NC House District 23 RACE

I appreciate Rusty bringing up RACE that we all have the same needs. He said it ain’t just about black and white.

However I beg the difference because in Edgecombe County alone it is a problem and will always be a problem because white folks have been the dominate race when it comes to farming, jobs, businesses and etc. So my friend RACE be it color is a damn problem. Coming together talking about it ain’t going to completely solve the problem. Until the playing field is leveled it will always be a problem. I just don’t think the field will ever be leveled. But just like folks talk about going to heaven, then we can talk about leveling the playing field.

Race and racism: barriers and bridges – Source: DAILY KOS

The United States is a country symbolically founded on the ideas of liberty and justice for all. Yet it is also founded on the practice of ethnocide of Native Americans, the enslavement of African peoples and their descendents, the removal of Spanish speaking citizens and a harsh and unjust policy to Asians—including exclusion acts.

And so hand-in-hand with its ideals inscribed in the Constitution and other documents, racism is deeply etched in both our roots and current conditions. One nation, divided by racism, with liberty for some, and injustice for many. (Read more)

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