Race Riots Debunked – Thought Provoking Perspectives by John T. Wills

The culture of race in America is one sided and history tells us that most of the race riots were not perpetrated by black people. The culture of violence by the so-called real Americans upon what they call “others” have been at the hands of white America. You often hear how savage black people are when an incident occurs and take to the streets. They will tell you that these black destroy their own communities. For the record, that is the biggest lie since they portrayed Jesus a white.

First, the people living in the inner city or urban areas do not own that which burned or damaged. Rather, owned by those who profit or prey upon them. Prior to the 1960s, rioting or race riots as they were called consisted of whites burning down and destroying black communities simply because they didn’t want them there. Let’s go back further, the native America people were nearly eliminated at the hands of such violence as their lands were stolen through germ warfare and slaughter. Later to be glamorized in “Cowboy and Indian” epics. (Source: Read more)