Pastors And Our Pres. To Talk About One Without The Other Make Us No Different Than The Oppressor

Have you noticed that Pastors don’t have much to say about what is going on in the real world? Shouldn’t they preach in season and out of season waking folk up with the trues. But nope ain’t gonna do that because that requires them to get involved and do something. When they acknowledge there is a problem and then I don’t speak out and/or do something then you can hold me accountable. But as long as they act like they don’t know then they can just ride out the storm. And then when the storm is over they can talk about it as if they was in the storm when actually they allowed the storm to go on without trying to help folk seek shelter.

We can talk about our Pres. but don’t get it twisted he ain’t the only one that need to be talked about. To talk about one without the other makes us no different from the oppressor.