Frustrated Weldon voters turn to Romney – WRAL

Now this is interesting! Did this 90 year old lady say you almost have to be a Democrat? Why? Now that’s what I call smart if you want to be a part of the decision making in your county you look at the numbers. This is what I have been preaching that it makes sense to be involved where the decision making is being made so you can have a voice. But that is if you are not scared to participate. (More)

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Thin-Skinned CEO Superstar Jack Welch Quits Fortune, Reuters After His Demented BLS Tweet Gets Criticized –Huff Post (In Response to Jobs Numbers)

Response: Now this is so sad how things are twisted when it comes to accomplishments of Black folks. It is a damn shame that it does not matter about the good you do because you will be viewed as dishonest anyway. These Chicago guys equate to “Our” President. Code words is something that I always look for.

Jack Welch, the strongest and most capable CEO in the history of the world, made news last week when he took to his Twitter account (history shall record the phrase "took to his Twitter account" as the five words that immediately precede all news of social media disasters) to accuse the Bureau of Labor Statistics of intentionally cooking its latest jobs report to favor President Barack Obama’s chances for reelection in November, writing "Unbelievable jobs numbers…these Chicago guys will do anything…can’t debate so change numbers." (More)

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Did Obama Just Throw The Entire Election Away? – The Daily Beast

Response: It is my opinion that folks are reacting to emotions instead of the facts but many folks like lies better than the truth. Well it appears that not only is this election about race but also the lack of substance. It is my opinion that many folks wanted to see “Our” President get angry but that didn’t happen so they say he lost the debate. Well I wish I knew the criteria that they are using because I don’t remember anyone giving one. Well I want to see how everyone rate the next debate.

The Pew poll is devastating, just devastating. Before the debate, Obama had a 51 – 43 lead; now, Romney has a 49 – 45 lead. That’s a simply unprecedented reversal for a candidate in October. Before Obama had leads on every policy issue and personal characteristic; now Romney leads in almost all of them. Obama’s performance gave Romney a 12 point swing! I repeat: a 12 point swing. (More)

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Gingrich Concedes Romney Wasn’t Honest About His Tax Plan During Debate

This morning on Meet The Press, Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs confronted Newt Gingrich on a fundamental inconsistency in Romney’s description of his tax plan. During the primary debates, Romney insisted that everyone in America would get a 20% tax cut, including the 1%. But last week’s during his debate with Obama, Romney insisted that his tax cut would not reduce taxes at all for wealthy Americans.

Gingrich acknowledged the clear inconsistency, saying “I think it’s clear he changed.” He described the change as “good politics.” (More)

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Employment Situation Summary
Transmission of material in this release is embargoed USDL-12-1981 until 8:30 a.m. (EDT) Friday, October 5, 2012

Response: Can’t wait to see how they attempt to twist these facts?

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If President Obama was polarizing and only attended African American events, then you’d all say he was forgetting America and is race baiting. If he attends all events, then he’s just trying to get a political advantage. If he attended only European American events, then he forgets about African Americans. If he only attended Latin American events, the he’s weak on immigration.

This President can’t please any of you even if he knocked on your door and gave you a damn bar of gold, a free pass on taxes, and a home that’s paid for in the Hamptons, so get off the antics.

The reality is that as a Senator, as President-Elect and since he has been President, he spoke at a number of events that African Americans largely attend, that focus on issues of this community, but as President of the United States, he has a number of other issues to face that don’t concern just the African American Community, but all Americans collectively.


Senator Barack Obama 2007 NAACP Convention Closing Statement

Senator Barack Obama at 2008 NAACP Annual Conference

President Barack Obama addresses the 2009 NAACP convention

President Barack Obama’s Message to the 2011 102nd NAACP Convention in Los Angeles


President Barack Obama will address the 2012 National Urban League Conference on July 25, 2012 in New Orleans. The Urban League also extended an invitation to Mitt Romney but said because of scheduling conflicts he couldn’t attend, but will instead choose to attends the July 11, 2012 NAACP convention in Houston. So let me get this right. Romney can have the leisure of scheduling conflicts as a Presidential candidate, but President Obama can’t have scheduling conflicts as both the President and a Presidential candidate?? Get over it already! Find something else with some substance to it.

President Barack Obama speaks at 2010 Urban League Conference on July 29, 2010 White House transcript

Senator Barack Obama speaks at 2008 Urban League Conference


President Barack Obama Remarks to 2011 Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Awards Dinner

President Obama Speaks at the 2010 Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Awards Dinner

President Obama Speaks at the 2009 Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Awards Dinner


President Barack Obama has committed to speak at the 2012 National Action Network Keepers of the Dream Gala on July 14, 2012.

President Barack Obama speaks at the 2011 National Action Network Keepers of the Dream Gala

Senator Barack Obama speaks at the 2008 National Action Network Keepers of the Dream Gala.

Senator Barack Obama speaks at the 2007 National Action Network Keepers of the Dream Gala


President Obama Speaks at the 2012 National Museum of African American History and Culture Groundbreaking

President Obama speaks at the 2011 African American Policy in Action Leadership Conference

Senator Barack Obama speaks at the 2008 African Methodist Episcopal Church General Conference

Illinois State Senator Barack Obama speaks at Shiloh B.C. in 2005

And there are numerous other appearances at African American events by this President.

Come on folks get off this gravy train the GOP has you on about our president not supporting all communities!

The Debate And What Is Really Happening On The Ground by Brenda Blackwelder

Via Giovanni Montelli Low information voters think this guy told the truth at the debate, but the polls don’t tell the story of what is happening on the ground. In Ohio the President still has a sizeable lead in most polls. I wasn’t concerned about the President’s performance in the debate, the only thing that concerned me is that he could have had the same demeanor, but asked Romney several times back to back about him and the 47%, his flip flop on Medicare, his flip flop on taxes, and how he intended on getting to the $5 billion, and how could he be tough on China, or Iran, when he is investing in both and Russia to boot. And he could have kept his head up and looked at the liar. But he didnt need to come off as being angry.

Our job from here on out should be to gather our friends in t

his group, who I’m sure are connected to multiple other groups, and having them disseminate information about Romney’s lies and the factual job numbers, and accomplishments of the administration.

We will be ok, we cant depend on just the President alone to deliver up all the information, especially in a forum where a moderator can’t corral that meglomaniac, narcissist, lying, flip flopping, etch a sketch, empty suit that Romney is.

He and the VP will be fine. I don’t think he was prepared for Mr. "Extreme Conservative Tea Party Candidate", putting on a new costume as Mr. "Moderate, I Love The Same Positions You Do".

News pundits like Mika, Matthews, Schultz, Maddow, etc., who are on these liberal leaning networks dissapointed me, and have been responsible for much of what transpired after the debates as well. I find it absolutely horrid every Democrat in a media outlet, that Sharpton and Lawrence are the only two that stood in defense of the President and focused on the lies of this Romney character, vice the debate performance of the President. They should have blistered Romney about his lies, the same way they blistered the President, they still had a sizeable share of the 58 million+ who timed in, to cater to after the debate, and they did damage as well.

I’m unwavering in the support of our President, and I refuse to abandon him now, especially when the economy has shown tremendous improvement. I will document that in a new post I have on the unemployment rate, that I expect everyone in this group to copy and share.

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Presidential Debate: “Our” President Is Too Damn Smart For White And Black Folks Those Who Want To See Just A Performance I Hope He Don’t Give It To You 


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