The Church Has Got To Accept Some Responsibility – Hell I Been Saying That Since The Late 80’s Early 90’s

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This Pastor gets it! What are the Pastors in your community saying? Oh they talking about why folk talking about the COVID-19 and mad when folk challenge the church. Many of them are worrying about going back in the church, worrying about the Tithes/Offerings.

Oh they are ready to preach your love ones funeral and get paid but what did they say and do before then?

It is time for the Church to get it right.

I’ll Wait!


These Pastors Comments Tickles The Hell Out Of Me!

I posted this on Thursday July 23, 2020 and I know I who will respond indirectly because they can’t handle being challenged. But obviously they feel guilty. But you see I ain’t scared to post them trues and see how they come for me indirectly. I am just responding to what they say but then they get mad. Now I know some of them real good and boy do they have an attitude problem. But what they need to recognize and understand is just because I post it here, don’t think that I don’t talk to folk and they are watching you and watching me and they say things. Some folk don’t say things publicly but I do and I get credit for a lot of things that others say however we be in agreement so therefore I can post it without fear of the comeback. Folk delete me because I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of folk misleading folk and thinking they can say anything but folk can’t respond to them. If you don’t want to see what I am saying you better Unfriend and/or Block me now.

These Pastors comments tickles the hell out of me!

Folk you better use Common Sense.

They have Bible Study and a Church Service on Sunday but do nothing for the people on other days but talk about what the folk are talking about.

So damn glad I know the man for myself and don’t have to rely on Pastor to tell me what, when and how much I can talk about anything.

Pastors what about your hurting congregation, the sick, the unemployed, the schools reopen dilemma?

Do you go to meetings?


Talk to me.

Now Run, Run and Tell That!


Edgecombe County – Pastors Come Together To Discuss The Murder Of George Floyd And Others

Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office

Yesterday at 10:56 AM ·

A group of area clergy reached out to Sheriff Atkinson to facilitate a diverse discussion on the death of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement in Minneapolis. There was a great, constructive discussion on the issues surrounding this incident and race in America.

The Political Agitator’s response: I would love to know more in depth about the conversation after I got off the phone. 

Sign out of social media. Go out and speak to your neighbors. Listen to your neighbors of all backgrounds. Learn about their viewpoints and let them learn about yours. This is how we move forward and heal from tragic incidents like this.

The Political Agitator’s response: I really don’t know what signing out of social media has to do with anything and would love to hear more about that. Now if they had said to be constructive and effective on social media, I could understand it better. But ain’t nothing wrong with communicating in different types of ways especially since the coronavirus is alive and well.

How many neighborhoods have folk from all backgrounds? A few. I don’t see neighbors having conversations amongst themselves about the latest murders of Black folk by Police Officers. I said it should be some community meetings where there are groups gathered together so eliminate the myths by putting the facts as presented on the table and that there would be following up meetings as things progressed to attempt to keep the communities from becoming angry. So many times there are miscommunication and that leads to a mess.

When pastors from different backgrounds come together we may get somewhere but (they) don’t communicate with each other especially fellowship with each other but expect the community to come together. Really! I have attended/videoed Dr. MLK events over the years and I seen the participation when the year the White church goes to the Black church and then the Black church goes to the White church. And then during the MLK Breakfast and Banquet the participation there. So to think folk are going to just come together during a time of the murder and the protest, wow that is going to take some strong folk to sit down and talk about how to move forward.

Sheriff Atkinson and the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office are appalled by the actions of the 4 officers involved in the death of George Floyd. We in no way condone their actions. They were criminal and inexcusable. We train to interact with the public in a respectful manner and arrest those we must, safely.

Our prayer is that this tragic event will spark the conversation between those in our community who come from different backgrounds to unify and love one another. Be the change that you want to see in the world.

The Political Agitator’s response: I appreciate the response from the Sheriff Office however over the years I am aware of some of the deputies actions and also today. I see some of them responding on social media today that I feel shows their character. Some may not be the author the negativity however they make comments and/or simply hit the Like button. I have watched those whom have retired and watching those whom are currently employed.

In attendance were: Pastor Malcolm Lewis (Anderson Chapel MBC), Pastor Eric Evans (Walnut Grove Baptist Church), Pastor Jesse Baker (Pinetops/Temperance Hall United Methodist Church), Pastor Wade Parker (Webb’s Chapel Baptist Church), Pastor Kenny Parker (St. Mark MBC), John Rosal (Hispanic/Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church). Pastors via conference call: Dr. Leonzo Lynch, Pastor Ebenezer MBC Charlotte, NC and President, General Baptist State Convention of NC
and Pastor William Keys (Pines Chapel MBC)

The Political Agitator’s response: I know some of these Pastors quite well. Lewis he is my pastor. I know Evans because he is our County Manager, met Baker because he came to our church once last year and brought his congregation and our church is scheduled to go this however because of the COVID-19 don’t know if and when that will happen. I been knowing Parker for years. I don’t know if I am familiar with Rosal but have gone to First Baptist Church I believe over the years for Dr. MLK Celebration. I am familiar with Lynch because I have videoed him speaking at NAACP event/s and also he came and spoke for a program that my pastor had for the seniors citizens. I am very much familiar with Keys.

I had the opportunity to be on the phone call for the 1st part of the meeting before the pastors moved the meeting offline.

My concerns are that although I appreciate the pastors coming together, I have asked that they have someone involved that is actively engaged with community and political activism in Edgecombe County that can be at the table. I repeat that the majority of the folk attends a church and will somewhat follow their pastor so if they would preach love your brother and sister and join together to go to the school board meetings and county commissioners meeting to name a few to request that they do what is right about all the children. I said if Black and White folk would go to the commissioners’ meeting to support the Edgecombe County Sheriff Office because they have been underpaid. Now that would be showing Black and White Folk uniting for a cause that benefit all folk.

Well I think you get where I am coming from.

Can’t wait to see how the next meeting goes if there is a next meeting. 

Pastors Saying It Is Not About Going Back In The Church It Is About Constitutional Rights

Wow! This is quite interesting because it took a COVID-19 (Coronavirus) for some Pastors and church folk to realize there is such a thing as Constitutional Rights.

In the scenes I seen on TV last week where Caucasian Pastors and church folk protested and filed a motion against Governor Roy Cooper asking that the church open to no more than 10 folk when having inside services. It was funny to me that Black Pastors that I have seen on Facebook mad because they can’t have all of their members inside of the church, I didn’t see none of them at the protest nor make comments anywhere. Oh but they hiding behind the Caucasians protest ready to move in. 

So with all that has been going on in this world as it relates to Constitutional Rights being violated when it comes to Black folk, where in the hell have these Black and Caucasian Pastors and church folk been?

Oh they don’t want to talk about them trues.

Continue on because I am going to see what the outcome going to be while this 14 day temporary order against our Governor who has the best interest of all folk lives at heart even though Black folk are the ones that they say are more than likely to contract the coronavirus.

Now Run & Tell That While I Wait!

Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Pastors If You Ain’t Talking About Black Folk Who Are Essential Workers Being Kept Safe By Making Sure They Got The Proper PPE Then Don’t Talk To Me

If you are a Pastor of a church and your daily message do not include making sure Black Folk and other folk Essential Workers are not being kept safe by making sure they got the proper PPE, then don’t talk to me.

It is a damn shame that some Pastors are worrying about having church and Drive In services putting emphasis on Easter Sunday but I have not heard a word about folk that have to go to work putting their lives on the line. Hell this reminds me of signing up or be drafted to do in the military to go fight in a war. But at least the military give you the proper PPE a full body armor. Oh the church has said put on your body of armor with the bible. Well those in the military have the bible too but it takes more. Faith without works is . . . Oh so now you have forgot but you been preaching it all of these years.

I am challenging all Pastors to speak the hell up! If you want to have church and your Drive In services damn at least speak up for the folk who are out here on the frontline.

Now is that asking too much? Just do it! Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Local City Government And County Commissioners Can Set Rules & Regulations That Are Stricter Than The Governors’ Mandates

Local Government can set rules and regulations but they are waiting on the Governor. Really!

Blame your local leaders for not doing the most. But local Republicans will attempt to use the current order against our Governor to attempt to unseat him in November. I am quite sure he has caught hell from some Democratic Pastors putting pressure on him because they mad think he don’t want their ass to have church. SMDH!

It is about the Benjamins. Hell get mad with me for talking about these trues. You have not supported The DCN News Blog Online TV although I have promoted you so I have nothing to lose. My ministry have been surviving because I am my brothers keeper even in spite of Ungrateful Negro Black Folk. But it ain’t about me and them but about him.

In case they didn’t know I stopped by to tell them that it is so it is in the Order.

Read Entire Original Stay At Home Order

Executive Order No. 121 

Read Section 4 Local Orders

Pastors Go Into Your Empty Churches Alone And Meditate


Go into your empty churches alone and meditate. Let the Lord speak to you and then let him use you.

Report back! Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Comment from Facebook Thank You!

Annie Dupree-Collins Been doing that ALL week. HE has spoken very clearly. HIS assignment for the Believers is the same and will never change. Go ye therefore teach all nations…lay hands on the sick…cast out evil spirits…go into the hedges and highways…bring heaven to earth…JESUS showed you how….now go and do what HE showed you. GOD is NOT pleased. HE is REALLY not pleased with the state of the church.

Somebody Don’t Want To Hear These Trues! Most Of The “Cats” That Y’all Think Are Pastors Are NOT Pastors by Frank Henderson

#MustBeSaid: #WrittenWithLoveAndInLove

Most of the “cats” that y’all think are pastors are NOT pastors. This crisis that we’re going through is proving the point for all of the world to clearly see. There are “3 Things” that STAND OUT when a man/woman is an Ephesians Ch. 5 [doma] teaching pastor…

#1. They FEED the people… No way around it. Pastors ARE
feeders. What they feed the people is God’s word, not their strategies, their idiosyncrasies, their dogma, their protocol and systems. The feed the flock God’s word. [Acts 20:28] [1 Pe5:2]
[Jhn 21:17]

#2. They LOVE people. They can’t wait to see them. They care about your safety. They care about your family. You’re more to them than “tithes and offerings”. They learn your name. They know your interests. They wanna know how you fit in the body and ensure that you do the “work” assigned to you. They love seeing your maturation. They understand that as an undershepherd to Christ they have a job to do with you and take it seriously. They don’t put you on hold for 10-15 years or simply see you as an “accessory” to what they’re doing. LOVE is an action word. [Jhn 3:16] [Jhn 13:35] [1 Cor 16:24]

#3. They SERVE people: They roll up their sleeves and put on a towel and ensure that you’re served. They’re not sitting in a special seat waiting on service. They’re walking up to you and asking you, “How can I serve you?” They’re putting teams in place to serve you. They’re ensuring that everyone passes under the hand of God and is accounted for. We’ve now allowed pastors to replace service with technology. We’ve allowed them to turn in the “servants towel” and replace it with CRM’s, pre-published text messages, generic emails, video screens, and social media soundbites. It didn’t use to be that way. Pastors actually knew who they were talking to. [Matthew 20:26,27]

These are all pastoral qualities that are non-negotiable. Look for these in choosing leaders. Charm is good. Nice-looking is good. Dressing fly is good. Big buildings are good. STILL, none of that compares to being fed the word, loved and served. Pastors must again connect with parishioners so that when a crisis like we’re experiencing now rears its head the scrambling that we see today doesn’t exist anymore. One last question: Answer if you’re bold enough to do so. If the answer is NEVER or a lonnnnnnnnnnnnggggg time ago… You’re NOT being pastored. If you feel the need to make an excuse, you’re not being pastored. Just answer the question honestly and then let your heavenly FATHER talk to you about it. If you’re a pastor and you feel some kind of way, get back to feeding, loving and serving.

When was the last time your pastor stopped by the house?


#BeWiseMyFriends #PastorFrank

#LiveEPIC #BeEPIC #JoinEPIC #ShareWithAFriend

EPIC Fellowship Church

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How Many Pastors & Preachers Have Come Together And Took A Stand?

How many pastors and preachers have come together and said we don’t want our people in harms way?

Tell them that some folk have to go to work so make sure they are safe by sanitizing their place of business and giving them the proper PPE.

How many pastors have come together and said to the local stores we ain’t allowing you to price gouge our people?

I could go on but you get the message. Stand for something that has some value and can be measured. But put the scripture at the beginning or the end of your talk.

I am still working because I am Essential while many pastors are at home worrying about a damn liquor store. Hell some of them drank.

If you think I have just started to hold people accountable then you have not been paying attention. Now Run & Tell That! Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Pastors Bought And Paid For When It Comes To Elections

Theresa Alston Stokes you are right on. I have been educating folk about pastors have been bought and sold. Sources have told The DCN that some Black Pastors have sold their souls to the Caucasian Powers that Be so now they can’t ask for anything and must do what Massa tell them to do. I could call names but it ain’t necessary because everyone can see what Pastors speak out on issues and doing things in the community.

I have been out here fighting the good fight since the late 80’s being a voice for the people operating out of my pocket sacrificing my time and finances while competing with those who have the finances who were saying they are about what is good for the people while playing both sides. I know because I have been at the table and seen the mess that have gone on. I talk to a hell of a lot of folk and I repeat it all the time, “I know a hell of a lot more than what some folk think I know.”

If I was a sell out I would not be asking for donations to do what I do but although it has been a struggle, God has been good.

Theresa you say, “For those of you who have accepted the money, made the deals…I pray that God touches your heart.” Well I don’t know if that is enough because some folk who they have worked against have gone on to glory so I will have to think on that one. Folk need to live what they preach and look at all of the folk they have mislead, mis-fed and messed up their lives whom have gone on and some whom are still alive.

So look around and see what Pastors are doing what. Look at what their churches are doing and then look at the income they have coming in. Look at what they do for their members. Look at what they are saying on Sunday and then look at what they are saying and doing Monday – Saturday.

But by the Grace of God we have survived!

And on October 8, when the party is over and the victory is won look at how the Pastors and others come to the celebration. GTHOH! You didn’t do it, your people woke up and did what was right.

Fact Check That! Report Back! I’ll Wait! 

In response to Theresa Alston Stokes

This is so sad….BUT someone’s GOT to say it! It saddens me to see that some pastors in our community have apparently been promised or have been given money in order to have their congregations to support a particular candidate. ANYONE who is BUYING you to support them is ALREADY showing you their leadership …… IF they have bought…”YOU”…. who are “pillars of the community”….. they will BUY anyone. To vote for someone is one thing BUT to vote for someone because you have BEEN PAID to do so is another. That would mean the election goes to the highest bidder. For those of you who have accepted the money, made the deals…I pray that God touches your heart. ❤️Blessings to each and everyone of you. WAKE UP PEOPLE

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