Pinetops NC – Samaritan’s Purse Departure Dinner At Pines Chapel MBC

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Pinetops NC – Bynum Farm Road Flood Victims Help Is Here


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Bynum Farm Road Flood Victims


Pines Chapel Church Pinetops NC
Across from Dollar General

These good folk are here go sign up they will clean out your home, gut it out and to get it ready to be repaired. This is all for free.

You will have to get someone to repair the house but these volunteers will be have done the worst work.

But talk to them and let them tell you what they can do for you.

They Say I Been Banned From Pines Chapel Oh Well Whey Da Do Dat At?

Since folk are still saying to me that they heard I have been banned from Pines Chapel and ask me why. First of all ban didn’t come up in the conversation when my uncle was sent to me. I said all I know he asked me about do I need to get permission to video and that I had talked about their church on Facebook. I didn’t ask him any questions because he do not know anything about Facebook and he probably didn’t even understand what they were talking about because he know who I am because he is my moma’s brother and we are not strangers.

When I post on my Blog it automatically goes to my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Read the 2 Open Letters to the church and this is all I have to offer. I have no clue of what they are saying that I have said negative about their church. I have family and friends there.

What I will say though is if I say anything about anyone, church and/or etc. I dare you to challenge me on what I say because it will be the truth and I will stand behind whatever I say.

Click on the following link Open Letters To Pines Chapel and you figure it out because I haven’t heard from anyone from the church in response to my letters.


An Open Letter To Pines Chapel MBC Saturday April 2, 2016

Note: I dropped this off at the last Conference on the date listed and to this date I have not heard anything from anyone other than I called my uncle that night and he said they were going to get back with me. I refuse to question him about this matter.

Pines Chapel MB
Pinetops NC
March 18, 2016

I was in shock on yesterday when I received a call from my Uncle (Deacon) James Horne that he wanted to talk to me about something. I was more shocked to learn he was told to talk to me about the church had a problem with me videoing because I had talked negative about the church on Facebook but he couldn’t explain it to me.

First of all I am 53 years old and I know ya’ll and ya’ll know me so someone who could have explained it better should have contacted me. Better yet ya’ll could have called me to come and talk to ya’ll.

I have no clue of what the negative that I have been accused of and I do not and will not allow anyone to paint a picture of me without giving me all of the details. My question is what was negative?

I have been asked by several folk in state and out of state did I have Pastor William Keys on video and I said no.

I have made the video of Bonita Lancaster singing and Pastor Keys Private so no one can see them. I have no problem with that. Bonita had around 250 views and Pastor Keys sermon around 150 views.

I would like to receive a response tonight about what I have said negative about the church so that I can bring some closure to this issue. I can be reached at (252) 314-5484, 24 hours a day and as you are reading this.

Thanking you in advance.

Sincerely yours,

Curmilus Dancy II

Open Letter To Pines Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Pinetops NC

I have always supported young folk especially young folk on a mission. But even those who are not on a mission I try to talk to them also.

When I became a community activist in the late 80’s my main focus was to be a voice for young folk and the elderly. I felt the folk in between could and/or should be able to handle their own to a certain degree.

Anyone that knows me know I say what I mean and mean what I say. I talk about local issues and people challenging them.

Now to my point. I am so happy to see a young man by the name of Rev. now Pastor William Keys being given the opportunity to lead the congregation at Pines Chapel. I know he was 23 years old when he was voted in as the pastor however he turned 24 years old on December 21. Pastor Keys is younger than the majority of the congregation but that is okay. This should be no problem if the Lord has called him to lead his people and I trust and believe he has and will.

So I am first asking Pastor Keys to stay in the word. Be all that the Lord has in store for you.

I am asking the congregation to pray for your pastor that he stays in the word and that he lead ya’ll to higher heights. Support your pastor. Together ya’ll can take Pinetops to a whole new level. I will be watching to see what ya’ll will do because there is much work to do in the community especially reaching out to the children which should be one of the top priorities. Our children are our future.

I look forward to fellowshipping with ya’ll often during the new year.

Happy Holidays!


Pinetops NC : “Mission Vision Plan” MVP Youth Round Table Empowerment

For immediate release:

“Mission Vision Plan” MVP Youth Round Table Empowerment

Pines Chapel Missionary Baptist Church 502 East Hamlet Street Pinetops, NC Saturday February 15, 2014 1:00 PM

Giving young adults a positive set up for a positive come up in life. An open floor social about real life situation in their everyday life. A time for empowerment, motivation and inspiration for our young people. And also showing them the blessings that come too their lives once they fully rely on God.

The MVP Youth Round Table Empowerment is sponsored by Jerel Rodgers along with friends, Impact Ministry Team, Kloud9, Kingdom Wurk, Speak Lyfe and Guide our Youth – Stop The Violence groups that are made up of young folks from surrounding areas.

For more information please contact Jerel Rodgers Youth Motivator at 252-969-3398.