Is It In The Bible Or Is It What You Have Heard? Is It Your Opinion Or Is It Biblical?

Okay I am far from being a bible scholar and far from being perfect. I have some issues and one is using choice words like damn and hell. However I do it because some folk don’t get it unless I do. I have some other issues I am working on as well. I am a work in progress. But trust me if and when I am to take on a title, I am going to change some some things in my life because I will attempt to live by example. I am talking about things that I have control over so don’t get it twisted.

Some folk just get all ignant when it comes to talking about sins.

Just a little ignant moment for now. Just because I don’t see a man and woman in the bed don’t mean they ain’t having a sexual relationship, but if I see you having an outward relationship which appears you are going together and one or both of you have a wife and/or a husband, hell that is enough right there. A sin is a sin. Oh no, according to who telling the story. But don’t matter to me because  what the bible say?

Because I talk about something and you say don’t judge others, well why does it have to be judging and can’t simply be holding one accountable? Well if I say something, call it judging or whatever. What does the bible say?

Now over the years and now moreso than ever church folk are saying that it is a sin to gamble, to drink and other stuff. In our bible study, lawd Jesus been some kinda good over the past couple of months that I have been attending because I refuse to sit there and not say anything. I can get real ignant!

I don’t care how long you been in the church, that you are a Pastor, Mother, Deacon and other positions you may hold, if you gonna tell me that it is biblical then show it to me in the bible or else it is your opinion.

Recently we have been discussing The Church Covenant and different churches in the Bible. However there has been some good discussion coming from the more in depth real time discussion on this and other matters that someone may have a question about.

I get so sick of folks trying to prove a point but don’t offer any substance with it. If you say it is biblical, show me.

We hear a lot about certain things that are called sins especially gay marriage, drinking and the lottery so is it biblical or is it just because some folk want to say it is a sin?

I ask you, is it a sin for a man to marry a man, a woman to marry a woman, to drink and to play the lottery? Show it to me in the bible!


Letter to editor: "Keep Religion & Government Separated-Now You Know Why!" by Milton Bullock

Date: October 16th, 2013
ATTN: Major Political Media Wire/Editors & Reporters
RE: "Keep Religion & Government Separated-Now You Know Why!"
Is it any wonder why down through all these many generations of American politics, why the policy and law makers adamantly warned that Religion & Politics should be kept separate.  And now that the veil has been semi lifted for all to see. What more evidence do we need to be more convinced that such a diabolical, demonic prophetic plan in-place; is ideological perfect for a spiritually-deprived, dysfunctional, demonic and Godless nation?  Have we not been justly pre-warned of the horrendous results of tolerating and accepting separation of the Religion & Politics/Government-as well as other essential areas of our lives?
Could it be that our proposed leaders are so demented that they haven’t a clue that these of carnal mind, made laws of arrangements was/is detrimentally-futile to our existence as well as our future.  For some unconscious reason they can’t phantom or comprehend that without God in the equation-the Devil will surely as Hell prevail.  And he brings confusion, blindedness and darkness in various disguises that nourishes upon and of specifically evil contemptuous-ness, wherever (God) is absent.
"This Governmental Shutdown is remnants of his works"–so, welcome to Washington, DC–Satan’s primary den and playground, dubiously scheming each and everyday right before the nation’s and the world’s TV network pundits.  It’s as if there’s a wretched web of evil-darkness draped over each elected politician, law makers eyes and they are clulessly, unaware of being locked in some helpless-lethargic spell.  While there are others standing on the outside, -dumbfounded- who can plainly see how confused and mentally demented the policy makers are in their stumbling over one another trying to clear the fogged stupor that has them trapped.  Even the obvious can’t fully comprehend the source of the rhetorical malfeasance.
Until it is realized by the people of the land and until they decide that this myth of separation of Religion & Government is nothing short of being the ultimate lie of all times!  And until and unless TRUTH, based upon Godly and Christian principles are restored, we shall never recovery from this eternal blindness of eternal darkness and ignorance.
Authored & Submitted by:
Milton Bullock / Freelance Writer and Activist for Righteousness
(252) 823-3740  for verification and comments. 

From the editor: I totally agree that the myth of keeping politics and religion is just ignant. How can it be possible to do such? Why do some people feel that a minister and other religious persons can not serve in politics has always bothered me. Religious folks are supposed to be righteous people so why not want those type of people in politics. You see politics do not have to be dirty and should be clean. When it comes to politics it should be about doing what is right at all times for what is in the best interest of all people.

Milton Bullock is a candidate for the office of Mayor in Princeville NC election to be held on November 5, 2013.

I worry about my people. It seems to me they either want to praise God, blame God, or wait on God and not take actions that must be done by ourselves as individuals.

I worry about my people. It seems to me they either want to praise God, blame God, or wait on God and not take actions that must be done by ourselves as individuals. Being treated as if we are mentally weak, not intelligent enough to think through issues and concerns is a scheme some people or religions use against us to control us. The burden of thought and action is heavy, but it is a consequence we suffer as a part of life and living. We are taught to believe subliminally that we lack the capacity to be able to "think", make decisions and must surrender to someone or something else to guide us is misdirection. I think you must consider the facts when determing an action or inaction. Let the facts guide you! Being not strong enough to take responsibility and action relieves us of the vunerability of consequence of action or in action. Not knowing the outcome of the choice we make is worrisome. It is a natural occurrance we can overcome. There is an urgency of now in the decisions we must make. We must understand that we must separate Church and State. The Presidents job is to PROTECT the rights of "ALL" people. Some Ministers are advising their congregants to vote against President Obama because of his stance for gay rights. They are citizens of these United States just like you and I, to deny a person their rights because they have made a different life choice than you is egregious. The choice is yours to make. The choice is between Mitt Romney a man who is lying to you with every other sentence and Barack Obama who is at the least attempting to treat "All" people as equals. If you choose to deny someone their rights, someone may deny yours!

Anthony Clark

Response: I totally agree 100%.

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Same Sex Issue, Politics, Religion And My Opinion

As it relates to the Same Sex issue I find ignant ass folks who don’t understand and are in denial because there is a political and religious piece to not only that issue but many issues as it relates to politics and religion. I am going to allow each and everyone to define their own but I suggest that you do it from both perspectives because both perspectives politics and religion will be around for a long time.

If a person is only political and/or only religious then that is all they are going to see but when they are both they will see both.

But you got some even preachers who suppose to be so damn intelligent that they are so damn ignant.

There are some including preachers who understand the political side and some who understand the religious side and then there are some who understand both sides. You have some that wants to play both sides according to who they are with last.

But I am so glad that since "they" say a man has to stand before God for himself I am going to do just that because I refuse to allow ignant religious folks drive me to hell.

How many including preachers have turned down monies from those who practice same sex? Many attend their churches and some even hold offices. But that is okay as long as they pay their tithes and offerings.

Well I am not going to get into a debate about religion because I ain’t there yet. However, I do recognize that politics and religion do mix no matter what anyone says because whether we like it or not politics is in the home, on the job and is displayed among friends.

For me I will not allow others to make choices for me and I not be involved by voicing my opinion either by voice or through the election process.

But some don’t understand and some are in denial but then again this is just my opinion.

I got the Politics down but I am working on my Religion, I ain’t there yet.

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