Comparing Them Boys Raping Black Women & Bill Cosby Issue Ain’t The Same, Let’s Stay Focused

I understand your call but I think this is how we don’t get things accomplish because we don’t need to connect the 2. I say let them fight their white fight and we as black folk need to fight our fight from a black fight perspective. For me the 2 ain’t the same.

I feel sometimes when we connect some things we don’t accomplish our goal.

Many of times when they raped black women they had children by them so therefore the evidence was there.

I don’t want to talk about Bill Cosby in the same sentence with these folk.

Just my ignant opinion.

Race Baiting or Blaming the Victim? White Females Say They Were Raped by Black Athletes – Source: Your Black World

On the Today Show, two students from Indiana University and Wake Forest came forth to claim that they were raped by two athletes after a long night of drinking.  As a college professor, I can testify to the high number of sexual assaults that occur as a result of excessive alcohol consumption on college campuses, which is one of the reasons why I regularly campaign against it. (Read more)