If They Would Arrest Police When It Is Captured That They Kill Black Men, Then They Will Not Create Hurting And Angry Responses

Problem is that when a Black Man does something he is charged right then. If this had been a Black Police and a White man I wonder how the white race would have responded? Hell do you see how they responded over ReOpen? White guy get a away with saying he will kill but allowed to come to a protest with a gun?

If they had arrested these killers (wonder have they done something similar before) and/or the Police Chief had immediately came on the news and said I watched the video and this is unacceptable and we are going to deal with it asap.

What is going on is what was created because of how this and other cases have taken place and expected hurting folk to wait.

The protest has different kind of folk involved. You have the peaceful protesters that want to send their message.

You have the angry and don’t give a damn at the moment protesters.

I stand on the side with the peaceful protesters however I recognize a hurting and angry protester side as well. If the hurting and angry protester want to put himself in harm’s way and to risk being killed or going to jail, then they must suffer the consequences.

There are good police and there are bad police. There are police that do shit and then there are police that watch shit happens.

The police that do shit need to get what he deserves and the police that watch shit happen should get the same thing as the one that did the shit.

I too am hurt and angry but I am not going to give Racist Special Cs the luxury of watching me get angry and doing something that will take my voice away. What the hurting and angry protester must recognize and understand is once you remove yourself from the equation after committing a crime during the protest, he has silenced himself.

I am The Political Agitator Curmilus Butch Dancy II  2020



Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020



Folk better review each case individually and not make comments that will make you look ignant at the end of the day.

You better get all the facts and not just the side you want to hear.

I do my homework and if I don’t get it right, I come back and make necessary corrections.

What about you?

It is called credibility when you trying to tell something.

Mayors, City Council, Police And Parents Duties

I get so damn sick and tired of folk who want to make other folk do things. But since they got the damn answers why in the hell don’t they run for mayor, city council and/or become a police. Always sitting back throwing shade. Ain’t my damn job to raise other folk children. Hell yeah I will help out where I can if they give me permission but I be damn if I am going to be blamed for what other folk children are doing. I raised mines and I tried to look out for the children that was in my children’s circle especially single ladies.

Mayors typically run their city or town’s day-to-day administration and work with the legislative body to enact laws. They preside over council meetings, provide leadership, receive input from constituents and make business decisions.

Role of the individual councilmember. Councilmembers’ statutory duties are to be performed, almost without exception, by the council as a whole. For example, the council, not individual members, must supervise administrative officers, formulate policies, and exercise city powers.

The duties of a police officer, also known as a law enforcement officer, focus on protecting people and property. They patrol the areas they are assigned, which sometimes include entire jurisdictions, respond to calls, enforce laws, make arrests, issue citations, and occasionally testify in court cases.

Parents are responsible to provide the necessary food, clothing, shelter and medical care insofar as they are able. They are equally responsible for providing sound education and a sound knowledge of their religion as well as moral training of their children. … A child who gratifies his parents is rare.

It is not the responsibility of anyone to raise other children unless they desire to. However that can’t be done without parental permission.


You Don’t Call the Police on Poverty – Spectacular Magazine

The Watch Dog response: This is an awesome article and should be read by everyone that can read.

“You don’t call the police on poverty…that’s exactly how Black lives become hashtags.”

I arrived at the Durham Co-op Market Monday morning January 02, 2017 for coffee and to finish some writing. As I approached the market’s front door, a middle-aged Black man standing on the side of the building, stopped me and asked for “spare change.”

Little did he know, I was four days from ‘pay day’ and had absolutely no money. I was living on a credit card for the next four days. I told him I was “out of cash” and kept walking.

As I entered the sliding glass doors, one of the cashiers asked, “Is that man still out there asking for money?” I said “Yes. But he’s not posing a threat to anyone. He’s just standing on the side and asking for spare change.” She then informed me that she had already spoken with him once that morning and that the manager had instructed her to call the police. (Read more)

Raleigh police attempts to draw gun in church

This is not the only church being harassed by police in Raleigh

Subject: Police Harassment of Black Churches in Raleigh


Meeting Saturday, Feb. 11 at 2:00 pm 

New Hope Christian Church

105 E. Lee Street, Raleigh NC

Pastor, John Page

(919) 793-6345


Discussion: police harassment of black churches in Raleigh

Raleigh police recently entered a church attempted to draw guns and pepper spray, then ordered everyone to leave the premises.  Another church they hacked their computer, cut their pipes, tampered with their mail and their car.  The meeting is to mobilize strength in numbers, and to inform other community leaders of this pattern.


My account of events On January 14 th Dr. Inetta Cooper


Police shuts down church service, then order church folks to leave the premises. 


ABC News 11 Video News Footage

Link from from abc11.com:

Organizers upset after MLK event visited by police



Never have I witnessed such a blatant exposition of racism and violation of human rights.   Amendment 1 of the United States Constitution says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."


On Saturday night, January 14, 2012, the NPower Ministry rented the Glorious Church in Raleigh, NC to have their Annual National New Year’s Celebration, which fell on Martin Luther King weekend.   I was unaware that police officers sat outside during the service.  There were about 60 people under the age of 35 in pure worship.  Minister Cory Wiley, an up and coming dynamic young man of God, brought the word.  Then the youth, in their way, went into musical praise. It was an awesome display of worship by our youth.  I was so happy.


At approxiamately 10:30 pm, two police officers entered the sanctuary, unsolicited by us.  And the first officer unsnapped his gun holster and pepper spray, stopped the music, shut down the service, and ordered us to leave the premises.  They actually stayed until everyone left and made sure the church was locked.  No one was fighting.  No one was arguing.  We were just singing!  The officer was yelling and screaming stating enough was enough and we had to leave.  Enough what?  We didn’t understand.  The youth didn’t say a word.  However, (the police officer) asked for ID while placing a hand on his gun.  Unbelieveable!!! 


Scene:  Two white police officers unlawfully entered a black church, located in a white neighborhood, shut down a church service in the middle of praise.  Gun holsters unsnapped, pepper spray ready, screaming, yelling, disrespectful, faces red with rage, ordered everyone OUT!   Demons were in rare form! The devil was MAD!  They closed a church service in an established church by an established ministry. 


The constitution states we have the freedom to freely express our faith.  What happened here? Do we live in Russia? China? They don’t even make nightclubs shut down…..but the church?  And I don’t understand the officers’ actions — coming in the church and unsnapping his gun holster.   His job is only to keep the peace when it involves the church.  But the police was the one who disturbed the peace!!! 


There is a separation of church and state.  Law enforcement does not have the right to serve a warrant on church property, let alone unsnap their gun holster and close the service. There was no disturbance, except WORSHIP!   For a minute, I thought it was the sixties again.  Is this what Jesus died for?  Is this what Martin Luther King died for?  It was unbelieveable that in 2012, African-Americans — on MLK’s birthday — were ordered by citation and police enforcement to leave the church and told ‘You can’t do that here. The constitution does not apply to you.  You don’t have rights.’ What?


They not only disrepected the ministry, but they disrepected every person there.  They disrepected the sanctity of the church.  And above, beyond, and without question, they disrespected the one and true living God.  Too long the church has been passive.   We have rights, we have the authority, and we have an obligation to stand for the cause of Christ. The City of Raleigh-Wake County Law Enforcement made a horrific intentional flaunt of unlawful authority in violation of the United States first Amendment.


Subsequently,  I can’t find any documentation or court case where law enforcement actually closed down a church service or entered a church uninvited, other than to keep peace.  Clearly, the City of Raleigh Law Enforcement was operating unlawfully, and I can’t just lay down and take it without pushing back.


You are welcome to share your comments.  We truly need the prayers of the Saints.


God bless you,



Dr. Inetta J. Cooper

Founder of Women –N- Power Ministries

A Division of Women -N- Power Ministries