Margiotta defeated; Wake school board’s power to be decided in run-off – Source: WRAL

Raleigh, N.C. — Wake County voters on Tuesday elected four Democratic-backed candidates to the Wake County Board of Education, but one race will likely end in a run-off next month.

That race – between District 3 incumbent Kevin Hill, a Democrat representing north Raleigh, and Republican challenger Heather Losurdo – will determine whether there will be a shift in power for the governing board of the state’s largest school system. (Read more)

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Margiotta out, but runoff will decide school board control

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New Districts drawn for Board of Education seats

The proposed precinct and map delineations for the new Board districts were presented today and are online.  They were developed by the law firm of Kieran Shanahan, who was hired for $10,000 by a 5-3 vote of the Board to develop and redraw the maps.  A full precinct map is online on the WakeGov site, to locate a specific precinct.  Voters also can look up their own precinct and voting location online as well.

The Board will hold a public hearing on the new Board of Education districts on Tuesday, May 10.  Time and place to be announced.  Chair Ron Margiotta proposed voting on the redistricting plans at a special called meeting, at 3 pm, on Tuesday, May 17.

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[CoalitionofConcernedCitizensforAfricanAmericanChildren] Updates

Hi! Here is today’s BOE update.

Death to public schools?

Even before the BOE majority was elected in 2009, many believed that businessmen Art Pope and Bob Luddy, along with BOE Chair Ron Margiotta, were being motivated by a plan to destroy public schools in Wake County. Now, the N.C. Association of Educators has made its suspicions public in a video that links Pope, Luddy, Margiotta and N.C. House Majority Leader Paul Stam, according to the N&O. You can watch the video, Money & Privatization: A Love Story, on NCAE’s website.

Summary of yesterday’s BOE meeting

Courtesy of a Great Schools in Wake colleague:

Giving the Chair a vote

Breaking a tie, Chair Ron Margiotta was the deciding vote in approving a legislative priority that will give the Wake Board of Education chair the chance to vote on each Board action.  Currently, the Board chair only votes in case of a tie, which has happened repeatedly since December 2009.  The proposed change in current policy will still require legislative approval but tonight the item was added to the Board of Education’s 2011 Legislative agenda.  (The original proposed list is online.)  Carolyn Morrison, Deborah Prickett, Chris Malone and Debra Goldman voted for the policy change, while John Tedesco, Kevin Hill, Keith Sutton and Anne McLauren voted against, with Chair Margiotta breaking the tie. 

Earlier at the Board’s Committee of the Whole, Keith Sutton and other Board members noted that the Board Chair does wield considerable influence over the Board, setting the agenda and guiding the process of the Board’s work, but others such as Debra Goldman said she thought it was important for the Board Chair to represent and vote on behalf of the Chair’s district.  Former Chair Kevin Hill noted that traditionally, the Board chair works to build consensus and remain neutral.
Lifting the charter school cap, dissing Public School Forum

In addition to the item on the Chair voting, the Board approved a legislative agenda that includes lifting the cap on charter schools, reviewing the state accreditation process and having the Department of Public Instruction provide clarification to school systems, giving school districts greater flexibility with calendar and with instructional time, and increasing flexibility to use State funds for teacher performance pay models.  The Board voted 3-5 against a proposal by member Keith Sutton to adopt the legislative priorities of the Public School Forum of North Carolina, a nonprofit that works to strength en public schools in the state, with Hill joining Tedesco, Malone, Goldman and Prickett against adding those items.

Additional coverage about the legislative agenda, as well as video archives of yesterday’s meeting, are on WRAL.
Capping Cedar Fork

The Board also voted to maintain the cap on enrollment of Cedar Fork Elementary School in Morrisville at 843 students.  The overflow school is Weatherstone Elementary.  About 100 students who are assigned to year-round schools like Alston Ridge, who have Cedar Fork as their traditional calendar choice, will now be steered toward Green Hope Elementary as their traditional calendar choice.  Cedar Fork is one of two schools in the District that is currently capped; the other is Forest Pines Drive Elementary in northern Wake County.
Teacher of the Year finalists

Superintendent Tata announced the 24 semi-finalists for the 2011-12 Teacher of the Year award:
The semi-finalists are Leslie Bailey of Baileywick Elementary, Debra Baize of Holly Grove Middle, Kevin Boynton of Dillard Drive Elementary, Kathryn Caggia of Olive Chapel Elementary, Priscilla Chappell of Enloe High, Ashley Cooper of Underwood Elementary, Kristen Curley of Oak Grove Elementary, Rhonda Dunn of Zebulon Middle, Matthew Garcia of East Wake High School of Health & Science, Henry Hammond Jr. of Athens Drive High, Kyle Hamstra of Davis Drive Elementary, Catherine Hantla of Wake Forest-Rolesville Middle, Mary-Kathryn Hixson of Broughton High, Shireen Mehl of Fuquay-Varina Elementary, Alicia Miller of Wake Forest Elementary, Saswati Mukherjee of Farmington Woods Elementary, Julie Oliver of West Millbrook Middle, Stephanie Rhodes of Sanderson High, Shannon Russell of Carpenter Elementary, Amy Scheffel of Joyner Elementary, Daniel Strain of East Garner Middle, Patrick Tart of Banks Road Elementary, Kate Whittier of Daniels Middle and Maia Wirth of Wendell Elementary.
The semi-finalists will be honored April 13 at a ceremony where the 12 finalists will be named. The 2011-12 Teacher of the Year will be named May 12.

In the News

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Wake schools catch Bill Clinton’s critical eye – Source: News & Observer

Former President Bill Clinton has become the highest-profile figure to wade into the controversy involving the future of Wake County’s public schools.

Clinton chose the opening of an exhibit in his presidential library in Little Rock, Ark. on one of the nation’s most dramatic school integration events to criticize Wake County’s change in direction on keeping schools’ populations balanced by students’ socioeconomic backgrounds. (Read more)

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Wake County – Neighborhood Schools Now But What About Long Term

I was talking to someone today and they were saying that the neighborhood schools thingy sounds good in the now but what about in the long term? They went on to say that it will be great now because the resources will be at the school but what will happen when the resources begin to move out in a couple of years. The excitement and the resources will be gone and what will you have? It is sad to say but the school will end up being ghetto.

So those who are preaching neighborhood schools are they concerned about the now or are they concerned about the long term effect?

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         When the Republican-led Wake County School Board came out of its 50-minute closed door session with it attorneys Tuesday morning, it was clear that the majority had a dramatic “come to Jesus” moment.

            By a 6-2 vote, which included two of the GOP majority, the board did a 180, and agreed to cooperate with a probe conducted by the school accreditation agency AdvancEd, a probe that just two weeks ago, it fought against tooth and nail. (Read more)

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Billionaire Koch Brothers Fulfill Father’s Campaign to Segregate Public Schools, End Successful Integration Program in Wake County North Carolina

Today in the Washington Post, reporter Stephanie McCrummen detailed how a right-wing campaign in the Wake County area of North Carolina has taken over the school board with a pledge to end a very successful socio-economic integration plan. The integration plan, which created thriving schools in poor African-American parts of the school district along with achieving diversity in schools located in wealthy white enclaves, was a model for the nation. However, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the Tea Party group founded and funded by billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, worked with local right-wing financier (and AFP board member) Art Pope to fundamentally change Wake County’s school board

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By Lee Fang | Think Progress
Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Note: Now this is very, very interesting. The struggle continues. And some people are shocked. Not!! You see this is the long lasting effects of how black have suffered but some don’t think that reparations is in order especially some need to grow Negroes. You see those from these families mentioned in this article continue to reap the benefits of their heritage, the almighty dollar and calling the shots politically. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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