Rocky Mount NC – In Response To The Closing of O.R. Pope Black Elementary School On The Edgecombe County Side Of Rocky Mount

The Political Agitator respond to: School board turns deaf ear to supporters of Pope Elementary

This response to Mr. Cordell is too damn ignant! I be glad when folks begin to respond to the original post and dissect it to attempt to discredit the original author with some facts instead of a lot words that amount to nothing.

To compare Mr. Cordell with a buzzard and others like myself whom have attended a meeting or several is about as damn ignant as they come.

Mr. Cordell addressed the issue in each paragraph so why don’t your ignant a+s do address Mr. Cordell per paragraph and prove him wrong? Hell if you can do that then I will agree with you but I doubt if you can nor do you care to because your mission is to attempt to discredit this black man.

Some folks trying to figure out why young black males do what they do? Hell I understand it because it does not matter how good we do, some ignant a+s white folks and some ignant a+s Safe Negroes are trying to discredit black men like Mr. Cordell and myself. The young black males so what is happening. I understand what is going on with all of the crime and killing. Hell it is folks like Lasko who promote trying to discredit the black male even when they do something positive. And hell no just because we do something positive does mean you have to agree with us, but damn don’t attempt to discredit us. Well you can go ahead because I am not a Silent Negro and I will respond. Just that i wish I could put a face with those who are afraid to say it publicly and hide behind code names.

Paid staff, paid school board members, paid superintendent and others ought to do their damn job and make sure mess like this do not happen.

The citizens of Edgecombe County did their part when they participated in the bond referendum even if they didn’t vote for it they damnit still participated.

I have not dropped the bomb nor has Mr. Cordell because that is not our duty to do folks job that get paid to do their job.

Although some folks like Mr. Cordell and myself have to carry our own burdens we still take time out to attend to some burdens that we face as a community. After working a days job for ungreatful folks and dealing with other things that we face, it takes a strong black man to endure.

I am Curmilus Dancy II and I sign my name to what I say and make it so people can see who I am and what I stand for.

Now Run & Tell That!


Submitted by Lasko on August 24, 2014 – 9:51am.

How is it possible for a broken, insensible, corrupt and divided system to achieve what others believe the “children” will need in the future to become educated? #2. Why not accept responsibility as did our educators of yesterday and teach our children as Mr. Pope has? #3. Why is it that as the buzzards of the wild some only show up after the stench of decay? The question to be asked would be: “Why did it take so long to “save” O.R. Pope school? #4. It’s truly amazing how educators of yesterday was able to do so much more with so little and the educators of today do so little with so much, all the “leaders” of today are the product of the educators of yesterday, you’re a prime example Mr. Cordell. What happened, who dropped the ball or are we so dependent on others being responsible for your children? I can envision a mother gathering her children at the end of a hard days work from the fields into the humble shack of the plantation and reading the forbidden bible to her children. “Doing so much with so little.” We have to educate our children as did the educators of yesterday.

School board turns deaf ear to supporters of Pope Elementary

In the Oliver Ruthchild Pope Elementary School controversy and its ultimate closing and transferring of about 300 students to Dr. D.S. Johnson and Fairview Schools, one question has not been publicly addressed by our school board. Have you done everything possible to save the school? And the resounding answer is, no!

At its June meeting, the school board discussed and approved the movement of students, staff, faculty and materials. The school board granted the public two hearings many weeks later, which was just a mere gesture – like the cart before the horse. There were 10 speakers for the first session and five speakers for the subsequent session. Our superintendent eloquently Powerpointed the disparaging conditions at Pope, emphasizing the safety for both students and staff. Truth be told, the current structure should be demolished. The questions are, why is there little to no conversation concerning rebuilding another school on the current site? Don’t our children, our parents and our community deserve a brand new school?

The funds should be there. Edgecombe County commissioners have provided $3.4 millino to $3.8 million to Nash-Rocky Mount Schools in bonds dating back to 2004. That figure has increased tremendously and this does not include the thousands and thousands of dollars provided every year for all of the schools on the Edgecombe County side in Rocky Mount.

The Department of Public Instructions says there is not enough space to build another school on the Pope site to accommodate more than 300 students. My response – there are approximately 35 properties surrounding Pope. Some of these properties are boarded, and some are abandoned. The properties could easily be bought or taken by eminent domain.

Let us look closely at the school board. Certainly, there are a number of members who are hardworking and dedicated to take their oaths of office seriously. There are a few, I feel, who need replacing. A few years ago, the school board was considering closing Swift Creek Elementary in order to merge with Red Oak Elementary. But they were met with swift and fierce defiance from the white and black community forcing them to back-pedal on that issue. One school board member said she didn’t think the Nash County Commissioners would build a new school on the Edgecombe side, and she didn’t think it would be even legal. But the last time I checked, O.R. Pope Elementary School was in the Nash-Rocky Mount Schools district. Another member, although outspoken and a diehard supporter for the preservation of Pope, was absent at the Aug. 4 school board meeting, which ensured the three people desiring to speak would not voice their opinions. The board chair certainly could have been more understanding on this sensitive issue. And one could have not have been more amazed at the appalling silence of the white school board members. During the second session, the board chair granted all board members a 10-minute presentation with an additional 10-minute presentation, if needed. Not one spoke for or against closure. In the end, there was a white member who seconded the motion to close.

On my second presentation to the board, I asked them to sow the seed for a new beginning to our children, our parents and the entire community in the neighborhood/crosstown section in the form of a new school. Regardless of the educational overall goals – whether it’s the Common Core concepts, More at Four, Race to the Top, or No Child Left Behind (even though the money was left behind), this monumental effort will benefit all of us in the long term.

Robert E. Cordell Sr.

Rocky Mount