An Open Letter To Van Holland Owner/Reporter Tar River Times In Re: New sheriff will be selected March 23

I had been waiting on this article because I knew you were going to do an article and not contact me just like the Lindell John Kay of the Rocky Mount Telegram did.

You started out ignant talking about, “Edgecombe County Democrats are giving themselves nearly four weeks to decide who the new Sheriff of Edgecombe County will be after James Knight retired this week. Democratic Party Chair Roosevelt Higgs said that the vote will take place March 23 at 6 p.m. at Edgecombe Community College in the Mobley Atrium.” You say Edgecombe County Democrats and then say Higgs said. Now if that ain’t about as ignant as it gets because Higgs is the one that is prolonging the process. Again this is funny as hell because I have not received anything about a meeting on March 23rd nor have any others I have talked to.

You say, Higgs said the process is going to be as fair as possible and that as many as 116 votes could be cast. Fair? When he has not given information to the candidates and other Democrats that they have requested.

The following is just as ignant as Higgs prolonging the process. You say, “Before the selection is made, the four candidates will have another opportunity to speak to elected officials and citizens on March 9 at 6 p.m. in Rocky Mount on Edgecombe Community College’s campus in the Barnes Building.” This is sponsored by the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission. I told the Democratic Women to ask the HRC if they wanted to co-host their forum and they didn’t but then set up a meeting in Rocky Mount. Hell what do the candidates need to speak to elected officials and citizens for when they will address us on March 23 when we will vote. As I stated since Higgs chair of the party, secretary of the party who is chair of the HRC and the 3rd vice chair are all members of the Human Relation Commission and their focus should be on calling a Democratic Party meeting asap so we can do the appointment. It makes no sense the staff and we as citizens of Edgecombe has to wait while Higgs play games with the process. But talking about being fair and transparent.

I find the following to be too damn ignant! You say, “Several Democratic sources said they’re having trouble with some issues, especially with a Democratic chair in a county precinct that thinks the precinct belongs to him based on several recordings that have surfaced on Youtube.” Ignant ain’t nobody said that but ignant ass Higgs. But ignant you like the dude from the Telegram ya’ll report bits and pieces of what you want to make folk believe. When Higgs left the message about he was coming to my meeting and said some folk wanted to come and that if I didn’t have my meeting on February 22nd or 23rd that he think the folk in my precinct could have a meeting.  He think? Oh hell no he knew that was a lie. I said there will be no precinct meeting until I meet and I had until the March 8th deadline. I said I was going to post the meeting time and location just like I have been doing over the years and hell no I was not going to call Higgs, that if he didn’t see the time on my social media sites and in the local newspaper then he will SOL. But what he should have done though is if he wanted to come to the meeting he should asked me or his brother my vice chair to pick him up since he didn’t show up. I knew he was not coming because I know the games he play. Just like he put his name in the hat for positions then take his name out in the last hour because he know he can’t win.

I had heard Higgs, Chief Deputy Moseley and you were suppose to come to my precinct meeting. I told them none of ya’ll lived in my precinct and you are not a Democrat anyway. I knew Higgs was not coming because he didn’t have transportation from Rocky Mount where he lives to get to my meeting in Tarboro.

I find the following to be too damn ignant, “One of those sources said she feels like the sheriff’s selection has become racial motivated and despite the source being African-American, she wants the process to be fair for all four candidates.” How in the hell has the selection been racially motivated? I would bet the person you talked to was Dr. Glenda Knight secretary of the Democratic Party and also chair of the Human Relations Commission. So how do they want the process to be fair when they have not produced the information that the candidates and some others have asked for such as the precinct chairs from the past annual precinct meetings that was either in 2014 or 2015 along with the elected officials as to how many votes the entire executive committee has.

I find the following to be too ignant, “In another voicemail, Higgs said he’s got other people from that precinct that’s called him wanting to know about the meeting.” Ain’t nobody called this ignant when all they had to was to go to my social media pages, The Tar River Times, Tarboro 27886 and The Rocky Mount Telegram and The Tarboro Telegram. I announced my meeting and those folk Higgs talking about didn’t show up.

You say, “Danny followed up using his favorite phrase calling by calling Higgs ignorant stating he can’t intimidate him like he does the ignorant white folk and ignorant safe Negros.” Hell yeah I said it and have said it over the years. I say it because I am not talking about all white folk and all black folk. I have shown Higgs time and time again that he can not intimidate me.

I can’t believe you would post the following ignant ass statement because I know you and you know me. You say, “Higgs has said all along that Dancy is trying to run the show and that he wants to be like him. “He wants to be like me so bad,” Higgs said. “He just can’t do it.” I work a real job. I do my homework always have and always will, so why would I want to be like this criminal? I don’t want to run anything and will continue to challenge Higgs about the things he do especially when it comes to policies and procedures.

If you want to do a real story why don’t you ask Higgs why he is prolonging the process trying to use the precinct meetings as an excuse. Ask him why there was no mention of Sheriff James Knight retirement in our precinct packages? Ask him why he didn’t say anything about he would be calling a special meeting so that the executive committee could select a candidate to fill the unexpired term of Knight. But he talking about being fair? Really? This crook don’t know anything about being fair and his record validates such.

What Lindell John Kay reporter from the Rocky Mount Telegram and yourself have done is validate what I have been saying about the process all along that Higgs is playing games. To that degree I say thank you.

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Open Letter To Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Since You Called Folk Saying I Was Trying To Find Something On The Candidates This Was More Interesting

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs since you like to play games you called me on Tuesday and left the following message: Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Says He Heard I Was Trying To Dig Up Dirt On Atkinson and Others Voicemail #6 . You also called some folk telling them the same thing you left on my voicemail. Dude I heard a couple of weeks ago that you were out trying to discredit Atkinson and now telling folk I was. Well ignant I endorsed Atkinson the night of the Democratic Women’s Sheriff Forum. I have no reason to try to dig up any dirt on him or any of the candidates. I have stated why I support Atkinson and why I could not support the other candidates so I am past that and waiting on you to call the meeting so we can vote.

I didn’t need to dig up any dirt on you because I already knew you. But someone shared the following NC Department of Corrections with me and I found it to be very, very interesting.

It is sad when I have to deal with folk who try to discredit me simply because I say I am going to hold them accountable and ask they hold me accountable. It don’t work one way for me because I am going to hold up my end. It is up to others to hold up their end.

Higgs stop getting mad with me because I have challenged you over the years and will continue to challenge you. I will not allow you to manipulate the processes and procedures simply because so many do not read The Plan of Organization. You know I do my homework and will call you out. Others know I will call you out because they will contact me because they know I be on top of things.

Higgs I will not allow you nor anyone to intentionally mislead folk. You ain’t totally ignant you just act like it.

I am requesting that you remove yourself from the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission and the Edgecombe County Democratic Party as the county chair.

Thanking you in advance.


Open Letter To Lindell John Kay Reporter Rocky Mount Telegram In Re: Dems spar over sheriff pick

First of all my blog and all of my social media pages like Youtube are all public and noone has to be my friend to read my stuff. But to me if anyone was going to do a newspaper article on my social media pages one would think they would contact me first. Damn but you think this is professional to write an article include me and do not contact me for clarity. I see that being ignance at its best.

I do not consider myself as a top Democrat I am just a precinct chair. What I do consider myself is a voice for those who allow me to speak for them. And I am representing folk who have constantly contacted me about the Sheriff Appointment process how Rev. Roosevelt Higgs is trying to manipulate the process but saying he is trying to be fair and transparent. What a damn lie because if that was the case why has he not given the candidates and others who have asked for information pertaining to the appointment? He nor the secretary has provided the information.

You started your ignant ass article off by making it seem as if I contacted Higgs first and I did not. I responded to him after each message that he has left me which is up to 6 as of February 28.

This damn article has so many damn flaws it makes no sense but you did it to try to discredit me because you wrote half trues. You said, “Dancy posted that Higgs can’t intimidate him like he does “ignorant white folks;” and Higgs fired back, accusing Dancy of “acting like a little vagina.” I said he can’t intimidate me like he does ignant white folk and ignant safe negroes. Why in the hell did you leave out about the negroes? Because you are trying to paint a picture of me towards white folk. I call out all folk so don’t go there. You are also trying to connect me to the candidate that I am supporting because he is black. It is funny as hell that you didn’t say who Higgs was supporting nor who I was supporting so if it was suppose to be about sparring over candidates then why didn’t you tell who we were supporting?

As I have stated many times I say ignant white folk and ignant safe negroes because that mean I am not talking about all white nor all black folk. So don’t get it twisted.

You say we support 2 different candidates. Well how ignant because it was announced at the Democratic Women Sheriff Forum that Higgs was a candidate so if I am not supporting him so hell yeah that mean we are supporting 2 different candidates. I made it clear who I am supporting. But I also know how Higgs nominates himself and then when he see he can’t win he remove his name from the list.

Hell no we don’t need another Sheriff Forum Higgs need to be focusing on bringing the party the voters on the executive committee together so that we can vote and move on. By doing this an appointed Sheriff can come in and keep the Sheriff Office together because right now the staff are on edge because they don’t know who their next boss will be up until 2018 when the election will be held. If Higgs was concerned about the Sheriff Office he would be focused on what is best for the staff and the county so we the people can know who will fill the unexpired term of Sheriff James Knight.

You say, “Higgs said Friday he has called in N.C. Sen. Don Davis, D-Greene, to preside over the upcoming forum. Davis also chairs the 1st Congressional District Democratic Party, which includes Edgecombe County.” But I had heard that Higgs had said he didn’t have anything to do with the upcoming HRC forum so you have validated that in your article. So why did he need to call Sen. Davis about a candidates forum held by the Edgecombe County HRC? So that validates Higgs is working on a hidden agenda. Don’t look good especially with his secretary of the Democratic Party being the chair of the Human Relations Commission and a vice chair is on the HRC also. So what is the motive here but talking about being fair and transparent? So there is no one in Edgecombe County that can facilitate the forum?

I stand behind what I said Higgs is the author of confusion and that didn’t just start when Sheriff Knight announced his retirement. He had a little drama in 1996 during the appointment of Sheriff Knight but we removed him from the process. But to let you tell it it and folk ignant to Higgs mess they would think it just started.

You said, “In another voice mail, Higgs asks Dancy why he doesn’t answer him, but instead posts his messages to YouTube.” I responded to him because the times he call me I am at work. Damn tell the whole story. Plus why you didn’t tell folk how you got to the messages and my facebook page so they can see it for themselves? However I don’t answer my phone when he call if I ain’t at work because I know he will be talking ignant.

I am not in a fight with Rev. Roosevelt Higgs over the Sheriff pick. I have been challenging Higgs on having the meeting in a timely fashion, making sure the candidates and anyone who want the information how many votes each precinct has, who the current precinct chairs were in February and who the elected officials are so anyone interested would know how many total votes can be cast but Higgs and the secretary have been withholding information.

Nothing went out in our precinct packages about the Sheriff retirement, that a special meeting would have to be called so the executive committee could meet to choose a candidate to fill the unexpired term of Sheriff Knight. I said that all of that should have been in our precinct packages and if I was not reelected as chair I could have passed the information on to the new chair. The deadline for precinct meetings to be held is March 8 so it has been said on that ignant WHIG-TV station that Higgs is going to call a meeting on March 23 for the vote. Well a precinct chair confirmed to me today after they spoke to Higgs. I thought he was going to wait til after all of the precincts meet on March 8 because he announced about a meeting. But now he is announcing a meeting and all of the precincts have not met so again I repeat he could have put the stuff in the precinct packages about the Sheriff Appointment so validate that he trying to manipulate the process. The Democrats must meet and present a name to the county commissioners within 30 days.

I got calls this morning about your article and that the ignants over at WHIG-TV was talking about me stemming from your article. I understand Sandra announced that Higgs said the meeting to vote on the Sheriff will be held on March 23 but I don’t recall you mentioning a date in your article. Why?

You know if you wanted to do a real story you should have asked Higgs who are all of the candidates that has sent in a package that they are seeking the appointment. Has he given them the information they have requested about the number of votes that can be cast, who the elected officials and the precinct chairs, vice chairs from the past annual precinct meetings.

I am requesting that the next time you do an article on me to please have the damn audacity to call me to interview me so you can get your facts straight. What you need to understand is that I am speaking for folk who contact me daily about the process and I am a voice for them. I have no problem with taking the ignant mess that you and Higgs are doing because I am going to continue to be a voice for the people. But Mr. Reporter you need to remember these words, you nor anyone can discredit me, I am in control of me!

Curmilus Dancy II

Edgecombe County: Don’t Want To Hear Anything About Trump If You Ain’t Gonna Talk About Higgs

Don’t want to hear anything about Republican President Donald Trump from folk in Edgecombe County if you ain’t gonna talk about Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Chair of Edgecombe County Democratic Party.

Edgecombe County Democratic Party Annual Precincts Meetings Don’t Let Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Party Chair Try To Intimidate You About When To Have Your Meeting

This is the information that was sent out by the county party however I am reading the copy that was handed to me by the party secretary Dr. Glenda L. Knight during the Sheriff Forum on last Thursday. I was going to make the announcement however the outgoing chair of the Democratic Women of Edgecombe County made the announcement during her closing out of the forum.


All Edgecombe County Democratic Party Annual Meetings are scheduled for Wednesday February 22, 2017. Make up dates are any dates between February 23 and March 8, 2017.

Meetings are free and open to any registered Democrat residing in the precinct.

For more information, please contact your Democratic Party Chair or the Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Higgs, County Chair at 252-907-8311.

Higgs left me a voicemail trying to intimidate me to have my meeting on February 22 so anyone listening to that clown who yes is a Rev. but not a Dr. if you need more information you need to contact me the chair of the precinct 11-1 at (252) 314-5484.

Precinct 11-1 Precinct Meeting will be held on Tuesday February 28 6:00 PM Lewis Fire Department the day that our fine Sheriff James Knight official retirement.

The candidates who are seeking the appointment of Sheriff has not been able to get the official voting strength per the precincts because some precincts have more votes than others. So at the moment the party chair and the county 6 officers ought to be able to provide that information especially the secretary.

Higgs is playing upon folk intelligence as if the party could not meet between March 1 – 6 to be able to give a name to the Edgecombe County Commissioners so we could have an appointed Sheriff just days after Sheriff Knight retirement becomes effective. But nope Higgs want to keep confusion by holding off.

There is no such thing as we have to wait until after all the precincts have met by March 8. The last time I checked March 6  do not come after March 8 so if any precinct is not organized they could get organized before or by March 6 so they could vote. No precinct that is organized will be considered unorganized unless they do not meet before March 8.

It never seems to amaze me how Democrats allow Higgs to play them. I challenge his ass every meeting and make statements so that those in the room can see just what is going on. But he got them fooled.

The county 6 officers which consist of Higgs, 1st, 2nd, 3rd vice chairs, secretary and treasurer can meet and act whenever the entire county executive committee is not in session. But the 6 county officers are just that. If they were about what is good for the county they would not allow Higgs to call the shots. The last time I checked 5 is more than 1 but I know who we are working with.

The Good Democrats of Edgecombe County along with Democrats that represent the citizens of Edgecombe County on the State and National levels should all be requesting that Rev. Roosevelt Higgs resign his post as the Democratic Party Chair effective immediately.

The following are messages that Higgs left on my voicemail. Sad! But he knows he don’t intimidate me.

Rev. Ignant Roosevelt Higgs Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair Message #1

Audio Ignant Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Democratic Party Chair Bet He Voted For Trump #2

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Know He Can’t Intimidate Me How Ignant Voicemail #3

Ignant Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Know He Can’t Intimidate Me How Ignant Voicemail #4

Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment The DCN News Blog Online TV Says Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Is Not The One

The Democratic Women of Edgecombe County hosted a Sheriff Forum on Thursday February 16 and it went well overall.

I was instrumental in the forum being held because I wanted all the candidates seeking the appointment to be given an opportunity to come out (now) and be heard instead of waiting for our county Democratic Party Chair former convicted felon Rev. Roosevelt Higgs to manipulate the process by prolonging the appointment. And then his ignant ass had the audacity to call the outgoing chair of the Democratic Women and told her to add his name to the list of candidates for Sheriff. Higgs tried to manipulate the process back when we appointed Sheriff James Knight.

Commissioner Viola Harris a member of the Democratic Women and a voting member during the upcoming appointment read the overview for the office of Sheriff per the constitution so therefore that eliminated ignant ass Higgs who is a felon but had his rights restored. But even with ones rights restored one can not run for Sheriff. I have a serious problem when folk play games with folk lives by trying to mislead them and promoting untrues. I will not tolerate it!

Higgs ought not be the county chair because he has not done anything over the years but mislead folk especially folk who were ignant to the Plan of Organization and for those whom were afraid of him. I know the plan and ain’t scare of him so therefore I have challenged him at just about every, I repeat every meeting. Because I have challenged him I have had to take Higgs to court for stalking me and he was sentenced to 1 year in the courts. Just recently he has started again by leaving voice messages on my phone and the 1st one a threat that I would not be the precinct chair before the upcoming appointment. This is because the plan is for him to attempt to try to get some white folk to come to the meeting to try to vote me out as chair and his brother my vice chair out. I welcome them to the meeting because they never come. The 2nd voice mail was he called me at 8:00 AM while I am at work asking me why I don’t answer my phone and since I didn’t he called me a VAGINA. I bet he voted for Trump because they are both ignant when it comes to politics and dealing with folk.

What folk in Higgs precinct ought to do is to vote him out because he has not lived in Speed since the 1999 flood and has lived in the EL Robinson Center with his mom. Sources say he is living in Rocky Mount at the moment.

The Edgecombe County Commissioners have voted for Higgs to serve on the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission for several terms. That speaks highly of them to vote for this ignant ass to represent Edgecombe County as well. I told the chair of the county commissioners Leonard Wiggins and Viola Harris on last night that I was going to attend their March meeting asking that they remove him from the HRC.

It is time for all good Democrats of Edgecombe County to ask Rev. Roosevelt Higgs to remove himself as chair of the party and also as a member of the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission. All good Democrats also need to contact the Edgecombe County Commissioners and the Edgecombe County Democratic Party to remove Higgs from both offices effective immediately. I will be appealing to both bodies.

And let’s not forget how he challenged Rev. Andre Knight and my residency after the flood. But this ignant ass ain’t lived in Speed since 1999. Knight ended up suing the county because of the Edgecombe County Board of Elections, WHIG-TV and some other ignants supported Higgs. All came out looking ignant!

Click on the 2 links to read about it:

Knight vs Higgs Case Law NC Court of Appeals 

NC Court Of Appeals Rules in Knight’s Favor

Click on the 2 links to hear the voicemails from this ignant.

Audio Voicemail Higgs left on my phone today Feb. 13, 2017.

Rev. Ignant Roosevelt Higgs Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair Message

This is what the party elected to serve us for 2 terms. Has done absolutely nothing since he has held the post.

Note: I have repeatedly stated that I have a voice and 1 vote. Higgs brother is my vice chair and he has 1 vote.

Audio The Ignant Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair
Bet He Voted For President Donald Trump
2nd Voicemail To Me In 2 Days
I Work A Real Job And Was At Work When He Called
Tuesday February 14, 2017

Higgs stirs racial controversy – Daily Southerner

Response: Higgs said the three black candidates are not qualified for the offices and electing them could hurt the Democratic Party. How ignant. Being qualified only means meeting the criteria for being able to file and obviously they are all qualified because they were approved by the Edgecombe County Board of Elections to be considered as candidates. I hate ignance and the misleading information thrown out as truth.

"It does damage to our party when we can’t show that we have racial diversity in the offices," he said. "When you look at the fact that we have four elected salary positions being the sheriff, the clerk of court, the register of deeds and the district attorney, we hold three of those offices. And to try to go out now and try to get all four offices will be like when we condemn the other community years ago for not giving us opportunities to have access to it." This is just as ignant as it gets. Democrats be they black, brown, white and other have the right to run for office and the people have the right to vote for whoever they want to represent them.

County chairman Allen Mitchell chose not to address Higgs’ comments, but did say, "If you have a meeting, you are going to have some people who might disagree. We’re going to have a little of that in every meeting, but I think we brought it (the convention) back to order." Mitchell chose not to address Higgs because he like several whom was in the room are afraid of Higgs. We have a weak damn chairman so he is right we are going to have a little of that in every meeting because he is afraid of Higgs.

Daily Southerner: TARBORO — A black political activist stirred up a racial controversy during Saturday’s Edgecombe County Democratic Party Convention.

During the closing minutes of the meeting, the Rev. Roosevelt Higgs said, "President Obama didn’t win the election in 2008 because he got all black votes. Sheriff James Knight did not win the sheriff of Edgecombe County because he got all black votes. Madam Clerk (Carol Allen White) did not win because she got all black votes. (More)

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