Princeville NC – Princeville gets closer to town manager

PRINCEVILLE — PRINCEVILLE — During a special called meeting on Thursday, Town officials could soon have an interim town manager and a million dollar grant to assist with it’s dilapidated water and sewer system.

The board interviewed a candidate, who was selected by The Local Government Commission, during a closed session.
Mayor Bobbie Jones said "I believe we will go with that individual."

The board will vote on the interim position 7 p.m. Monday during its regularly scheduled meeting. If approved, the candidate will work on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning in April. There could be even better news in the near future for the town. (Source: Read more)

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Ex-Princeville officials file suit – Daily Southerner

Response: Damn Calvin Sherrod has allowed those 2 women to put him out there again. Sherrod says he wants his December stipend. Well I may be wrong but I believe the first thing on the agenda was suppose to be the swearing in of the new officers and then the business was suppose to be carried out. Well the ignant 3 called a special call meeting and then opened up the regular meeting and carried out an agenda but when the new board members were sworn in they carried out the agenda again to make the meeting legit. Damn unfair and deceptive trading practice, mental and emotional distress and pain and suffering? Damn too bad LGC can’t have their ignant asses committed to a mental institution because they are too damn ignant. Sherrod said he didn’t know why the new board members received a stipend? Damn ignant it was their first meeting just like you received a stipend for your first meeting. Well will have to see how the Judge rules.

PRINCEVILLE — PRINCEVILLE — Former Princeville commissioners Isabelle Purvis-Andrews and Calvin Sherrod filed a lawsuit in small claims court Jan. 10, against the town for $5,000 each.

A complaint by the duo alleges that the town owes them $150 for the December stipend, plus $4,850 for "unfair and deceptive trading practice, mental and emotional distress and pain and suffering," according to the summons. (Source)

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Princeville NC: New regime setting new tone for Princeville – Daily Southerner

Response: It is great to see the commissioners coming together and be able to sit to the table being able to agree to disagree in a civil manner. Obviously it was brought to the table about meeting before the actual meeting and I agree that would be a good thing. One reason they could meet and talk about what is on the agenda and if any commissioner has something that they want to bring to the table they could discuss it and when they get to the actual meeting they could go in and have a good meeting. Just my opinion. I see there will not be any funds to hire a town manager in January but I hope that will happen soon. The town manager is the key to the city any city because they manage the town making sure the town is financially sound. The commissioners is somewhat an overseer of the town but again the town manager is a hired person to make sure the town provide for the citizens. Princeville new mayor and new commissioners on the road to a new beginning.

PRINCEVILLE — PRINCEVILLE — In an effort to start on the right foot, the board of commissioners met Monday at the town hall during a retreat to go over a few house rules and to discuss plans for selecting members for town boards and committees.

The 5:30 p.m. meeting lasted a little over an hour with all the board members sometime laughing out loud — a gesture that has not been seen in at least four years.

"I really enjoyed this (meeting)," said Commissioner Gwen Knight who is serving a second term. "This is the first time in a long time that I came here and laughed and agreed." (More)

Photos/Video: Princeville NC – Last Town Meeting For The Princeville 3 Mayor Everette-Oates, Mayor Pro-tem Purvis-Andrews And Commissioner Sherrod

The November regular monthly town meeting ended the legacy of the Princeville 3 Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates, Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews and Commissioner Calvin Sherrod. Yes I named them the Princeville 3 several years ago when they began to show their ignance shortly after being elected to serve the citizens of Princeville.

Well I knew they would go out showing just how ignant they are but damn you would think they would realize that the people have spoken and that they didn’t need to attempt to do anything tonight but to act like they had some damn sense. See for yourself how they went out together just like they came in together.

I bid the Princeville 3 farewell because it was embarrassing and disgusting for the type of behavior that has been shown over the past 4 years. Commissioner Sherrod tried to change paths late in the game but it was a bit too late.

Next month will begin the healing process for Princeville. I feel confident that the Mayor Elect Bobbie D. Jones and the other newly elected commissioners JoRoam Myrick and Pamela Ransome along with the 2 seasoned commissioners Ann Howell and Gwendolyn Knight will make Princeville great again.

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Princeville NC – To the citizens of Princeville, Edgecombe County, North Carolina, the United States and the Universe

To the citizens of Princeville, Edgecombe County, North Carolina, the United States and the Universe, I offer my humble thanks and appreciation for your prayers, support and votes during this past election. Thank you for electing me as your servant for the next four years. We are looking forward to making Princeville Great Again!!

During our campaign, we stated our main priorities were: to reestablish trust between our citizens, our commissioners and the mayor; to ensure our citizens, our commissioners and the mayor would be on one accord; town beautification; to seek public/private partnerships for town improvement projects, tourism, recreational activities and economic development; for each negative article published about our town, five positive articles about our town would be published as well.

This platform will be our driving force over the next four years in our effort to make Princeville Great Again. Obviously, we cannot do this tremendous task alone. We need everyone who cares about the town of Princeville’s history, its present and its future to work with us to make our dream a reality.

We have received several promises of support for our town; however, we understand this is only the “engagement” period. The “wedding” will take place very shortly, when we are sworn in as newly elected officials. Of course, this will be the “honeymoon”, and yes, we definitely will need your support during this period; however, please do not forget us after the honeymoon is over. Will you be there for us during year two, year three and year four of our administration? Certainly, we hope so.

To reestablish Princeville into the town it is destined to be will not be easy, nor will it be quick. But, please understand, we will not quit, we will not waver, we will not become disenchanted in this pursuit. Princeville will be great again!!!

Again, thank each one of you for your support in the past, the present and future.

Your Servant, Bobbie D. Jones, Mayor – Elect of the first town established by African – Americans in the United States – Princeville, NC.

From the editor: I have know Bobbie D. Jones on a personal note. He is an educator and I know he has excellent people skills. I have been following (videoing) Princeville governmental meetings since the late 90’s because I have had a vested interest in the oldest town owned by former slaves. I remember asking Jones nearly 2 years ago to run for mayor but at that time he said he was too busy. I was so happy when I read that Jones had filed for office of mayor. I have no doubt that Princeville will be great again under Jones leadership.

Sharpsburg NC – Breaking News: Sources Say Princeville Police Chief Joey Petway Has Been Named

Joey Petway Chief of Police in Princeville NC has been named the new Chief in Sharpsburg NC via sources reported to The DCN.

It the report is true then Joey will truly be missed by some in Princeville. I believe Joey was doing a great job in Princeville however I believe that some felt that he was being picked on by Commissioner Calvin Sherrod but I didn’t see it that way. I believe that Sherrod did what the other commissioners ought to had been doing also and that is to have questions for the chief. What is the purpose of having a spot on the Town Commissioner’s monthly meetings for the chief to do a report if the report is not going to be received and questions allowed to be asked.

Well if the sources are correct, I would like to congratulate Chief Petway on his new endeavor and I have no doubt he will do a good job in Sharpsburg.

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Princeville officials seek restitution, investigation – Daily Southerner

Response: Too ignant! It is sad that Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews and Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates continue to do what they have done this whole entire term. They have built this entire term on trying to discredit Sam Knight former Town Manager, Delia Perkins former Mayor and the previous administration. They also have tried to discredit current Councilwoman Gwendolyn Knight because she challenged their ignant asses in the meetings which lead to her not getting paid and tried to ban her from the town meetings. imageClick on the photo to see MPT Isabelle Purvis-Andrews in ignant mode.

PRINCEVILLE — PRINCEVILLE — Commissioner Isabelle Purvis-Andrews’ request to seek restitution from two former town managers and for the town attorney to investigate the alleged misuse of funds by two commissioners, created a heated verbal exchange between her and members of the former administration Monday during the town’s monthly meeting.

The board is likely to have discussed the issues during a closed session that lasted approximately an hour. By General Statues, the general public is not privy to information discussed in closed sessions. When the board returned from the closed session, Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates reported no action, that required a vote, had been taken. (More)

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