Rocky Mount Special Cs Requested Audit To Be Done On Targeted Black Elected Officials Because They Want To Take Back The City

The Special Cs in Rocky Mount has been mad every since the city council became a Black Majority and then when more Blacks were put in leadership roles. Rocky Mount has a Black majority council, Black city manager, Black police chief, Black fire chief and Black department heads. But there are some Ignant Safe Black Folk who team up with the Special Cs as well.

Special Cs mission since 2003 has been to take back the city. Take back the city is actually talking about taking back the POWER!

So 213 complaints were filed against Black Elected Officials Rev. Andre Knight, Rev. Reuben Blackwell and Rochelle Small-Toney City Manager.

It is stated that, “In addition, several allegations outside of OSA’s authority were referred to the appropriate state agencies and legal authorities.” So I am going to see how the state agencies and legal authorities respond.

Why is the name of the council member not listed in the audit report? So why is Andre Knight name been attached to this? I am just asking because I don’t see it it the report but I have seen the Special Cs talk about this over the years. I have no proof so I can only go by what is in the report and what Knight says.

Who are the downtown managers?

I can tell who the city manager is.


• Multiple City officials prevented the Business Services Center from attempting to collect $47,704 in utility bills owed by a City council member.
• Multiple Downtown Development Managers failed to follow program guidelines resulting in $32,452 of uncollected loans and $28,000 of improperly awarded funds.
• The Engineering Division’s non-compliance with the City’s Code of Ordinances could cost the City $31,000.
• The City Manager failed to comply with the City’s travel policy resulting in $1,575 in unallowable travel expenses.

• The Business Services Center should be permitted to follow its Customer Service Policy without intervention from other City officials.
• The Assistant City Manager should enhance program oversight and monitoring activities to ensure recipients adhere to program guidelines.
• The Director of Engineering should ensure the City complies with its Code of Ordinances requirements regarding performance bonds and letters of credit.
• The City Manager should comply with the City’s established policies related to travel.

Key findings and recommendations are not inclusive of all findings and recommendations in the report.

Wow! This investigation required 4,058 hours at an approximate cost of $421,284.

I am so glad I can think, read and comprehend things for myself however I have no problem with asking questions when it is things that I do not understand.

I can only go by the facts presented before me in responding to the audit. How in the hell can someone accuse Andre Knight being the councilman when the audit does not name anyone?

What I see is findings from the City and the recommendations from the State Auditor’s office so if I am correct that is what happens findings and recommendations. I see where the City has put corrective actions in place.

Special Cs Keith Harris former Rocky Mount Fire Chief, Jerry Fisher who used to be on WHIG-TV Morning Show along with deceased Mark Bowling who attacked Knight daily years ago, Clint Williams formerly on WHIG-TV, Lige Daughtridge Rocky Mount Councilman & Founder Community Council, WHIG-TV, Robbie Davis Nash County Commissioners Chair, Fighting Crime, Tales of an Educated Debutante and the Special Cs that have attended the Rocky Mount City Council meetings trying to discredit these Black leaders. Oh somebody said the Feds were coming to lock up folk especially Keith Harris who took a photo that he was on Jones Street visiting Beth’s office. Definitely can’t leave out Lindell John Kay former Reporter Rocky Mount Telegram who was writing about the Black leaders almost daily after consulting with the Special Cs and making their voices heard. Lindell is now a Reporter for the Spring Hope Enterprise paper owned by the Wilson Daily Times.

It appears that Beth Woods is mad because the City released the response to the draft audit before they did. One would think that it was illegal for the City to put the audit out 1st but I do not believe it was illegal. She said no one has ever reported before the audit came out so does that make it illegal?

So why is the other millions of dollars in the audit not reported on such as folk living on the reservoir refusing to pay fees along with other write-offs? I understand there are others who have had payment arrangements but included.

I find it strange that the Nash County Republican Party is requesting the Edgecombe County Democratic Party to ask that Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell to resign but why in the hell have they not asked that Senator Richard Burr Republican NC resign his post as it relates Burr’s alleged conflicts extend beyond his coronavirus-related stock trades. I don’t recall Edgecombe County Democratic Party asking them to ask Burr to resign.

I have been actively engaged in Rocky Mount Politics since the late 80’s before Blackwell was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Donald Armstrong who transitioned. Knight didn’t get elected until 2003.

I remember it so clearly that during a our group Common Ground meeting at a Caucasian church that a Caucasian member of our group said that the Caucasians said they were going to move out of the city limits.

Special Cs have been mad about the Event Center being located on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount.

Knight sought to be elected to the council when he purchased the prestigious big house formerly owned by Wimberley Gregory house on Falls Road to make it an adult daycare center. The planning board voted against it. Knight was employed as the GED Teacher at Edgecombe Community College and he was given an evaluation twice in less than a year. I told him they were going to fire him because he was speaking out against the city and at that time he along with the NAACP spoke out against them becoming an All American City.

Knight later became the President of the Rocky Mount NAACP and that made the Special Cs even madder saying it was a conflict of interest for him to serve as a councilmember and be President of the NAACP.

I want to end by saying anybody that know me know that I call out Black, Caucasians and other folk. I am for justice no matter who it is for or against. I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest.

Read Entire Audit Report

City of Rocky Mount

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Curmilus Butch Dancy II 

Pinetops, NC

Nash GOP calls on Knight, Blackwell to resign Rocky Mount City Council seats

By Lindell J. Kay | | 252-265-8117

NASHVILLE — The Nash County Republican Party is calling on its Democratic counterparts to seek the resignation of two Rocky Mount city councilmen in the aftermath of a critical state report detailing city hall malfeasance.

“Given the information in the state auditor’s report, it is clear that time has now come for the Nash County Democratic Party, the Edgecombe County Democratic Party, the N.C. Democratic Party, Gov. Roy Cooper, Sen. Toby Fitch, Rep. Shelly Willingham and Rep. James Gailliard to call on their fellow Democrats, Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell, to resign their seats on the Rocky Mount City Council immediately,” Nash GOP Chairman Mark Edwards said in a Friday afternoon news release.

The report issued by N.C. State Auditor Beth Wood includes information on city officials writing off nearly $50,000 in unpaid utility bills for Knight and inappropriate grants and unpaid loans for the Opportunities Industrialization Center, a nonprofit organization headed by Blackwell. (Read more)

Steak, lobster, credit and free utilities: Audit says Rocky Mount misused taxpayer funds

By Lindell J. Kay | | 252-265-8117

ROCKY MOUNT — A scathing state audit report released Friday paints a picture of officials who used City Hall as their personal ATM while bilking taxpayers of thousands of dollars.

The report issued by N.C. State Auditor Beth Wood includes information on a councilman with nearly $50,000 in unpaid utility bills, a city manager who ate lobster and steak on the city’s dime, a former mayor who owes $30,000 in subdivision engineering costs and another councilman’s organization that received inappropriate grant funding and didn’t repay loans.

Rocky Mount City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney failed to comply with city travel policies. Unallowable expenses included meals for city council members’ spouses with the costs for each meal far exceeding the allowable per diem rate. Specifically, Small-Toney used the city’s credit card to charge an average of $95.40 per person for one meal and $50.69 per person for the other meal instead of the allowable $21 per diem dinner rate. (Read more)

Rocky Mount Mayor Sandy Roberson Reacts to N.C. State Auditor’s Findings


For Immediate Release

May 15, 2020

Media Contact:  Cary Cox, 252.955.0819

Rocky Mount Mayor Sandy Roberson Reacts to N.C. State Auditor’s Findings

– Auditor focused on fraud, waste and abuse allegations –

imageRocky Mount, N.C.— The N.C. Office of the State Auditor released its findings today after an audit of the City of Rocky Mount’s finances started more than a year ago following a number of citizen complaints concerning misconduct by elected officials and employees of the City.

In general, the audit outlines several key components:

  • A City Council member received utility services for more than $47,000 from the City of Rocky Mount that were never paid for and ultimately written off.
  • The City failed to adequately manage funds and programs by failing to collect more than $32,000 in loans and improperly awarding $28,000 to ineligible recipients.
  • The City must pay $31,000 for allowing a development bond to expire.
  • The City Manager violated the City’s travel and reimbursement policy by exceeding allowed per diem by almost $1,600.
  • The City of Rocky Mount failed to designate an American with Disabilities Act Coordinator as required by Federal Law.

“The majority of the City Council have responded that they question the validity of these numbers and do not believe this audit was performed to the highest standards by the N.C. State Auditor,” says Mayor Sandy Roberson. “Furthermore, they believe that this was a targeted audit aimed at black leadership of our community.”

He continued to express his embarrassment at the allegations against Rocky Mount and his support of the N.C. Office of the State Auditor’s extensive experience and adequate resources to produce a report it has enough confidence in to release publicly.

“While I am thankful the total amount in question of $151,000 represents a small fraction of money relative to the annual budget of the City and that these items extend well back in time,” Roberson continues, “it’s still a lot of money in a poor city where the median household income is only $37,400 and a third of our citizens are living in poverty. Choosing between paying their bills or eating is a problem that real people here face.”

Rocky Mount is the 19th largest city in N.C. with a population 64% African American and 30% White. Situated halfway between N.Y. and Fla. and at the intersection of I-95 and I-64, Rocky Mount is positioning itself as a gateway for eastern N.C. as it redevelops its downtown attracting entrepreneurs and is beginning to land larger employers attracted to the location for its amenities and available undeveloped land.

“As an elected official working to strengthen this City, I believe those of us chosen by the citizens of Rocky Mount to lead their government should be held to a higher standard of ethics and integrity,” adds Roberson.

Regardless of one’s perspective on this matter, Roberson believes the NC Auditor’s report and the City’s response identifies the following needs:

  1. There exists a tremendous mistrust of the City government by a large segment of our population that complained at levels to generate a State Audit.
  2. The City has failed to provide adequate internal audit processes that would allow it to defend its position with confidence and factual evidence.
  3. Governance in Rocky Mount has for far too long dealt in a perceived secrecy and behind closed doors process.

Mayor Roberson proposes to address each of these issues together as a community by demanding change and transparency at every level, including:

  1. Televising City Council meetings.
  2. Providing an internal audit process complete with continuous quality improvement (CQI) processes that are disclosed to the public and that seek to provide efficient and effective government.
  3. Designating the Internal Audit and CQI processes answer to the Mayor.
  4. Having every member of the City Council, the Mayor and City Manager and City Assistant Managers sign an ethics contract with the City and provide a Statement of Economic Interest.
  5. Posting every dealing with the City that may have a perceived conflict of interest on the City’s website for public viewing with the explanation of why it is not a conflict.
  6. Commissioning an independent forensic audit completed this fiscal year, since some have denied the NC Auditor’s work product, and have this audit refreshed every year going forward.

In addition, Mayor Roberson reminds the residents of Rocky Mount that they have the following rights:

  1. Call your City Councilperson, the City Manager or any other elected official to voice your opinion about the audit’s findings.
  • Andre Knight (252) 443-1619
  • Reuben C. Blackwell, IV (252) 212-3480
  • Richard Joyner (252) 883-9460
  • T.J. Walker (252) 567-1044
  • Lige Daughtridge (252) 210-4210
  • W.B. Bullock (252) 443-6465
  • Chris Carroll Miller (252) 977-1438
  • Mayor Sandy Roberson (252) 972-1130
  1. If you think fraud occurred or a law was broken, citizens should call Local District Attorney (252) 212-3110 or the US Attorney (919) 856-4530 or the N.C. Attorney General Josh Stein at (919) 716-6400 to urge them to prosecute.

“It is time that everyone in Rocky Mount—and I mean everyone—has a voice in how this City moves forward together,” adds Roberson. “Let your opinion be heard. It is time for a change on how the City does business. I believe we can get through this tough time stronger as a community, as One Rocky Mount.”

About Mayor Sandy Roberson

Elected on the strength of his leadership supporting safer neighborhoods, economic development and job creation, stronger schools, workforce development and the community working together as One Rocky Mount, Mayor Sandy Roberson continues to focus on these issues in his first months of office. Drawing together a group of diverse community leaders from all sectors of Rocky Mount, Mayor Roberson initiated a Transition Team to work with him to research these critical issues, develop policies and create action plans to present to the City Council to engage and strengthen Rocky Mount. For more information, please visit

Social media’s impact on local politics increases – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens and Fighting Crime played a hell of a role in the election. They put mess out there and then when you respond to their ignant mess they block folk from posting trues. But since they have promoted the mess it will be up to the new Mayor Sandy Roberson and new councilman Lige Daughtridge.

A new Rocky Mount mayor was installed last week and some members of the Rocky Mount City Council changed after a heated election where positions often were debated on local social media sites.

Social media is affecting the way elections are run now more than ever, said Jason W. Buel, assistant professor and program coordinator of communication at N.C. Wesleyan College.

“Social media is affecting the way we choose leaders in a major way,” Buel said in a recent email interview. “That influence is growing at a startling rate that makes it impossible for public policy to keep up — and quite frankly, difficult even for scholars to keep up.”

I found the following to be very, very interesting.

These videos, and many other pictures, comments, jibes and barbs, were shared on pages such as the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Facebook page, Fighting Crime and many other personal pages as local residents engaged in lively — and often bitter — debates about the positions and characters of local candidates. (Read more)

Sandy Roberson Mayor Elect Rocky Mount NC Facebook Page Is Interesting!

Johnny Cunningham this is too damn funny!

These Special Cs are funny to me. Hell they are the ones that have been raising all the hell since December as they were gearing up for the October Election.

They are the ones who started the WSBS Movement and since they couldn’t remove Pastors Andre Knight and Rev. Richard Joyner they don’t know what to do.

Yes Sandy Claus is the new Mayor but he has no power. Maybe by the time they come up with what Transition mean and realize what the role of the mayor is they will come to they will see their WSBS Movement is just that BS!

Now this and other comments on Sandy Roberson page just tickles the hell out of me.

Nancy Oakley Rackley The winds of change are already caressing our City. There seems to be peace settling over our City. Prayers for you and your administration. – They are the ones who have been keeping all the noise but when Black Folk respond to their WSBS they play VICTIM.

Mary P Wells Thanks for keeping us informed I know you’ll do a good job I pulling City back together – Sure would love for this Democrat to explain more in detail what she mean right here.

Mildred Milly Lawrence-Newson Thanks for your transparency and first hand information. – Damn the man has not been sworn in yet and talking about thanks for his transparency. GTHOH!

Randy Adcox Thank you Sandy! There’s an awful lot of good people in this city who’re pulling for you and praying for you to succeed! Stay focused on the task at hand, and feel free to ask for help from us, if there’s anything we can do to help you turn this city around.
#ItsANewDayinRM! – Dude right here is just ignant! He do not live in the city but have a problem because I do not. White Privilege!


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Rocky Mount NC – See Presentation Made To The Rocky Mount City Council For The Great Works They Have Done While Ignant Comments Come During Public Comments

Maybe I missed this report in the Rocky Mount Telegram. City of Rocky Mount recognized again for their Great Works but all Bill West Reporter and the Special Cs have been talking about this week is how Reuben Blackwell checked Warren Daughtridge LoveRockyMount founder ass when he came to attack Blackwell’s son Cooper Blackwell. But damn this presentation was a good thing and everyone benefitted. But you see they don’t want to talk about them trues. But they talking about Unity, Unity may black ass because they need to be talking about Division. My videos don’t lie. Donations are welcome because I will bring you the whole trues. Support The DCN News Blog Online TV.
Click On Photo To See Presentation

So Special Cs Over At WHIG-TV Feel Reuben Blackwell Should Not Have Responded To Warren Daughtridge LoveRockyMount Founder, Really!

Tell me them Special Cs over at WHIG-TV this morning said Reuben Blackwell should not have responded to Warren Daughtridge LoveRockyMount founder. Really!

So they think they can say what they want and Black Folk suppose to accept it. Oh hell no!

Click On Photo To Watch The Video


Rocky Mount NC – Councilman Reuben Blackwell Checked Warren Daughtridge Founder LoveRockyMount Ass Who Talked About Blackwell’s Son During Meeting

It is a damn shame that this Special C smart ass had the audacity to come to the meeting to go after Councilman Reuben Blackwell about something his 24 year old son Cooper Blackwell said on Warren Daughtridge’s Social Media page LoveRockyMount. Cooper called Warren and some other Special Cs out. What the Special Cs have a problem with is that they think that White Privilege is the order of the day when it comes to communicating directly and indirectly with Black Folk thinking that we ain’t suppose to respond. When we respond they think play victim. Well these Special Cs better recognize and understand that we ain’t the one. It is obvious that these Special Cs are in denial, don’t give a damn or just ignant to the fact that some Black Folk ain’t going to allow them to promote their WSBS and we are going to be silent. Oh hell no! Some Special Cs have been attacking Black Leadership faithfully since the council became a Black Majority in 2003. Check out the timeline how them asses been in the attack mode since December 2018 as they began gearing up to unseat Councilmen Andre Knight and Richard Joyner in the October Election. Visit Timeline: Rocky Mount City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney Under Fire Via Rocky Mount Telegram and read about it for yourself. However my videos don’t lie and you can watch them as well on Youtube.

Click On Photo To View More Photos

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I Find The Following Information On Sandy Roberson Mayor Elect Page To Be Quite Damn Interesting!


I agree, “The election is over, and now it is time for our city to come together – unified in an effort to lift up our city.” So just because you have become Mayor folk suppose to just automatically unite? Really!

You say, “During the past two weeks, I have met with the City Manager, I have attended the committee work meeting and the regular session of City Council.” I don’t know anything about you meeting with the City Manager but damn don’t she have a name? You talking about uniting but you don’t even have the damn audacity to call the Intelligent Black Qualified and Bonified Experienced Female name.

Obviously my videos do lie after I have been saying all of this time my videos don’t lie. I captured you and Kevin Jones at the Committee of the Whole Meeting but I did not see you and Kevin come into the regular session of the City Council Meeting.

You say, “I am working through the financials and have received the latest independent, third party audit report of the city’s budget.” Hell that is public information any damn body can get that and they don’t have to be the mayor.

You say, “Kevin Jones and I have been working on the top two, major citizen-led, working groups that I will be appointing in December: The Schools & Jobs Task Force and the Safe Neighborhoods Advisory Committee.” Damn I can’t wait to see how that will play out. Much success.

We will be making those appointments during our first session and putting these citizen-led committees to work – providing valuable input and insight into the major issues facing our city.

So help me understand so these appointments will be newly created appointments to be added to the already appointments made by the council?

Finally, I have been holding a number of meetings with county commissioners, administrators and our DOT Commissioner to get a working relationship and understanding of the many issues ongoing at City Hall.

Wow! Damn sure would love to hear about those findings the many ongoing issues at City Hall. Would love to see what those folk have to say because I am trying to figure out what role they play in what goes on at City Hall.

Damn me being an ignant ass involved political activist I am am missing something. You say you wanted to give inside information on what you all are doing and how you are progressing. Well damn I am not reading any information and damn sure can’t see any progress.

As a political and community activist, 2nd Vice President of the Rocky Mount NAACP and a member of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee I represent folk from these areas along with family and friends whom also allow me to speak for them.

I am Curmilus Butch Dancy II The Political Agitator

City to compensate workers fired during strike – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: This is good right here. I am glad to see this council react to this wrong that was done years ago and although some may not be living to rceive it atleast the families will receive it.

The Rocky Mount City Council on Monday is scheduled to financially compensate sanitation workers who were fired but reinstated after having gone on strike in 1978.

A copy of the agenda of the council’s 4 p.m. regular meeting includes a resolution to provide an honorary restitution of $1,000 to each former employee and to each of the families of deceased former employees. (Read more)

Mayor-elect wants council meetings broadcast – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Sandy Roberson in response to your following comment, “I mean, we are allowing a local blogger to film it and put it out there online at some point,” Roberson said, a reference to activist and videographer Curmilus Dancy II. “I mean, that happens on a fairly regular basis. Oh hell no 2 things wrong with this picture. The first is where in the hell did the we come from? The second thing is nobody is allowing me to video because videoing the meeting is governed by a NC State Statue. Please make factual comments.

Mayor-elect Sandy Roberson said one of his top priorities as Rocky Mount’s chief executive is going to be to have the municipal government broadcast live the meetings of the City Council as well as meetings of the city boards and commissions.

So when this become a top priority because I don’t recall this being in your platform? But maybe I missed it. But anyway this is something that Bronson Williams has approached the city council about over the years.

“I do think it’s important,” Roberson told the Telegram. “I would like to move forward on that as quickly as possible.”

Roberson is not the only voice calling for the meetings at City Hall to be aired in real time.

Ward 5 Councilman-elect Lige Daughtridge told the Telegram he also wants to move on it as soon as possible.

I expect no other response from Lige but he has been attending the meetings and know that they have been recorded by WHIG-TV and myself along with Theresa Alston Stokes recording live regularly. Also Clint Williams has been recording live. But although Bronson and now you 2 are talking about broadcasting the meetings live, what good will that do? Hell those watching can’t interact with the council live so what’s the fuss? And then the racist comments from folk when they watch the videos and then act as if the videos are a lie by attempting to create their own narrative. For me it is embarrassing and ignant as hell to see the comments from Ignant Racist Special Cs and Ignant Safe Black Folk.

The transparency b.s. Lige talks about get the hell out of here. The official documentation of the meetings are going to be the actual minutes that are recorded by the Clerk if I am correct and I stand to be corrected.

Roberson said he would like to first familiarize himself a bit about the details of policies in existence relative to the subject matter to see what the municipal government would have to do.

Damn one would think before one speak to such an issue they would have familiarize themselves with such before speaking to it in the media. But goes to show that it does not matter because some feel it is okay to just throw out stuff.

What I am waiting on is for the new council members to get sworn in so I can see how they operate as a council member. To operate on the council on their personal agendas only not keeping in line with the actual agenda items will make no sense. So folk for right now let the new members be great with their so-called agenda but time will tell if they will be about the business of the council or their business.

Read the entire article, Mayor-elect wants council meetings broadcast.

City moves top staffers to new jobs – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Yesterday Fighting Crime did a Breaking News saying Chris Beschler was demolted. But after being called out she had to correct the post to reflect the facts. The other part to this is Sandy Roberson need to recognize and understand who runs the city. If he don’t get the message from this article then he never will. He will sit in the Closed Session (Personnel Matters and others) and will not be able to vote unless it is to break a tie. Now Transition That Part!

There has been a major change in part of the high-level administration at Rocky Mount City Hall.

Assistant City Manager Chris Beschler, who had been doubling as interim energy resources director, now is the permanent energy resources director.

Additionally, Parks and Recreation Director Elton Daniels has been named to Beschler’s now-former assistant city manager position.

The change was announced on Wednesday in a prepared statement by the city’s Communications and Marketing Department.

Daniels had been serving as parks and recreation director about 10 months prior to being elevated.

Daniels will join Assistant City Manager Natasha Hampton in the executive part of City Hall, but he is going to double as interim director of parks and recreation until a replacement is hired.

Beschler had been an assistant city manager since May 2018 and interim director of energy resources since July. Rocky Mount has a municipally owned electric and natural gas distribution system.

In the prepared statement on Wednesday, Beschler said, “I am delighted to make this transition and utilize the skills that have made many organizations successful and continue the groundwork that I have started here.” (Read more)

Rocky Mount NC – Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II & Congressman GK Butterfield Coming To Motivate To Do More!

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