Maybe Republicans are Right and The Negro is Too Dumb to Vote by Pollitikat A Comment

The Political Agitator response: Hell yeah! They are just ignant as hell! And they are proud about it! That is what I don’t get! The Republicans sole mission was before “Our” President took office and still is today is to vote against anything and everything that he wants to do.

I always say Vote IDEAS and not People.  So let me get this straight, black folks are mad at Obama and are not going to vote or vote republican because they think the Republicans will be better for them. Let’s put things in perspective.  President Obama has tried to deliver on almost everything he said he would.  So he gives you seventy-five percent and the other twenty-five he couldn’t deliver because he can’t get anything done with Congress because they already made their pact inauguration night where they laid out their objective to defeat him and say “no” to everything…making everything twice as difficult for him. He is given a verbal flogging every day every step of the way and I say verbally because they can’t physically beat him but he is getting a beating nonetheless, Republicans are making sure of it. He is told he is not American, asked to produce his birth certificate, called a Nigger, called a liar during the State of the Union by the Supreme Court,none of his appointments are approved, and everything he proposes is filibustered and rejected by the Republicans and you think not voting or voting republican will help in which way.   Unlike when Bush was president and

Democrats voted with the Republicans for every bullshit Georgie Boy put in front of Congress – in Obama’s case the Republicans are voting against everything.  The Democrats supported the President and voted for mostly everything Bush proposed – you know 9/11, patriotism … That’s how Bush was able to destabilize the country and world so quickly.    Cause Democrats played along and supported the President and we know that Republicans opposed President Obama from DAY ONE. 

So now you think these same Republicans are going to do what’s best for the economy and America?  I think they have been clearly saying they don’t want you in their America unless they can exploit you and you are working for slave wages and if you are a woman you will be handing over your reproductive rights to them. They have vilified The President to the point where political allies cannot mention his name for fear of reprisal. They trash Obama simply because of the color of his skin they are always trying to incite people to do him harm and you think these Republicans are going to help you? If they don’t respect him – a Columbia and Harvard Graduate, President of the Harvard Law Review, Community Organizer, Husband, Father, Professor, former State and US Senator, and now PRESIDENT – IF THEY DON’T RESPECT HIM – what have you accomplished in your puny fucking lives that is going to make them respect and give a damn about you or CARE what you think? 

Whether it’s Education, Immigration, Employment, the Budget, Republicans are blocking everything – actions speak louder than words. If they cared about the country they wouldn’t do things to harm the country and they are very forceful, bullies.  But Obama, he keeps going and he is doing it without your help because all ya’ll do is walk around and trash him yet he still manages to get things done.  Yes, I know not everything, not perfectly, but your asses will defend Joel Olsten and trash the President …what the fuck has Joel Olsten done for you.    People think going with Republicans are going to improve the Student Loan situation, when they are the reason the loan situation is so bad because republicans never met some government money or a sucker they didn’t want to take advantage of. Think it will improve immigration or education – you see what Republicans do with education – common Core, creationism, they turn everything private, privately owned colleges start popping up, sucking up all the government funding and making sure they dig deep enough into your pockets that you are indebted to them the rest of your lives.  But wait I am getting away from myself. 

We are talking about voting, so you think because Obama hasn’t delivered on everything and responded to your every request of him the second you make it – is a reason to not vote or vote against his agenda.  Voting for Republicans will forward your Agenda?  Well I would love to hear exactly what your agenda is.  Because I don’t think there is an issue in the black community that President Obama has NOT addressed…whether through SPEECH or POLICY.  And let’s not forget the First Lady and her “let’s move” campaign – isn’t she the main reason ya’ll are working out and trying to eat healthier and get fit – isn’t she really the main inspiration for it all, seeing her on those magazine covers in all her bare armed beauty and fitness … lol, yeah … right!   Either ya’ll are just plain dumb or ya’ll are some real selfish bastards. 

This reminds of when the house negroes would watch as the slave master tied the rebellious slave to a tree and proceed to beat the shit out him…remember they used to even let the house (good) slave do the beating sometimes…and when they wear out one belt they would tell the (good/house)slave – “nigger, go get me another” and the house Negro would happily run to get another belt/switch.  They would use the house Negro to put the rebellious Negro (THE NEGRO THAT DARED TO TAKE A STAND) back in their place, doing the bidding of the white masters and thus maintaining the status quo.  Ya’ll are too happy to put these negroes, The Obamas, back in their places….are you not even realizing that you can only be part of their club as long as you trash President Obama …Yeah … that’s exactly what it reminds me off…some slave shit.  Lol …Talk about one step forward and two steps back.

But … I like to think ya’ll are smarter than how you are portrayed on tv – REALLY, it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out…but then again I am just an Obamabot.  Lol 

From the Facebook desk of Pollitikat A Comment