Veteran ECPS Board District 6 member faces newcomer – Daily Southerner

Response: I live in this District and Davidson gets my vote. 

TARBORO — Veteran incumbent Edgecombe County Public School board member Janice Davidson is facing a newcomer, Albert Proctor, for District 6 seat.

Davidson, 57, has served on the board for 12 years and her service has become more than just a job. (More)

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NC NAACP Letterhead


Dear NC NAACP/HKonJ Network,


With Election Day upon us tomorrow we ask that you make sure to report any problems voters face at the polls tomorrow. This is the first election to occur under the new redistricting maps that NC General Assembly adopted in 2011. Prior to going to the polls, registered voters can look up their voter information on the NC State Board of Elections website at Under "My Election Information" voters can review a copy of their sample ballot prior to arriving at the polls.


If a voter reports any problems on Election Day, a Voter Problem Reporting Form is attached that should be completed immediately by the individual experiencing the difficulty. Completed forms should be returned immediately to the State NAACP Office via email or fax. Click here to download the form. 


Please feel free to share the Voter Problem Reporting Form in your community and with other individuals and groups monitoring the polls. If an individual is not able to complete the form, they may also call the toll-free hotline, 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683), that is operated by a public service program at the UNC School of Law in Chapel Hill, the voting-rights group Democracy North Carolina and the national Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, headquartered in Washington, DC. The Spanish language hotline is 888-VE-Y-VOTA (888-839-8682).


Also, if a problem is experienced, it should be reported to the local county and State Board of Elections as well.


We appreciate any help in distributing this form and documenting issues faced during primary voting. Please contact the State Office if you have any questions.




Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II
President, NC NAACP

Mrs. Amina J. Turner,
Executive Director, NC NAACP

Ms. Erin Dale Byrd,
Chair, NC NAACP Political Action Committee

Atty. Jennifer Marsh
Legal Redress Coordinator/Public Policy Analyst, NC NAACP

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Rev. William Barber Speaks Out Against Amendment One

Response: It is a shame how they have worded this Amendment on the ballot to trick folks into voting for it. Listen to Rev. William Barber II tell you why you should vote against it.

Damn didn’t they say that our President didn’t respect the Constitution (lies) but now they want to amend the Constitution (truth).

Click on picture to watch video. Source: ProtectNCFamilies


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Some Say Freaks (Fools) Come Out At Night, But I Say Freaks (Fools) Come Out During Election Time

During election time you will see some things how people operate over a few crumbs (dollar bills). They will sell their souls to attempt to get certain folks elected however they play both sides. They will call themselves working for a certain candidate but will be working for more than one candidate if they are getting paid by more than one. They will be in meetings talking one thing but outside of the meeting they do totally opposite.

Some folks I will not trust them no further than I can see them. President Barack Obama gets it. He put his own people in the community to work his campaign and many local folks don’t like that. Now that is smart as hell and I love it.

Well all I got to say to candidates is you better know who you are working with.

William R. Solomon Jr. Candidate For NC House 23 Responds To Open Letter From The Political Agitator

Response: First of all thank you for your response.

Sir since I have been actively engaged in politics since the early 90’s I know how the process works. Some may agree and some may not but I will stand behind my following belief 110%. When it comes to politics voters vote based on the color of a person’s skin because many times they do not know the candidate and vote for someone whom looks like them. Voters vote for a candidate because they know them or know of them. Voters vote for a candidate because a family member or friend knows the candidate so they trust in them. Voters vote for a candidate because they have seen them at a rally, heard them on the radio and/or seen them on tv. And the main one is voters will vote for a candidate just because they like that candidate. I have no problem with none of the above because it is a person’s right how they vote and whom they vote for.

Sir I will vote for a person because of the color of their skin if I do not know the candidate. If after doing my homework on a candidate and I can’t find anyone that actually knows the candidate then I will sometimes choose a person that looks like me. You see I look at the candidate and I also look at if I feel that person will be accessible to me if they are elected.

I will challenge anyone when it comes to voters voting for folks whom looks like them because I strongly feel that Jesse Helms was elected by folks simply because he looked like them and what he stood for. These folks crossed party lines because in a state of NC whereby there are more registered Democrats than Republicans he continued to get re-elected is proof enough for me.

So sir if I would be careful when you say you don’t want anyone to vote for you simply based on the color of your skin because if you don’t think that is going to happen then you are somewhat ignant to how politics work.

I will not get into the you know me and I know you thingy however I will say that I have been actively engaged in Edgecombe County Politics since the early 90’s and I know who have been actively engaged in the Democratic Party on the County Level what they have done and have not done and that is one of the things that I use when a candidate seeks office in Edgecombe County. If I was going to run for an office I would first reach out to folks who are actively engaged in the process on the county level to see if they would support me and I would respect whatever they say. However I would not file without seeking support of certain voters who are actively involved in the voting process. If I am correct I mentioned you as it relates to the Edgecombe County Democratic Party.

Sir all that you have stated here sounds great however politics is not all about who you are but well you can sell yourself to the voters along with your campaign committee. It takes a real political machine to run a campaign especially when one is running against an incumbent and one with dollar bills. C. Dancy II – The Political Agitator

Thanks for the question. Anyone who would vote for me simply based on the color of my skin, in all candor I do not want their vote. In my opinion that is irresponsible. I would rather people have an understanding of who I am and what my vision is for this part eastern North Carolina. We have never had an indepth conversation. We have spoken a few times in passing and at meetings but I don’t really know you and you don’t really know me. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and I think it may help to answer your question. This may seem to be a ramble at times, but if you continue to read, I would hope that my thoughts fall into line for the readers. I am 33 years old. aside from the 4 years that I was in College in Greensboro and my 3 years in law school in Buies Creek, NC I have lived in Edgecombe County my entire life. As cliche as it sounds I believe that we all have a responsibility to use whatever talents that we have to make sure we leave the world better than it was when we found it.My undergraduate work was in economics, From 1998 -2000 I was planning on a career as an economics professor at the college level. As I was preparing to pursue my PhD in Economics I began to study the emergent economies of south east Asia (at the time, China and Vietnam) The closer I came to graduating college my love of history beat out my enjoyment of numbers and I decided to go to law school instead of pursuing my Masters and Phd in Econ. In all candor within the next 10 years I probably will still complete my education in economics as I really enjoy using data to find practical solutions to problems.

I have spent the last 9 years operating a general law practice in eastern NC, mostly in Nash and Edgecombe Counties. A lot of my work is criminal defense and defending parents after the department of social services has taken their children away alleging that the children have been abused or neglected. One thing I have noticed in talking to some of the people i represent is how closely the economic situations of the some of my clients tracks to some people in countries like Vietnam, Singapore and China. It bothers me that we can live in a country with as much economic opportunity as we have available here and so many people I get to know in Edgecombe County do not understand the importance of a good education and because of a lack of education will never be able to rise out of poverty. Now of course the population I deal with tends to be more skewed towards unemployed, under educated and impoverished, so it is not my intent to paint the entire county with that same brush.

From the experiences I have had, I try to develop practical solutions to some of the problems I see. One thing that has bothered me since I did a research project on post conviction relief in 2002 is the expunction laws in North Carolina. An expunction is the way you can have the record of an arrest, charge and/or conviction removed from a criminal record. Without going into too much detail, in NC and many other states, there are only a few ways to have arrest and conviction records removed from a record. Last year our general assembly did make some progress in this area, but I would like to see an application process where a person with certain non-violent offenses can show a judge that they have achieved some level of education and stayed out of trouble for a period of time and have most of their record cleared for purposes of public inspection. This is important so that people who have a past can apply for a job and have the chance to be judged on their merits instead of immediately turned down due to their record. Every week at least 3 people come into my office with a copy of their record in hand asking me if there is anything they can do about it so they can get a job. I am growing tired of saying, I’m sorry but until the state laws change there is nothing I can do in most of those situations. Something as simple as a good paying job with retirement and health insurance can go a long way towards lifting a person out of poverty. If a person is able to work and have health insurance the can move their children off the medicaid rolls. Saving the County valuable funds. So many children end up in foster care and other out of home placements due to problems their parents had that began with unemployment and poverty. This is a overview of my thoughts. To gain more insight into my thoughts on this issue read the essay on the plight of the unemploable on my web site at Not a plug for the campaign, but that essay is a lot more detailed than I can be in this quick response.

When it comes to crime issues in our area. I can count 5 times in the last year that I have opened the newspaper and seen that a young man I represented within the last month has been killed or has been charged with killing someone elses child. That has caused me to become more outspoken about doing something to stop our children from killing each other. A lot of the young men that I represent stay in touch with me after I have finished with their cases. I try to offer them guidance and general big brother type advice as long as they want to call on me. I have had some of my guys invite me to their GED or college graduations. I just had the mother of one of my guys that I helped 5 years ago stop by the office with gifts for My wife and I for our new born child. Lately I’m getting too many letters from guys who are now in jail charged with murder saying Mr. Solomon, I’ve messed up and I should have listed to what you told me and stayed out of trouble. I feel like it is irresponsible of me to sit back relaxed at the beach every weekend as i could do and not at least try to change the situation that we have developing here.

So essentially my perspective is of a guy who grew up here and wants to help create a world where everyone from Edgecombe County has the same chance to dream and accomplish their goals as I have. watching this County from my vantage point feels like I’m watching my own home burn to the ground and I can’t stand by and just watch.

I don’t suggest that I have all of the answers to our issues, but I am willing to continue working make our County a place that my children may want to live when they grow up.

William R. Solomon Jr. Candidate NC House 23

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Rocky Mount City Councilman Andre Knight Is Seeking Re-election


Immediate Release

January 31, 2012                              


Contact:  Andre’ D. Knight, President, (252) 544-2949


Andre’ Knight Announces Re-Election Bid



Rocky Mount, NC – Andre’ Knight announced today that he will run again for re-election to the post as City Council Representative for Ward 1. “Now is not the time to slide backwards,” Knight said. “We have come too far as a City and in our ward to compromise the progress that is finally being made.  Ward 1 citizens are just beginning to see some light in the areas of housing, jobs and reduction of crime.  We are finally beginning to realize some hope for change to our unfair utility system.  I am the candidate that has fought for fairness in opportunities for all of our citizens in every community in our City and region.  I am still the people’s servant and voice and I still want to serve the residents of Ward 1.”


Knight added, “I have led the fight for reduction in utilities charges for our residents and businesses while working to increase the sensitivity of the City’s customer service personnel as they work with our citizens in a terrible economic environment.  Under my leadership and collaboration with City and community partners, we are seeing neighborhoods cleaned up, homes being renovated and our communities finally feeling valued.”  He continued, “I have not been afraid to walk in uncharted territory and take on big money and government that didn’t care.  All people have had a chance to voice their opinions and see their ideas turn into policy while I have been in office.  If re-elected, I can guarantee that I will not let money and position override the concerns of our inner city communities and families.”


“I have insisted on accountability from the police department to the citizens as they worked with the Council and community to develop crime prevention and protection strategies.  I have worked hard to ensure that all of our communities have the chance to recruit businesses, have decent housing in safe neighborhoods and provide opportunities for our youth and seniors to exercise, play and gather peacefully.  I have been faithful to the vision that we can make Rocky Mount the greatest place to live in North Carolina by telling the truth and then working together to make it better.”



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Attorney to challenge Tolson for N.C. House seat – The Rocky Mount Telegram

Rocky Mount attorney William Solomon Jr. said improving Eastern North Carolina’s work force will be among his top priorities if he’s elected to the N.C. House this fall.

Solomon, 33, announced this week he plans to challenge eight-term N.C. Rep. Joe Tolson, D-Edgecombe, in the May 8 Democratic primary. He plans to run for the District 23 seat, which includes Edgecombe County. (More)