Open Letter To Greg Higgs, But Greg Why Don’t You Tell Folk Why Your Candidate Is The Better Candidate Instead Of Focusing On Who I Am Supporting

The following was shared with me. But Greg I couldn’t respond like I wanted to and when I wanted to on yesterday because I was at my cousin’s funeral videoing and taking photos. Somebody will pass this on to you. Matter of fact just talked to your dad this morning something I do on the regular. So glad you and Roosevelt don’t rub off on the whole family.

But Greg I didn’t mention Greg Higgs in my post, Mayor Bobbie Jones Is The Best Candidate For Mayor of Princeville NC And The Videos Validates Whybecause I don’t need your validation nor anyone when I say what I mean and mean what I say.

But Greg 1st you put my video out there talking about support Yolanda Thigpen and I asked him to tell us why his candidate was the best candidate and he could not say. He told me to talk about Mayor Jones. I had posted that if anyone wanted to respond to respond with some sense because one ain’t gonna use my video to attempt to twist what actually went on. My videos don’t lie but I am not going to allow ignant asses to use my video for their own self aggrandizement. Look that up in Webster or ask somebody. I would tell you what it means but since you like to follow me, then follow that. 

But Greg ignant you have no clue about what goes on in the NAACP because you are not a member and never have been. So I don’t know who where you got that from. What the hell do you mean by down in members because a branch got to have a certain amount of members to be legit. This is the problem today the branch went to hell under her leadership and folk wanted to know what happened and where the books were.

But Greg when Bobbie Jones decided not to run again he stepped down and I could have moved up since we only had one vice president and that was me. I said I wanted some one young to take over so we could draw some folk in. It was never my intentions to keep my membership in Tarboro because I was going back to Rocky Mount just moved my membership to help get Tarboro branch back going. And when I moved my membership back I still attended all of the meetings until both Tarboro and Rocky Mount began meeting on the same day. So ignant you have no clue of what you are talking about. You talking to an ACTIVE Life Fully Paid Member of the NAACP so don’t even go there.

But Greg you definitely have no clue about politics and listen to your ignant ass uncle when it comes to politics and he has mislead folk over the years but not me because I have challenged him over the years and called that ass out.

But Greg damn ignant all you picked out of my comments as I responded to her comments in the video is the NAACP. She didn’t elaborate on what she did in the video if you looked at the video ignant. She just mentioned the NAACP. But Greg, I responded to everything she said and I challenge her on everything she said. Anyone in their right mind after reading this ignant ass mess if they looked at the video they would see why you got nothing to say but trying to make it about me.

But Greg so in the future brother support your candidate and don’t worry about the candidates I support. I win some and I lose some however I have won more than I have lost unlike you and Roosevelt be on the losing team when it comes to going against the candidates that I support so ya’ll attempt to go after me instead of saying why your candidate is the better candidate. But you can’t do that because Uncle Roosevelt can’t help you on this one.

But Greg I tried to teach you something but I see uncle Roosevelt got you messed up.

“I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!”



Princeville NC – I Have Been Asked Who Do I Support For Mayor Of Princeville Although I Can’t Vote

First of all I do not live in Princeville but I have documented the history of Princeville Town Commissioners Meetings for years dating back to the late 90’s. I have videoed the meetings and shared them online over the years so that folk who didn’t attend the meetings could see them. Folk have told me how much they appreciated the documentation especially folk from out of town. However the folk know that I do what I do out of pocket and never give a donation to my work. Do you know how many video cameras I have purchased over the years? I can remember atleast around 9 and I only have one at the moment. If something was to happen to it then I would have to sacrifice to purchase another one and the last one I purchased was around $1100.00. I did receive around $800.00 in donations but had to add another $400.00 because when I asked for donations the camera I was looking at didn’t have all the features I needed to make my job easier.

So who are really documenting the history of Princeville as we speak in a collective method as I have done over the years videoing all of their monthly meetings?

As I read and hear about some of the things that are being said and written it sickens me because I wonder where folk are getting their information.

I know Princeville has had some bad apples serving as mayor and commissioners but is it safe or is it necessary to talk about those folk who have moved on either have been convicted, served their time and are no longer in the picture? You better focus on the now.

Ok Sam Knight former town manager has done his time and has been long gone moved to another state if I am correct. Why is that an issue? This issue is the now.

It was said that Delia Perkins who saved the town by voting to break the tie after the 1999 flood of the century that she mishandled some funds but I have yet to see that to be true and unless someone can prove it then that should not be a concern. She is no longer the mayor so why focus on that non issue. It old her after the 1999 flood when she did not allow the citizens to have a voice during the meeting at Edgecombe Community College when the vote took place when she saved the town that she messed up by not allowing the citizens to speak during the public comments. She and the other commissioners didn’t have to respond but she could have allowed them to get things off their chest. Why is this an issue? The issue is the now.

I was asked a couple of days ago about the lawsuit that Priscilla Everette-Oates supposedly filed. I attended the press conference outside of the courthouse about 2 years ago and I haven’t heard anything about that lately. However I do know it was documented on how she spent monies and she haven’t been proven guilty of anything if I am correct. Following Everette-Oates tenure was one of the most ignant times in history that I documented. Don’t need to say more. Why is that an issue? The issue is the now.

Now that current Mayor Bobbie Jones is in office and has been for the past 4 years I don’t know of anything negative about him as it relates to monies being spent. What I do know is Mayor Jones has been the most effective Mayor in the town over the years as it relates to allowing the citizens to being heard. I feel he truly wanted and still wanted to do some good things as he say “Make Princeville Great Again” his campaign platform. However he and all of the board members were new so they all had some learning to do. I think they were on the right track however they had some issues with finding and keeping a good town manager. The town manager runs the town.

I hate it that Princeville has suffered from yet 2 more floods since 1999 and has thrown the mayor and the commissioners off track. There was suppose to be a plan in place before the current commission to do some work to attempt to help prevent flooding in Princeville. It is sad that now the commissioners were left homeless on a personal note, on a governmental note because of the loss of their residence where they live and the town hall for meeting.

Resources are in place with the current mayor and commissioners and it is up to them how they move forward trying to deal with the mess they have. They all are working folk except maybe 1 or 2 of the commissioners. They have family to deal with on top of trying to focus on their personal stuff and trying to run the town government. Hell it would easy to throw their hands up in the air and walk away if they were not committed. But if they were not committed the thing to do would be to not seek re-election so therefore if one are seeking re-election that shows some type of commitment they have for the town. You see because dealing with personal stuff, town government and being harassed, criticized for trying to do your very best can make you want to give up.

I just don’t know why anyone would want to run against anyone would want to challenge Mayor Bobbie Jones when the town is tore up and not because of anything he has done. Some would say he supported the town manager. Well he and all of the commissioners did to a certain degree because they relied on him to run the town that is what he was hired to do. The town manager runs the town. Some wanted the mayor and commissioners to get rid of him some time ago however it didn’t happen and you don’t just get rid of someone without knowing what the hell you are doing. But everything works out in due season. Look at how it worked out the mayor and the commissioners were able to get rid of him by not renewing his contract so they don’t have to worry about a lawsuit from him and they were able to bring on another town manager former retired manager of Pinetops about 11 miles away. Some will probably not like him but he did a good job in Pinetops however some may question that. But hell we as a people question everything and anything but don’t make us right.

By me being politically active and have been documenting Princeville until recently because I just had to take a break from the talk. I found myself going to the meetings while the citizens stayed home and waited for me to post the meetings on YouTube but then they had so damn much to say. Really?

I have been knowing Bobbie Jones for years and served as his 1st Vice President when he was the President of the Edgecombe County NAACP Branch. When he decided not to seek re-election I chose not to seek the President and wanted someone younger to take over and so that I could go back to my home branch the Rocky Mount Branch. We worked great together and he did some good things.

When I learned that Bobbie Jones were going to run for mayor of Princeville around 4 years ago I told him I supported him and that I felt he would do good. He worked good with the elderly (church and community) and the children (school system) so I felt as a young man he would do well. I spoke to some who were thinking about challenging him and I told them that I didn’t think they needed to get in the race 4 years ago.

When I heard about the 3 candidates that were challenging Mayor Bobbie Jones this year I was like wow. I didn’t follow the filing as I normally did with the Board of Elections and didn’t get the names until after the filing period had closed. I heard about 1 or 2 of them via the radio. If I had known before the filing period closed I would have contacted the candidates this time.

Well it is easy for Milton Bullock to run because he is already a town commissioner and if he should not win the mayor’s office he will still be a commissioner because his seat is not up this year.

The other 2 candidates one has ran for mayor for the past couple of elections so I don’t understand why they are in the race. The other candidate I know well and also feel that they are already busy and don’t need to be seeking the mayor’s office at this time because now is not the time. You see what I try to make folk understand is you don’t run just to be running, you run when the timing is right. At the moment I hope folk don’t allow their emotions to get in the way. Folk better know what they are doing because when you allow your emotions to get in the way, sometimes you set yourself back.

I also want to end on how current mayors Ed Bridgers and Delia Perkins have been involved and saying things at the meetings that worked during their time but they need to recognize that that was then and this is the now. Citizens don’t get caught up in the conversation that is personal and look at the overall picture.

I challenge the citizens of Princeville to not act on your emotions alone. Don’t allow Mayor Bobbie Jones to be the fall guy just because of the town manager was not good for the town and you think he should have been gone long before now. The town manager is gone so you need to look at the now! I feel strongly that the new town manager Gregory Bethea and the current mayor and commissioners can move the town forward.

I challenge the citizens of Princeville family members who no longer live in Princeville but are concerned about Princeville that they too reach out to the voting members and make sure they vote for the best person who have experience and resources in place. You may not have agreed with everything the current commissioners have done but remember they didn’t run to get you out of a flood because they didn’t know the flood was coming during their time.

I don’t have a vote in the Princeville election but I do have a voice. I will speak my mind whether one like it or not because I have been actively engaged in Edgecombe County politics. So for folk who continue to ask me what I think about the Princeville Mayoral race, well there you have it.

I appreciate folk who reach out to me when it comes to politics. You see I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

I, Curmilus Dancy II a longtime active effective community activist in Edgecombe County support Mayor Bobbie Jones.