Mayor-elect wants council meetings broadcast – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Sandy Roberson in response to your following comment, “I mean, we are allowing a local blogger to film it and put it out there online at some point,” Roberson said, a reference to activist and videographer Curmilus Dancy II. “I mean, that happens on a fairly regular basis. Oh hell no 2 things wrong with this picture. The first is where in the hell did the we come from? The second thing is nobody is allowing me to video because videoing the meeting is governed by a NC State Statue. Please make factual comments.

Mayor-elect Sandy Roberson said one of his top priorities as Rocky Mount’s chief executive is going to be to have the municipal government broadcast live the meetings of the City Council as well as meetings of the city boards and commissions.

So when this become a top priority because I don’t recall this being in your platform? But maybe I missed it. But anyway this is something that Bronson Williams has approached the city council about over the years.

“I do think it’s important,” Roberson told the Telegram. “I would like to move forward on that as quickly as possible.”

Roberson is not the only voice calling for the meetings at City Hall to be aired in real time.

Ward 5 Councilman-elect Lige Daughtridge told the Telegram he also wants to move on it as soon as possible.

I expect no other response from Lige but he has been attending the meetings and know that they have been recorded by WHIG-TV and myself along with Theresa Alston Stokes recording live regularly. Also Clint Williams has been recording live. But although Bronson and now you 2 are talking about broadcasting the meetings live, what good will that do? Hell those watching can’t interact with the council live so what’s the fuss? And then the racist comments from folk when they watch the videos and then act as if the videos are a lie by attempting to create their own narrative. For me it is embarrassing and ignant as hell to see the comments from Ignant Racist Special Cs and Ignant Safe Black Folk.

The transparency b.s. Lige talks about get the hell out of here. The official documentation of the meetings are going to be the actual minutes that are recorded by the Clerk if I am correct and I stand to be corrected.

Roberson said he would like to first familiarize himself a bit about the details of policies in existence relative to the subject matter to see what the municipal government would have to do.

Damn one would think before one speak to such an issue they would have familiarize themselves with such before speaking to it in the media. But goes to show that it does not matter because some feel it is okay to just throw out stuff.

What I am waiting on is for the new council members to get sworn in so I can see how they operate as a council member. To operate on the council on their personal agendas only not keeping in line with the actual agenda items will make no sense. So folk for right now let the new members be great with their so-called agenda but time will tell if they will be about the business of the council or their business.

Read the entire article, Mayor-elect wants council meetings broadcast.

Rocky Mount NC – Sample ballot fuels speculation (Damn But Gwen Wilkins Said The Ballot Was Ok)

The Political Agitator’s response: This is about Voter Integrity and a key player Gwen Wilkins now can’t be reached but said it was ok to do a ballot in response to when Bronson Williams posted about the ballot on his Facebook page. But what tickles the hell out of me is that Sandy Roberson says: Roberson said he has stayed within the bounds of the law during the campaign. “I have obeyed all the campaign finance laws,” Roberson said. “We have run a clean campaign.” But over the past several weeks Sandy has had to address things going on with his election. It began with Sandy Roberson for Mayor on Moe Deloach shirts during the camp held Juneteenth weekend. The Baskerville School Back To School mess. The Johnson School Back to School mess. Now the most recent the ballots oh and the emails to teachers using their school email. It is obvious that with all of the things that have been going on, Sandy says he is not aware of it but he keeps happening. So he must have not had a talk with The Street Team who he says are using him. SMDH!

A sample ballot for the Rocky Mount elections is making the rounds and at least one candidate is concerned that the ballot is confusing voters because it does not identify its source as required by law.

The ballots in question list the whole slate of candidates running in Rocky Mount elections, even though real individual ballots list only the post of mayor and the candidates for a voter’s ward, if that seat is up for election.

The sample ballot marks choices for Sandy Roberson as mayor, Tarrick Pittman for Ward 1, Gwen Wilkins for Ward 3, T.J. Walker Jr. for Ward 4 and Lige Daughtridge for Ward 5.

No legend is displayed at the bottom of the sample ballot indicating its source. The top of the sample ballot simply reads: “We, the Street Team, ask that you vote for the candidates below that are marked.”

Councilman Andre Knight, who is being challenged by Pittman for the Ward 1 seat, said he feels the ballots are deliberately deceptive.

“My concern is not with who an individual chooses to vote for, but with an official Board of Elections ballot being misrepresented,” Knight said. “Anyone can give out a ballot if it is clear who is endorsing and who is distributing them.”

According to state campaign finance law, “A legend (the information stating who paid for and authorized the advertisement . . . (Read More)

Rocky Mount NC – Tired Of The Negative Posts About Rocky Mount City Council

Cooper Blackwell

Sick of seeing negative post about the council so here’s some things that have been done for our great city under the leadership of a majority black city council. (Since some people want to deny the truth and act like nothing positive is happening in Rocky Mount).

Under the current city council, as a DIRECT result of their actions:

1)Fought Duke Power and reduced RM Utilities debt by $500 million.
2)Changed collection policies to make more customer friendly and required staff to create payment arrangements.
3) Encouraged hiring of more people of color and women in key leadership positions. Went from 1 black department head in Human Relations and Assistant City Manager to 3 black police chiefs, black female HR Director, former black Planning Director, more black assistant fire chiefs, black female Assistant City Manager, 3 black Parks and Rec directors and many more positions
4) Retail, banking and services increases in inner city Edgecombe and Nash
5) $50 million Event Center with millions of new private investment downtown
6) 30 black businesses downtown alone
7) Rapidly increasing retail sales throughout RM.
8. Recruited Capitol Broadcasting investment in Rocky Mount Mills. Renovated hundreds of homes and apartments in inner city.
9) $2 million South Rocky Mount gym with new housing development worth $2 million affordable housing
10) Funded and supported Carolina Gateway Partnership in recruiting 3500 new jobs to Rocky Mount in the last 18 months. New housing starts throughout the City
11) Funded scores of non-profits to build youth programming throughout all RM including Buck Buck Leonard league, Carolina Stallions, upgraded parks, youth soccer and softball

So enough of the lies.. our city has been evolving under the current leadership for the last 20 years… now they’re talking hotels and investment downtown and in Edgecombe county! Hallelujah! #supportrockymount#supportequity #communityunity #EDI #fightstigmas

Council approves FY 2020 budget – Rocky Mount NC

Council approves FY 2020 budget
Rocky Mount, N.C.

The Rocky Mount City Council approved the FY 2020 budget during the June 24, 2019 council meeting. The new budget is balanced without a tax rate increase or increases to the city’s utility rates.

The city of Rocky Mount’s total operating budget for FY 2020 is $220.1 million, a 6.2 percent increase over the adopted budget for FY 2019. The budget includes initiatives that address council priorities, such as access to safe, quality and affordable housing; opportunities for economic development in the downtown area; enhancements to city parks, recreation facilities and to City Hall; and programs benefitting neighborhood associations.

For the new fiscal year, an additional $350,000 has been added for new housing development, raising the total housing investment to $1 million. The funds will address specific needs of the city’s 14 identified economically distressed neighborhoods.

Economic development in the downtown area has been prompted by the completion of the Rocky Mount Event Center. The budget funds $5.53 million for the full-year operating and debt service costs for the center. In the downtown area, $1.78 million will be appropriated to fund underground electric utilities and for the first phase of a multi-year plan to rehabilitate downtown storm drainage.
In an effort to improve businesses downtown, the council also approved an additional $130,000 for existing and new grant programs such as the existing Downtown Business Assistance Program and the recently established Façade Improvement Grant, as well as a new roof grant.

Necessary renovations to parks and recreation facilities has also been a priority for council, resulting in $720,000 added to the budget for improvements to Marigold and Lancaster parks, repairs to Denton Street Pool and recreation facilities in the Battleboro Community, along with the development of a master plan for Battle Park.

The Frederick E. Turnage Municipal Building (City Hall) will also receive much needed repairs thanks to council’s approval of $1.64 million in appropriations. The rehabilitation of elevators, elimination of moisture intrusion in the stairwells and the renovation of the first and second floors for the opening of the new One Stop Shop, are among the list of items that need attention. The One Stop Shop will house permitting, inspections and planning in one location with the necessary advanced technology to make it easier for the establishment of businesses in the community.

The FY 2020 budget is also comprised of extra funding for programs implemented by the city’s neighborhood associations. Additional funding of $50,000 will be utilized for grants of up to $2,500 for landscaping and gateway signage. The expansion of neighborhood events is also a reason for the added dollars.

For the complete FY 2020 budget, visit The budget is included on the homepage under news and on the Budget Office webpage.



Rocky Mount was incorporated as a town in 1867. However, the city had its beginning in the early part of the 19th century. It centered around the first post office which was established at the Falls of the Tar River on March 22, 1816.

Rocky Mount NC – Annual banquet to recognize student, employee and employer

Rocky Mount, N.C-The Mayor’s Commission on Persons with Disabilities will award a college scholarship to a deserving student in addition to recognizing an Employee and Employer of the Year at its annual banquet at 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 6 in the Booker T. Theater.

The Curtis Dew, Jr. Advance Educational Studies Scholarship of $300 will be awarded to a graduating high school student with a disability who will be attending college in the fall.

During the academic year, the Human Relations Department, in conjunction with The Bowling Center of Rocky Mount and the North Carolina Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, held a bowling night fundraiser for the scholarship.  

“The banquet highlights and recognizes many in our community that often do the work, make the grades or provide opportunities but go unrecognized or unrewarded,” said Jeffery Walston, Human Relations specialist with the city of Rocky Mount. “This event shows everyone that we are all the same regardless of the difficulties or obstacles we’ve overcome.” 

For more information, please call the Human Relations Department at 252-972-1181.

City Council to consider repairs – Rocky Mount Telegram

Staff Writer

Saturday, April 20, 2019

The Rocky Mount City Council is set to discuss roof repairs among other topics Monday afternoon.

The council is scheduled to hold a public hearing relative to application to the Local Government Commission for approval of an installment purchase contract for fiscal year 2019 construction projects.

The city is seeking arrangement with PNC Bank, National Association for $833,000 with a fixed interest rate of 2.36 percent for a 59-month term; $1.2 million with a fixed interest rate of 2.96 percent for a 59-month term; and $1 million with a fixed interest rate of 2.60 percent for an 84-month term with a total cost of $3.1 million.

The planned work includes: (Read more)

City emails shine light on secrets – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Anyone know that governmental emails, emails in the workplace and other are subject to be released if questions arise. Now this is just ignant to have these conversations via email. I will continue to wait to see how it all unfolds.

Rocky Mount officials are mum on city manager emails about withholding information from the press, secret money, replacing federal paperwork, relief that auditors didn’t find certain files and more.

“The Auditor pulled that file and thankfully he did not pull others!! It probably would have been worse!!!” City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney states in an Aug. 12 email to a city staff member.

That email is a sampling of hundreds of electronic communications the Telegram has compiled over the past several weeks. The emails were obtained via public record requests with inquires about the subject matter made last week.

City officials declined to answer any of the questions, with Tameka Kenan-Norman, the city’s chief communications officer, citing an ongoing investigation as to the reason why no answers were provided.

“A majority of your questions address those areas currently being investigated. We will not provide comment while the investigation is underway,” Kenan-Norman said via email Friday afternoon.

She didn’t specify which investigation to which she is referring.

Mayor David Combs called for a law firm to conduct an independent investigation into alleged malfeasance at City Hall. Simultaneously, the Office of the State Auditor is probing the same areas by serving subpoenas and interviewing past and present city employees. (Read more)

See How Lindell John Kay Lies in this Article “City panel reaches out to Latinos”


Click on photo to watch video

See how the narrative was created in this article: “City panel reaches out to Latinos” by Lindell John Kay.

First of all it is funny how Lindell Kay attended his 2nd meeting ever of the Rocky Mount HRC simply because he was carrying out a member Attorney Steve Stevenson lead to attempt to discredit me.

During the March meeting the Latino community met with us and we had a great dialogue. This was Lindell Kay’s first meeting. We basically talked about what they wanted during the March meeting but Lindell Kay came to the meeting to focus on my appointment.

Lindell Kay said, “Latinos expressed apprehension when seeking help from police, Jones said, adding the commission could help by holding meetings in Latino neighborhoods to help them seek resources in the community.”

The following is why Steve Stevenson has a problem with me. Commissioner Steve Stevenson said the commission can’t ignore the fact that some of the members of the Latino community are undocumented. “Undocumented keeps coming up, that’s a fear factor right there,” Commissioner Curmilus Dancy said. As far as reaching out to the Latino community, the commission needs to let that community say how it wants to be approached. Dancy said he’s working to expand the commission. I be questioning Steve’s motives and he can’t take it.

Dancy said a police representative should be in attendance at the meetings whenever issues involving law enforcement are discussed.

I don’t know where the following came from but this is a familiar statement by some folk, “Wells said the commissioners can’t forget about the work in between meetings.

“Anybody who knows me knows there’s not a racist bone in my body,” Wells said. “Some of my best friends are black.”

The following is a lie because I was never asked to step down. Dancy — who was asked by the City Council to step down because he isn’t a resident of the city — said he feels like the commission failed him. He said he’s always been above board at meetings and a team player, but now that he’s off the commission people will hear from him.

“I don’t bother people until they come after me,” Dancy said.

Dancy said the Telegram has told lies about him. He said he had to call WHIG-TV during his lunch break at Honeywell to clear it up.

Again another lie because I didn’t say I called on my lunch break, I called during my morning break. I go to lunch around noon and the morning show is on from 7 am – 9 am if I am correct. So what was the purpose of naming where I work? That is because the motive has been to go after my job. You see this is why folk don’t get involved with politics because they will come after you.

The following is another lie coming from Lindell Kay, “The commission held a small party for Dancy after the meeting.”

As I continue to say my videos don’t lie but Lindell Kay hasss a problem when I say he lie, lie, lie.

Council OKs Douglas block buyout – Rocky Mount Telegram

In order to gain complete control of the Douglas Block, the Rocky Mount City Council agreed to pay nearly half a million dollars to the Rocky Mount Edgecombe Communtiy Development Corp.

City Attorney Jep Rose announced the settlement during Monday’s City Council meeting. The agreement reached in 2017 stretches to 2020 with annual payments totaling more than $400,000.

Rose said the city and the CDC in 2009 entered into a complex structure to receive tax credits in order to redevelop the Douglas Block. When it came time to undue the structure, the city and the CDC disagreed on who should own the Douglas Block even though the CDC was in possession of related documents.

The city and the CDC reached a settlement with aid of an arbiter. Under the agreement: (Read more)

Politics – It Is Obvious These Folk That Have A Problem With Me Don’t Know Me

Obviously these folk don’t know me because I been doing what I do since the late 80’s. So don’t think I just started today just because you just came on the scene today.

These ignants trying to make it appear as I am a racist, something I can not be per the definition so they need to go somewhere and sit the the hell down.

As it relates to Rocky Mount, just most recent I challenged the process of the council when Richard Joyner was appointed to the council. The last damn time I checked and talked to him which was tonight, he was a black man.

I have challenged the Edgecombe County Democratic Party past chairs and Roosevelt Higgs, Lawrence Taylor and now Roosevelt Higgs again.

I have challenged many black candidates over the years.

I have challenged white candidates as well.

So tell me how in the hell can you say I am some type of way about black/white politics?

What you will not be able to say is that I kiss black, brown, white or anybody ass because I can think for myself unlike some folk who are pushing other folk agenda.

I am pushing the agenda I was pushing before the Andre Knights and some other black folk that I support came on the scene. You better recognize and understand that it is the title and not totally the person because if those whom I support now was to leave the office, trust me I am going to fight for someone else that I feel will best represent.

If folk think they are going to get on the internet and talk about me, telling lies on me and folk around me that I support and I not say anything, I ain’t the one.

Now Run & Tell That Part!

Rocky Mount NC – Video/Photos: Affordable Housing Tarboro Street Presentation by Development Finance Initiative (DFI) At The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Government

See what Gloria Wiggins Hicks, Stepheny Forgue Houghtlin and Lige Daughtridge along with some others had to say at this meeting. It is sad that some folk came to talk about the Event Center and some other. I have a serious problem with this because these are grown folk that are suppose to be intelligent but they went off script. Time was wasted while they talking about their own agenda. Some trying to speak for other folk.

Funny as hell Lige talked about the Crossing at 64 but where were these folk when Andre was trying to get Sheets to locate at the Crossing but nope Nash County has 2 Sheets.

Damn they talk about downtown not thriving but then they don’t want to see anything go there that this council bring to the table.

Last week A.B. Whitley talked about putting a damn fence around the housing if they put some downtown.

So Stepheny Forgue Houghtlin (Mainstreet Rocky Mount Blog) and Lige Daughtridge Community Council Facebook Page also announced running for a seat on the Rocky Mount Council, Linda Gilbert Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Facebook Page, WHIG-TV and some others are working hard trying to discredit Andre Knight with their lies. The sad part is some black folk think what these folk are saying is true.

Folk you better research these white folk who are trying to choose who represent you. You better see what is in it for you but the main thing is what is in it for them. The answer is Control & Power for them.

Click On Photo To Watch Video

Click On Photo To View More Photos (Stepheny Forgue Houghtlin)

Click On Photo To View More Photos (Lige Daughtridge)

Rocky Mount NC: Pipeline on tap for city – Rocky Mount Telegram

Rocky Mount officials will hear from Dominion North Carolina Power representatives Tuesday about the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which tentatively includes a 30 mile stretch through Nash County.

A special Committee of the Whole meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. to discuss the proposed 550-mile long natural gas pipeline between West Virginia and Robeson County, N.C. If approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the $4.5 billion venture is expected to create 738 jobs in North Carolina during construction – scheduled for 2017 and 2018 – and 52 permanent jobs.

Officials said the final route of the pipeline has not been selected but Dominion is conducting surveys of properties – including 93 percent of the proposed 242 Nash County properties. Once the surveys are complete, Dominion will consider landowner input along with an assessment of environmental, historic and cultural impacts of the pipeline.

At the 7 p.m. council meeting, a local resident will be recognized for his heroic acts on Sept. 6 in saving the life of a driver whose car had become submerged in a creek. (Source: Read more)

City leaders to discuss event center – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: I can’t wait to so how this discussion turns out but most of all can’t wait to read the ignant racist comments and other comments from black folks who support the ignant racist comments.

Rocky Mount officials have a full agenda planned for Monday afternoon’s Committee of the Whole meeting, which will include discussions about various economic development projects such as the proposed downtown event center.

The meeting will kick off at 2 p.m. with a presentation by ElectriCities Executive Director Graham Edwards about an agreement for Duke Energy to purchase the N.C Eastern Municipal Power Agency’s ownership in five electricity generating plants, which represent approximately 700 megawatts of capacity. If approved by the N.C. Utilities Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Duke would pay $1.2 billion for the ownership interest in the plants, fuel inventories and spare parts while entering into a 30-year wholesale power supply agreement to meet the needs of residents in 32 cities across Eastern North Carolina. Edwards will update officials about the progress of the acquisition. (Source: Read more)

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Event Center Rocky Mount NC

Rocky Mount NC: Obama’s federal initiative begins in Rocky Mount – Wilson Times

David Glasgow has joined the city of Rocky Mount as team lead for the White House Council on Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) Initiative.

In January, it was announced that Rocky Mount was among seven, out of more than 90, cities to benefit from the second round of President Barack Obama’s innovative and flexible economic development program. SC2, originally created in 2011, is designed to strengthen local capacity and coordinate federal investments to spark growth in economically distressed communities.

Glasgow comes to the program from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and has many years of experience in economic and community development. He will work in City Hall for up to 24 months coordinating a team of 20 key staff from the many federal agencies that work with local governments, nonprofits and the private industry to “grow jobs and improve the quality of life in the region.” (Source: Read more)

Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount Facebook Page Has Blocked Me From Commenting


Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II NAACP NC State President/National Board Member & Rev. Andre Knight Mayor Pro-tem Rocky Mount City Council/President Rocky Mount NAACP during the NAACP State Convention held in Rocky Mount NC October 10 –13, 2013.

I love it when the RACIST WHITE FOLKS in Rocky Mount NC want to attempt to silence black folks. Hell I ain’t mad with Fighting Crime In Rocky Mount Facebook Page about the petition to attempt asking for Rev. Andre Knight Mayor Pro-tem Rocky Mount City Council/President NAACP to resign or be removed from the city council. I just don’t like to see folks mislead folks and to think that they can remove him is just too ignant and he damn sure ain’t going to resign for speaking truth to power.

It is sad FCIRM have taken this route pushing WHIG-TV Racist Morning Show agenda but good luck to them.

Some folks have contacted me over the past several months asking me about the Fighting Crime In Rocky Mount Facebook Page and gave them the link to get to the page.

When I first discovered the page I did some research on it to see what kind of affiliation it had with law enforcement. What I can tell you is anyone who has a scanner and want to get the pictures of the criminals offline can do the same thing FCIRM does. I like it because I may learn some things that I may not already know because I don’t don’t take the time to research some things and a page like this can be a great resource. This is what I hear about my page. Some folks told me they follow my blog because they can go there and see what is going on articles from both the local newspapers Tarboro Daily Southerner and Rocky Mount Telegram. I pay to read the Telegram and The Wilson Times They say otherwise they would read those papers. Well I know people don’t have time to research things so I spend countless hours doing such and sharing it with others.

I have been responding to some of the ignant posts on Fighting Crime In Rocky Mount Facebook Page and WHIG-TV and last night I see FCIRM has blocked me from being able to comment on their page after I responded to Melissa Williamson who posted about my blog on FCIRM saying that it was about black and white and I need to get over race. Oh hell no I ain’t the one she nor anyone tell me what the hell to talk about on my blog. So it is okay for white folks to have an opinion but not the black man. Oh hell no.

I also responded to a male who talked about FCIRM working well with law enforcement. I stated I have a scanner and I can do the same thing so does that make me working with law enforcement? You see this is a prime example of how RACIST WHITE FOLKS do not want the truth to be made known. You see I ain’t ignant to what is going on around me nor is Rev. Andre Knight because he will put the truth out there knowing that he will be attacked by RACIST WOLVES.

Folks I love it when folks stand up for what they believe in but I don’t give a damn who you are black, brown, white and other I will not allow you to mislead folks and attempt to discredit black folks.

Folks act as if the conversation about the Event Center was at the city council meeting on Monday night when Lige Daughtridge President The Community Council (the messenger) came to address the Rocky Mount City Council about an issue that was not going to be discussed on the agenda for the evening. Daughtridge had written a letter to the Rocky Mount Telegram with the group concerns a couple of days before the meeting. There has been other conversation especially on WHIG-TV  for almost a month so the conversation didn’t just begin on Monday evening.

I know the history of Rocky Mount so I know what the problem is. There have been a group of folks who have had a problem with Rev. Andre Knight every since he has been on the council because they challenged his residency and lost. They have a problem saying it is a conflict of interest because he is President of the NAACP but most of all he is outspoken and RACIST WHITE FOLKS can’t stand it.

Folks sign the petition but just know that it is a waste and irrelevant because Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight was elected by the people in Ward 2 and unless they vote him out during the next election or he does not run they he will represent. However if he was to become a felon and/or move out of Ward 2 then he would have to come off the council. All I am saying is don’t mislead folks making them think that ya’ll are on to something because you ain’t.

I am Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator and also called The Watch Dog of the East.

“I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!”

Now Run and Tell That!

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