So What Do You Think About These Dollars The Mayoral Campaign In Rocky Mount NC Sandy Claus Roberson Delivered

I find it quite interesting that folk are talking about money and how they want unity in Rocky Mount. They don’t want to support the Black Majority Council. They want to control how they are governing. They don’t want to see anything all things Black on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount.

So how much money was spent with Black Businesses during the Mayoral Campaign?

Sandy Claus could have blessed some Black Businesses or did he?

But see who Sandy Claus did bless last year.

Click on link to see Campaign Finance Reporting that ended December 31, 2019 and the filing report in January 29, 2020.


Sandy Claus Roberson Said Bronson Williams Checks To Campaign Worker Bounced But When Posted This, Special Cs Say Bronson Is Lying


Bronson Williams

5 hrs ·

Williams responds to registered Republican Sandy Roberson lie regarding bounced campaign checks. “I think Bronson is upset that his checks issued to campaign poll workers bounced when presented at the bank. I think it’s Bronson who is desperate in this election,” Roberson said.

I went to my bank who has held my campaign account since 2015. They gave me this letter as confirmation to lie Sandy has damaged my campaign by sharing such a falsehood in a respected local printed publication.

Bronson Williams

56 mins ·

Call it what it is, let’s vote tomorrow. There are some people in our city that honestly believe some people can do no right. If facts mattered to them Donald Trump would not be President.

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Frances Jones Styles They just dont stop do they

  • Curmilus Butch Dancy II Damn I know this Special C ain’t calling the bank a lie. Is it really worth all of the lies they tell because they don’t want to see a Black Man as Mayor.
    And then the Special Cs say get over it when we talk about the things we are going through on the backs of our forefathers.
    These kinds of Special Cs that say stuff like this are dangerous.
    Black Folk this is more confirmation that the WSBS Movement is alive and well!
    It is Open Season on Black Folk.

    Natasha Tabron Battle Now that is just plain stupid. She is going to make that lie the truth. That’s what she wants to believe.

  • Allison F Wms I’m not surprised at all about their dumb comments. The Devil knows nothing about right.

See what Sandy Claus said in the Rocky Mount Telegram about Bronson writing bad Checks.

Read it for yourselfWilliams, Roberson spar over campaign finances

Rocky Mount NC – Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II & Congressman GK Butterfield Coming To Motivate To Do More!

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Rocky Mount NC – Tarrick Dinell Pittman Lied From Day One & Still Lying Talking About The Board of Elections Didn’t Notify Him

This ignant ass Tarrick Pittman need to go somewhere and sit down and shut up while he kiss up to Sandy Claus Roberson For Mayor. Ain’t nobody mad with him for running nor supporting Sandy Claus but ignant need to quit lying.

Ignant contacted the Rocky Mount Telegram after the Preliminary Protest was dismissed on Monday. Damn ignant just don’t get it but he claims to be one smart ass.

“After I turned in the protest, Mr. Spruell was supposed to call me and let me know what the next steps were, and he never did. I only learned about the preliminary hearing because someone saw it on Curmillus Dancy’s social media page,” Pittman said. “I was never informed about that by the elections director. Since I turned in the protest paper, I have not heard anything from him.”

Now since this ignant ass said he learned of the preliminary hearing on my page well ignant must not been listening in the hearing when Rev. Jerry Spruell Edgecombe County Elections Director read out information and address specifically about notifying this ignant. So why didn’t whoever told him about they seen about the Preliminary Hearing they should have told him about what the video said about him being notified since obviously his ignant ass being there didn’t understand.

Also the next time you file a protest you need to look at everything that relates to a protest so that you will not validate how ignant you are.

Watch the video for yourself and hear the response about notifying the Protestor and others as it relates to the Preliminary Hearing.

Begin watching the video at 7:20 to hear what Rev. Rev. Spruell read about notifying ignant.

Now after looking at the video Run & Tell That Part!


Timeline: Rocky Mount Candidates For Wards & Mayor Timeline Interviews With Rocky Mount Telegram

Stay tuned The Political Agitator will be addressing the candidates from what I know and from what I am hearing on the streets.

Ward Candidates

Two vie for Ward 1 council seat

September 08, 2019

Downtown business owner Tarrick Pittman is challenging four-term Councilman Andre Knight for the Ward 1 seat on the City Council.

Knight, 50, is a business owner who earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from N.C. Central University and a graduate certificate in…

Three seek Ward 3 seat

September 01, 2019

A city councilman appointed to fill an unexpired term is facing two challengers in Ward 3.

Nellene Richardson and Gwen Wilkins are each seeking to unseat Councilman Richard Joyner in the Oct. 8 municipal election.

Joyner, 65, replaced former Councilman Lamont Wiggins after he…

Two vie for open Ward 4 seat

August 25, 2019

T.J. Walker Jr. and Elaine B. Williams are vying to replace retiring Councilwoman Lois Watkins in the Ward 4 seat on the City Council.

Both candidates have local political heavyweights backing their candidacies. Williams is endorsed by state Rep. James Gailliard, D-Nash. She said she is…

Two seek open Ward 5 seat

August 18, 2019

Robert Cordell and Lige Daughtridge are vying for the Ward 5 City Council seat being vacated by Tom Rogers.

Cordell, 69, is a retired educator who says he has a “30-point plan” to spark progress in the city. A divorced father of four adult children with five grandchildren and…

Mayoral Candidates

Mayoral candidates to debate

August 14, 2019

Let the debate begin for who should be Rocky Mount’s future chief executive.

The local Kiwanis Club and television station WHIG have set Thursday afternoon at Benvenue Country Club as the time and setting for the candidates for mayor to appear, speak and answer questions.


Candidate walks away from debate

August 16, 2019

One of the four candidates for mayor of Rocky Mount ended up leaving a debate before the event started on Thursday at Benvenue Country Club, apparently over wanting to video the event.

The gathering was sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club and local television WHIG. Retired Brig. Gen….

Mayoral hopefuls outline views

August 16, 2019

Three candidates for mayor who participated in a debate on Thursday afternoon all made clear crime is of the utmost concern in Rocky Mount.

Robert Lee Alston, Kevin Jones and Sandy Roberson appeared at a gathering sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club and television station WHIG at Benvenue…

Mayoral candidates address gentrification

August 17, 2019

Three candidates seeking to be Rocky Mount’s next chief executive faced extensive questions Thursday during a debate at Benvenue Country Club.

One of them included what they would do about the threat of gentrification that low-income and African-American communities feel is…

Mayoral candidates weigh fate of Confederate monument

August 21, 2019

One of many questions surfacing at a recent debate of three candidates for mayor of Rocky Mount was what the municipal government’s position should be about Confederate monuments.

The question included what the candidates would do, if elected the city’s chief executive, if…

Mayoral candidates put focus on job creation

August 24, 2019

One of the many questions three of the four candidates for mayor faced during a recent debate was about their respective plans to bring business, industry and jobs to Rocky Mount.

Robert Lee Alston, Kevin Jones and Sandy Roberson participated in the event, which was held at Benvenue…