

Hell yeah I said it! Don’t get it twisted I am not speaking for him because he do a damn good job of speaking for himself. If you don’t think so go to WHIG-TV and Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC Facebook pages.

WHIG-TV and Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC and those who think like them do you hear me now?”

Now Run & Tell That!