Letter to Editor: Princeville Should Have Learned From Tarboro About How An Obligarchy Should Be Handled

14 JULY 2012

Letter to the Editor

Tarboro/Princeville Oligarchies


It seems Princeville should have learned from Tarboro about how a Oligarchy should be handled. It was cleaned up by its citizens! I think that even the mayor of Tarboro is considering retirement now.  Just look at the “face” of our Town Council today. It has been an amazing turn-around! Of course it was partially overseen by the Local Government Commission. They declared the present government “still intact” before they left town. Not high marks at the time, but still functional.   


The Princeville Oligarchy Letter to the Editor of 13 July 2012 is about the worst attempt at a smoke screen I have ever seen, and I witnessed a few of those in the Navy. The Princeville Oligarchy merely listed the most critical of their many missteps ! True, the present administration inherited a mess. BUT the previous administration also inherited a mess. And the administration before that! But the present administration made a campaign promise to clean everything up. The biggest promise was to get cheap water and sewer service. I heard it with my own ears. That got the present mayor re-elected. Now the Princeville Oligarchy is shutting citizens` water off forthwith !  I wonder why? 


Six of the seven “conspirators” named by the Princeville Oligarchy are, or were themselves elected officials.  If Mr. Calvin Adkins has been “conspiring” to do anything at all, he may long have been out of a job. Instead, he has high marks within the community he serves.  I saw no names of ordinary citizens from either side of the river, East Tarboro being an historic extension of Princeville. Perhaps they are 100% satisfied with the present ruling Princeville Oligarchy. Oops!  No, they are NOT exactly 100% satisfied. Not by a long shot!  Maybe the Princeville Oligarchy would be hard pressed to pick them out of the crowd.


Richard H Parker Jr    

Tarboro NC 27886-5117

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Letter to editor: First Annual Black Family Day by Richard Parker Columnist

15 September 2011

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor Smith,

The first annual Black Family Day in Tarboro will be held on September 3rd 2011.

The fifteenth annual Black Family Day in Reidsville will be held on August 27th 2011. Black Family Day reunions are held annually, in many different places. Friends and guests are invited to each event. You are welcome as always.

The Black Family Day celebration is not new, only new to Tarboro, in this area. Once you experience Black Family Day you will be looking forward to the next year and the next Black Family Day.

Black Family Day is a fitting name for our celebration on September 3rd 2011. Please come out and experience the real and symbolic beginning of the wonderful rebirth of our long lost Family way of life. If my memory serves me correctly it was lost about 400 years ago. I was born in Tarboro in 1930.

AND if I remember my 5th grade general science, the color black is the result of the absorption of all wave lengths of color, while the color white is the result of the deflection of all wave lengths of color. Of course, that in no way reflects the relationships between the races. Not that we are color blind.

Please come out and join us on the Common on September 3rd 2011, and help us celebrate Black Family Day .

Richard H Parker Jr
Tarboro NC

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Richard H. Parker Jr.

For Our Tarboro Neighbors – Neighbors Oversight for Open Government: See Conversation About The Hiring Of The New Tarboro Town Manager

While we certainly understand your valid concerns about your council’s recent hiring decision regarding a new city manager, please understand it is not, nor has it ever been our intention to pursue and/or defame anyone. Our involvement with the issues in Tarboro began with a flood of inquiries regarding our past experience with the new hire over this past weekend. (Read more)

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Tarboro NC Resident Speaks Out On Hiring Of New Town Manager

Dear Editor Smith,

Well, back to the drawing board. Mr. Thornton said he knows Sam personally. That was enough for me.

The Editor of The Daily Southerner said, in a meeting I attended, “If you don`t want it printed, then don`t say it.” When the editor quoted Thornton`s remarks on accepting the town manager position, I knew we were in trouble! Thornton`s diction was terrible! He had never served a town near the size of Tarboro, so he is, in effect, unprepared to serve Tarboro`s needs. Town Council has left it up to Thornton to hire our next Planning Director. God help us. We will be in even worse shape than we were “under” Sam ! Council`s vote for Thornton should not have been unanimous. A unanimous vote almost always indicates cronyism. Especially in cases like this! Was there nobody in our government curious enough about Thornton to roam the internet for a background check? It sounds like old Sam played a big hand in this after all. Especially with Vivian Washington playing such a big role, according to the mayor. That`s old Sam. Now we see why Town Council wanted Sam to hang around. It appears they wanted him to pick his own successor and then “train” him. He has two months now. Town Council`s “search” was a sham and a scam . They could very well have trashed all 39 applications and started over! It also appears that no one on our council talked to anyone on Southport`s council about Thornton`s performance. Or at least, made the attempt! OR, his kind may just have been what they were looking for.

One consolation, citizens of Tarboro; those in our government who have the most to gain also heaped the most praise upon Thornton. A key word here is “Electricities!”

The town council of Southport voted for Thornton`s dismissal. That alone, should be grounds for terminating his contract.

Citizens of Tarboro, unite. And vote.

Richard H. Parker Jr. 
Tarboro NC

Received May 25, 2011

Note: I don’t think this letter has been printed in the Tarboro Daily Southerner as of Friday. However I could be wrong. Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Richard H. Parker Jr.

Another Writer Letters Not Printed In The Daily Southerners Letters To Editor

Greetings Mr. Dancy,     

It was great to see your Letter to the Editor last week.    I wrote lots of `em that they would not print, but it did not stop me. I figured it was a good way to communicate, at the time.

Our President Obama started his campaign in Brazil !   He is setting the bar so high that no one will want to run against him. He can wage war and Peace at the same time and do it fabulously !  As one lady said last week, "he can walk and chew gum at the same time!"    Let us, as a race, follow his example!      

"A Bumble Bee is Aerodynamically Unsound Therefore It Can`t Fly. But The Bumble Bee
Don`t Know That !" (au)

Richard H Parker Jr
Tarboro NC 27886

Note: Yes sir I am very much familiar with your letters because you have sent several to The DCN. I appreciate you for all that you do. I wish more people of your time would address the issues that we face here in Edgecombe County but obviously they don’t know or they don’t care. Oh they know.

I too have sent many and occasionally sends one but not as I did in the past. I have a great following that reads my blog and when I post to my blog it goes to my facebook and twitter accounts. I just don’t make sending letters to the editor in this paper and the other local newspaper a priority because I am too busy. I send letters to the editor to The Wilson Times and they print just about everyone of them.

The local newspapers have been trying to silence me for years but they can’t do that because I voice my opinion in the meetings that I attend. Of you know I have my blog which goes across the nation.  C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Letter to editor – Tarboro Town Manager Noble, Three Department Heads To Retire

“Noble, three department heads to retire.” That is the headline of the Daily Southerner of 12 October 2010. I went to the town website and counted eight departments. There is no listed director for the Human Relations Department, so let us say that Sam lists himself as director of that one. If so, 50% of department heads are departing, all at once. Before I read the body of the 12 October article I checked to see if it said “see (keyword) page 5.” I had fully expected to see what the other directors had to say to the editor. You know, remarks about how good the town had been to them also, etc. . There was nothing. So, I had to try and make sense out of what the editor did publish. For a very small town a headline like that should be earthshaking but I felt nothing. I`m still trying to figure it all out, but some good possibilities come to mind.  My first thought:  It is all a coincidence. Three directors didn’t make public statements to the editor because they had obligations and were in a hurry. Second thought: Why would they all offer to stay on until August 1st 2011 and then leave council chambers so un-ceremoniously ? It seems Sam only repeated what he had said earlier about retiring soon in a previous Daily Southerner article.  Then too, these are the 3 departments Sam dealt with most often. Why didn’t Sam say something nice about them, in HIS remarks? I told Sam, not too long ago, that since he has all that power, when things go right he can claim all the credit. THEN I said when things go wrong he must take all the blame.  Question: Did something go “wrong” ?  If things did go wrong, why did our town government allow all of them to retire? I just know our town government is not going to keep them after Feb. 1st “on an interim basis.” As poor as our town is, the town council is going to allow 4 high-salaried people at once to double-dip for 7 months?  What if anything is the town council trying to cover up now?  No one is indispensible! Plus, if they had done their jobs as directors they would have trained someone in their respective departments to do their jobs, on an emergency basis. No contingency plans for the sudden departure of a director? WOW!

Perhaps we will never know the real truth, but add up the variables and the non-variables and one can come close to it. We should certainly have Qualified replacements by January 31st or one can conclude that there is still no objectivity at Town Council.

Anyway, the headline spoke volumes. What a breath of fresh air !

Plus, we have elections next year, don`t we?


Richard H Parker Jr                       

Tarboro NC

Letter to editor – Citizen Thanks Local Businesses by Richard H. Parker Jr.

18 October 2010

This Summer I had the good fortune of getting my Jeep of 22 years, painted by Eddie Hinton Auto Body.  I asked Mr. Hinton if he did other work on cars. He said no, but referred me to Norris Service Center. Today I went to Norris Service Center at Western Blvd and St. James Street.

A couple of years ago I got my Jeep serviced and inspected at Doug Henry. I was told that I needed a new brake master cylinder, afterwards.  My comment was that I did not come into the shop needing one, so the statement was shrugged off.  Sure enough, on the way home the brake peddle almost bottomed. Being an old mechanic myself, I freed the plunger in the master cylinder and it worked until this past weekend. So, I took my Jeep to Norris for service, specifically to get a new Master Cylinder. I asked them to install one. That would take some time, but I waited. From 1:40 to 4:50 PM. .  My Service Report? The Service Manager said they could find nothing wrong after checking for everything, EXCEPT that there was simply no brake fluid in the system. No leaks, it simply evaporated after 22 years.

When one takes one`s car for “Service and Lube,”  under “Service” it says “check all fluid levels”.  Obviously, not even the Jeep dealers have checked brake fluid levels.  But then, even I do not know where the brake fluid reservoir is on my Jeep, after all these years.  Norris Service Center knows where it is. I now have a “new” set of brakes without buying a master cylinder. Honesty and Know-how are the key words.  Guess where I will go to get my radiator hoses and thermostat replaced ?

Fear not. I saw everything from a `83 `Benz and Ford pickup to a 2008 Escalade come in for service. All happy customers.  Thanks, Mr. Eddie Hinton. Thanks, Norris Service Center.

Richard H Parker Jr.
Tarboro NC