What Past NC Elected Official Remind You Of Trump As He Kept Getting Re-Elected Over And Over Again Although He Was A Known Racist?

What past NC elected official remind you of Trump as he kept getting re-elected over and over again although he was a known racist?

GOP State Lawmaker Screams ‘N****r,’ Brandishes Bare Butt On ‘Who Is America?’ – Yahoo

State Rep. Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine) of Georgia was featured on Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Who Is America?” Sunday night shouting racial slurs, flashing his naked buttocks, and making fun of Chinese people.

Baron Cohen, “disguised” as Israeli terrorism expert Col. Erran Morad, convinced Spencer to participate in an anti-terrorism training video meant for elected officials to learn how to protect themselves from terrorists.

“All you damn sand-niggers over in the Middle East, we are tired of you coming to America and we are tired of you trying to threaten us,” Spencer says in a post-credits video titled, “A Message to Terrorists from Rep. Jason Spencer.”

In addition to brandishing a knife, Spencer continues his rampage: “We will cut off your . . .  (Read more)

Paramount Television Fires President Over Racist Rant About Black Women – NewsOne

Paramount Pictures Chief Executive Jim Gianopulos announced Thursday in a memo to staff that he fired the studio’s TV president Amy Powell, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Several people raised concerns about Powell’s lengthy rant, which prompted an internal investigation. At least four people heard the executive make offensive remarks about Black people, including stereotyping African-American women as angry and jabbering on about Black children being raised in single parent homes.

Powell was discussing a new program that will feature a predominantly African-American cast. Tracy Oliver, who wrote the Universal Pictures hit Girls Trip, is overseeing production of the upcoming program called The First Wives Club. (Read more)

Letter to the Editor: Racism flourishes unabated – Rocky Mount Telegram

Donald Trump is testing the institution of the presidency unlike any of his predecessors.

He disdains the rule of law and tramples norms of presidential behavior. He is ill-informed, self-destructive and brazen in his abusive attacks on the justice system and the press. Indeed, Donald Trump is chewing this country up and spitting it out in little pieces. The fear of not being re-elected has caused congressional Republicans to stand idly by while Trump tells lie after lie, alienates allies and enables racism to flourish unabated.

Donald Trump is a Bernard Manoff and Theodore Bilbo rolled into one. A con artist and a racist. He continues to successfully con his supports, many of whom are low information voters, into believing him in an unconditional and cultish manner. Many of Trump’s tweets and comments shine a spotlight on his racism and his appointment of people like Jeff Sessions, Betsy DeVos, John Kelly and Steven Miller further substantiate it. (Read more)

Mississippi lawmaker says calling blacks violent and lazy isn’t racist, it’s just ‘a way of talking’– Raw Story

The Political Agitator response: “Ignorance will never end. Even those with money can’t buy SENSE!!” Author: Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator

Republican Mississippi state Rep. Gene Alday asserted on Monday that he had been taken out of context by a local paper that published his remarks saying that “all the blacks” in his district get “welfare crazy checks” because they do not work.

In a Sunday article, The Clarion-Ledger‘s Jerry Mitchell reported that Alday had recently linked his opposition to increased education funding to social welfare programs.

“I come from a town where all the blacks are getting food stamps and what I call ‘welfare crazy checks,’” he declared. “They don’t work.” (Source: Read more)

Racist Habits Confirm The Mentality That We Are Dealing With Today

Racist habits confirm the mentality that we are dealing with while some folks will say that we have come a long way. Really? Well I have a problem with what is happening in the now as it is being demonstrated directly and/or indirectly today. Curmilus Dancy II October 30, 2014

Thom Tillis Racist Campaign Ad

I get so sick of the ads that Thom Tillis are endorsing that is talking about nothing but US Senate Kay Hagan supporting President Barack Obama. Damn the President is a a Democrat and so is the US Senator so why would she not support the Democratic Platform?

Damn so what does Tillis want to do? It appears nothing but just to vote against the President he does not have much time left in office.

Vote Kay Hagan!

Oh but ain’t nothing racist about that though!