An Open Letter To Barbara Campbell Davis And The Likes

I found it funny as hell that after talking to you recently that you had the audacity to say I was the problem in the Democratic Party. Well first of all I don’t know you like that and you don’t know me. I have been actively engaged in Edgecombe County Politics since the late 80’s and I just learned of you last year. Obviously you have not been too long moved back in the area and/or been involved in Edgecombe County Politics that long. But that is okay. It was 2 other black women and I don’t know which one agreed with you so I don’t want to call the wrong person’s name but I think I know which one it was. But that don’t matter because they don’t know me and I don’t know them either because like you and her, we have not had conversations that would be one that we could say we know each other to some degree. Just being in the room with someone during a meeting doesn’t make someone know someone on a personal note.

You say I am the problem because I speak up at the meetings and I ought to let someone else say it. Really? Who in the hell is that someone else? You see some folk like to speak up before the meeting and after the meeting but not during the meeting. Folk vote on mess such as the agenda, treasurers’ report and other and mess don’t be right and because I challenge mess I am the problem.

You have a problem with way I say things well hell yeah I say it with boldness and I speak loud and clear because I know I am right because I know the Democratic Plan of Organization so I can do that. Most folk have never read the POO and even after I pull out the sections of the POO and post it, folk still not read it or may do read it but either they don’t understand it or just don’t give a damn about what it says. Because I speak with boldness and speak loud folk take it that I am a angry black man. Not! I speak loud so folk can hear me and speak with authority.

I came into the party fighting mess when the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Officers were a majority white. Some folk fought to get the majority because the make-upv of the population of the county had changed. I will never forget that someone said when I became a member of the county officers in the early 90’s that they needed me because I didn’t like white folk. I said oh no don’t go there. They said that because I used to write letters (2 – 3) weekly to the editor to both The Daily Southerner and The Rocky Mount Telegram. However I used to write letters weekly to The Carolinian in Raleigh NC and sometimes to the Raleigh News & Observer. But the person said I didn’t like white folk because a former County Commissioner and I used to go at it because he used to write letters as well especially about black folk stealing at the Winn Dixie on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount and I said they better look at who is running the place to see who were involved in the stealing because while black folk getting accused it left the door open for the whites in management and other to be able to steal without being watched.

I told black folk back when I first joined the party that we can make changes the right way and we don’t have to do illegal and ignant mess such as when Rev. Roosevelt Higgs had voted twice and some other mess. I said I am about what is right and will not get caught up in mess because I am going to act per the Plan of Organization something that many didn’t read and Higgs used it to his advantage to do whatever he wanted to do but I challenged him. And now we have another chair Lawrence K. Taylor that is following in Higgs footsteps so why do folk think I am going to be silent?

I am going to end here because I ain’t going back and talk about around 30 years of being active (working and being vocal) in the Edgecombe County Democratic Party.

I refuse to allow anyone to think that they will silence me in the Edgecombe County Democratic Party because I am going to continue to speak out against mess and challenge leadership when they ain’t right. I will not vote for mess that ain’t right and it is documented that I will vote alone because I know others in the room know that I am right about it however as long as I know I am right I don’t need any validation from others. I always allow my conscious to be my guide.

So for the Barbara Campbell Davis and the likes that have an issue with me being who I am and what I stand for, I am going to continue to be about what is right. I am going to speak it where it need to be spoke and not just behind closed doors where others like to do business but when it comes time to do business where it need to be done they get silent. Well my vote which is only one is heavy because I am voting on what was said behind closed doors. I tell folk all the time I get credit because I speak on what folk are scared to speak on publicly for whatever their reasons may be.

It is a damn shame when folk speak truth to power and others know you are but then they try to play it safe when we are at the table. You see folk need to understand when you ain’t at the table you may be on the menu. Well last week I was on the menu but I tell you when it was all said and done they said oh but you be right but it is just the way I say it and write it. Well hell if somebody else would say it I would not have to say and write anything. But when folk doing mess and nobody challenge them they think they can get away with their mess. Well they can until the time comes. Like I said the time is coming and you said when. I say it is coming.

The problem when it comes to me folk try to put me in clichés but what folk need to understand is that I can think for myself and no matter how close we are if I don’t agree with you that I ain’t the one that don’t let you know. You see this is what I mean by folk that don’t know me.

I had written a petition for remove the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair following the Plan of Organization but you and some other folk want to go through the State. Well I am going to sit back and watch because if ya’ll like the mess that is going on then I love it. But I am going to challenge the mess so until ya’ll get it right then you will be hearing from me during the meetings because I am going to exercise my right to speak as a Precinct Chair. And I don’t have no control over my vice chair coming to the meetings nor anyone else from my precinct. I do have a voice and a vote.

I ain’t mad with nobody and I am going to continue to be a voice for the voiceless because I know I speak for some folk. It ain’t about me so anyone who says otherwise they need to check themselves.



Open Letter To Edgecombe County Democratic Party Lawrence Taylor I Am Embarrassed That You Were Elected To Lead The County Democrats


I tried to wait til the 1st of the year but I just can’t!

I find this to be quite interesting and also quite damn insulting to me as a longtime faithful Democratic Party member. I first learned of this on Facebook because you have no damn meetings. I then received a black and white copy of this in the mail which was a waste of mailing because I have requested over the years to save the stamps and email me anything and I can print myself unless it is some important information that need to be sent per the State Headquarters.

You say all guest are asked to bring a $5.00 blanket. Who in the hell are guest? Am I considered a guest?

I was wondering what the blankets were for and then tonight I see on Commissioner Viola Harris Facebook page a photo of blankets being presented to Princeville NC. Really? It is a damn shame folk use certain situations to attempt to make themselves shine. Well sir where in the hell were you when the recent Princeville and other others were going on in October and November. Want to impress me then do some damn real political work and educate folk on what is going on around us politically. Have some damn meetings within the party so we can all know what is going on in these little so-called 1 – 2 other folk meeting with you which is unofficial meetings.

It is a damn shame that I see you on Facebook every week posting about selling food but never anything about the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. Because there has been no meetings with the county executive committee I am insulted that our appointed Sheriff had to announce his candidacy at an event held at Abrams in Pinetops. The Nash County Sheriff announced his candidacy before his party.

I am embarrassed that you were elected to lead Edgecombe County Democrats. Damn I was hoping that when you picked up where the former chair left off you would do better but I be damn if you ain’t taken the party to an all time low.

I have a problem with jingling and mingling with folk that ain’t doing a damn thang! You sir ain’t doing a damn thing and from what I understand that you have been operating basically solo. However I want to see the minutes of all of the meetings that you have had that you have called or supposedly have called with your county officers. I should not mention that now and just wait until you call a county executive committee meeting next year but I am going to give you time to fix up something. Hell I don’t want to blind side you you now you know. I can’t wait to see what the secretary will have to present.

I have tried but I just can’t.

Although I know I speak for some other folk who have concerns about the party, hold me accountable for all of what I am saying here because I stand behind all I have said even dating back to when I did my earlier open letter asking you to resign. Don’t get it twisted I know what I need to do to attempt to have you removed but hey I didn’t vote for you but was willing to work with you until I attended the meeting that someone else told me about and you had the audacity to says some folk said to you they were not coming to a NIGGER meeting in the damn presence of you only white county officer. Hell from what I understand that was the 1st and last meeting that he attended.

If those who voted for you like what you are doing then I love it. However I don’t support you nor what you are doing.

The Republicans in the NC General Assembly got the state all tore up and you ain’t taking the county party serious. You did nothing during the recent elections. You are not doing anything to educate Edgecombe County Democrats. What about that part?

Am I mad? Hell yeah because I have invested too much time and resources within the Democratic Party while having to deal with ignants leading the party.

I am Curmilus Dancy II Precinct Chair 11-1 and I approve of this letter. I don’t need a 2nd nor 3rd.


Open Letter To Mrs. Adelle Greene Don’t Go There With Me

Mrs. Greene you called in tonight on WNCR TV 41 Moving Forward Talk Show trying to discredit me because of a situation we had that you got ignant with me after I had did a favor for you. You and your husband begged me for almost an entire week Sunday up until Friday and your event was on the next day.

The weekend in question was my wedding anniversary and my son was gone to a wedding in South Carolina so my wife and I could have spent time together and maybe went out of town if nowhere but to Durham to visit our daughter or to New Bern where my in-laws live. But I spent from 2:00 PM videoing and preparing the video and photos until about 8 PM that Saturday evening. When I left Rocky Mount you had 2 DVDs and a CD with over 500 photos. And then on that Sunday my wife and I went out to eat and this is when your harassing phone calls began while we were at a restaurant. After you hung up your husband called and I made it clear to him that I told you I was not going to change anything because I did what I was suppose to do and what you were complaining about had nothing to do with me.

I committed to doing what you asked although I didn’t want to. But since I have been knowing you almost all of my 51 years, I did it out of you being an old neighbor. You have threatened me and I have all of the voicemails and even 2 that I have not even listened to. You have called my cell phone and house phone with threatening phone calls that I have and you talk about me repeating myself. The damn voicemails you left repeating yourself although your husband left a couple was the repeating of the same threatening messages.

During the time of your threats I was communicating with your daughter who understood and also asked me to don’t expose you. But here you go again 1 month and 4 days after receiving the last threatening phone call of 10 total atleast, you call in tonight trying to discredit me because you have a personal vendetta against me that went no where. Don’t go there with me because I will make these voicemails public. This is not a THREAT but a PROMISE!

If I was to make the voicemails public you will not be able to be a teacher’s aide in Edgecombe and Nash Counties ever again. Since I have a child in the Edgecombe County Public Schools system just maybe I need to take some actions because since my son has my name and you just may try to take it out on him. Since your call tonight, I feel I may need to contact the schools and make them aware that I don’t want you in a classroom that my child is in and could go as far as in a school that he is in.

You were warned not to contact me anymore via phone calls and you were told that I could file harassing phone call charges against you. I chose not to although you made some strong threats and even calling leaving a message for my wife as if I am a damn child. I am a 51 year old grown ass man so don’t go there with me. I have not disrespected you and when I was told that I ought to file charges against you, I said I am trying to let it go. I said if you wanted to go to court, then I would wait you out and share with the judge and those in the courtroom how you threatened me because you thought you could going to get over on me.

I have not heard anything from you since July 3rd so I thought you were going to act like a grown woman because you are old enough to be my mother.

Because of the threats I have lost all respect for you and your husband so don’t go there with me because I will expose you.

“You don’t understand!” Bernie Mac

Now Run and Tell That!

Rocky Mount NC – Open Letter To William Solomon Candidate For NC House District 23

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Open Letter To William Solomon

Since I am well known across the state of North Carolina, I have been receiving calls and etc. wanting to know where I stand on the NC House 23 election. So since some of my faithful followers reach out to me from time to time to get my opinion on issues and people I do my homework so that I can be well informed on issues and people so I can respond to the best of my knowledge.

First of all I respect you being a young black male several years younger than I and I am glad you are somewhat interested in politics. However I have some concerns.

I met you at a Democratic Party meeting and over the years you once took on the role as the Young Democrats Chair in Edgecombe County. Andre Knight Rocky Mount Councilman and Vice Chair of Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee at that time and I reached out to you. We told you that we would work with you. We never heard from you. And then later you stopped coming to the Democratic Party meetings.

Later you showed up for something that you were interested in and then I missed you at the meetings again. And then recently you showed back up and then I heard you were going to file for the NC House District 23 seat. Well I didn’t hear anything from you before you filed nor have I heard anything from you since you filed.

You ran against Andre Knight for Rocky Mount City Council during the last election. I had asked you had you ever thought about running for the Edgecombe County Public Schools Board of Education?

I am glad you asked just who am I? You don’t need my permission to run for anything and that is rightfully so. But let me remind you who I am. I am one of the most active if not the most active Democrat in Edgecombe County as far as attending meetings and educating the county, state and nation about what is going on politically almost daily. I have been disrespected and not supported financially however you and others have benefitted. I will not promote you and others whom do not support me.

If you do not respect my work now why in the hell should I expect you to respect me if you were to become my next House Representative? Oh but you did acknowledge me in a meeting that we were in recently that I was the computer guru. Well sir I didn’t take that as a compliment but as an insult knowing that you have not supported me as it relates to the Democratic Party.

Since you did not ask for my support before you filed then I guess I suppose to just vote for you just because you are black. Not! Well my friend I have changed the way I do things. I take many things in consideration.

So now sir why should I vote for you?

Tarboro NC – An Open Letter To Dr. Florence A. Armstrong Candidate For NC Senate District 3

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


An open letter to Dr. Florence A. Armstrong

Since I am well known across the state of North Carolina, I have been receiving calls and etc. (most recent about 2 hours ago) about where I stand on the NC Senate District 3 election. So since some of my faithful followers reach out to me from time to time to get my opinion on issues and people I do my homework so that I can be well informed on issues and people so I can respond to the best of my knowledge.

Dr. Armstrong several years ago when you applied for the Principal position at G. W. Carver Elementary School I stood up for you. It was clear that you were blackballed. I made it known in the meeting when we were interviewing candidates. I visited you to let you know what happened.

I have been in meetings with you over the years and you know me and I know you. Although I have been around many whom have issues with you saying you were very arrogant and etc. I have not allowed others opinions to sway me when it comes to my personal relationship with you.

I told you I could not support you running for the Senate District 3 seat during the last election.

I have somewhat lost all trust in you because over the years I do not believe you have been truly open and responsive to me and when it comes to politics. When you were on the Edgecombe County Public Schools Board I don’t feel like you shared enough information with me that was public information. Please don’t get this twisted because I do not mean sharing personnel and any closed session information with me but as I stated public information. However I do feel strongly that you shared information with several folks whom were close to you whom did not attend the meetings regularly like I did.

In my opinion I find your most recent filing to run for the Senate District 3 to be somewhat comical. Now let me get this out of the way. I am just as black as they come but I am not so black that I am ignant to what is real and what is perceived. I hate it when folks play upon my intelligence.

I had been hearing that you were going to file for the Senate District 3 seat but you didn’t mention it to me this time. I have no problem with that because who am I? Well I know you know that I am very actively engaged in Edgecombe County Politics but not limited to. You also know that I am the publisher of The DCN News Blog Online/TV. You know that I report the news and that I give my opinion on issues, people and etc. when it comes to educating people about what is going on around them. You know, “I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest.”

I am one of the most active if not the most active Democrat in Edgecombe County as far as attending meetings and educating the county, state and nation about what is going on politically almost daily. I have been disrespected and not supported financially however you and others have benefitted. I will not promote you and others whom do not support me.

If you do not respect my work now why in the hell should I expect you to respect me if you were to become my next Senator? What makes you and the others who say the current Senator has not done anything for black folks? What have you done for me?

Since you did not ask for my support before you filed then I guess I suppose to just vote for you because you are black. Not! Well my friend I have changed the way I do things. I take many things in consideration.

I feel that anyone who seeks to unseat Senator Clark Jenkins will have to have a real political machine. I don’t think you have one however I could be wrong since I know nothing about your campaign. Jenkins has lots of money and since I know you and you know me I have some concerns about the financing of your campaign.

So now my question to you is why should I support you?

An Open Letter To Newt Gingrich From A Black Kid Who Grew Up In A Poor Neighborhood – Source: Freedom of Speech

Dear Newt Gingrich,

I recently saw you stand up in front of a group of people and allow some of the most idiotic, unfounded, racist, and ignorant words pass your lips that I’ve ever heard
from a member of a group of the most unqualified presidential candidates America has ever seen. (More)

Response: "Ignorance will never end. Even those with money can’t buy SENSE!!" Author: Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator

Open letter: Shirley Sherrod former USDA State Director Georgia


Sherrod quote
Back in March, I delivered a speech to an NAACP Freedom Fund banquet in my home state of Georgia. I drew on my personal life story to urge poor people, white and black, to pull together and overcome racial divisions. We have to understand that our struggle is against poverty and against those who are blocking our path out of poverty.

Unless we figure this out, I warned, our communities won’t thrive and our children won’t prosper.

As you know, a Tea Party blogger named Andrew Breitbart released an intentionally deceptive, heavily edited clip from that speech to make it look as if I was delivering exactly the opposite message. Then Fox News blasted that false message across America’s airwaves, creating a firestorm that led to my ouster as the USDA State Director here in Georgia.

Not long ago, I sat here in my living room in Albany, Georgia for an afternoon of deep conversation with NAACP President Benjamin Jealous. As he has done in public, Ben movingly apologized for the fact that the NAACP was initially hoodwinked by Breitbart and Fox into supporting my removal. I told him what I want to tell you.

That’s behind us, and the last thing I want to see happen is for my situation to weaken support for the NAACP. Too many people confronted by racism and poverty count on the NAACP to be there for them, especially those in rural areas who often have nowhere else to turn.

People ask me, "Shirley, how are you getting through all of this?" I tell them that, if they knew what I have lived through, they’d understand that these current challenges aren’t about to throw me off course.

When I was 17 years old, my father was murdered by a white man in Baker County, Georgia. There were three witnesses, but the grand jury refused to indict the person responsible. I knew I had to do something in answer to my father’s death.

That very night, I made a commitment that I would stay in the South and fight for change.

I have lived true to that commitment for 45 years. I didn’t yield when, just months after my father was killed, they came in the middle of the night to burn a cross in front of our house with my mother, four sisters, and the baby brother my father never got to see still inside.

And I’m surely not going to yield because some Tea Party agitator sat at his computer and turned everything I said upside down and inside out.

I learned a lot of lessons from my parents growing up, but one of the most important ones is what my mother taught her children after our father was killed. She told us we mustn’t try to live with hate in our hearts.

My mother led by example. Just 11 years after that cross-burning incident, she became the first black elected official in Baker County, and she’s still serving, still working to bring people together.

You and I have to keep working as well. Change has to start with us. I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support I have received over these last few weeks. It means so much to me and my family.

But you and I have to make sure that people all across the country who wage a daily struggle against poverty and racism have support networks as well. And that’s why your personal involvement in sustaining the NAACP is so critical.

The NAACP confronts the virulent racism that my family and so many other families have had to endure. But it is also leading the way in breaking down the structural barriers that block so many people’s paths out of poverty.

In our struggle between the "haves" and the "have-nots," they want to keep the poor divided – and we have to insist, by our words and our actions, that there is no difference between us.

As we move forward together, I urge you to remember this: Life is a grindstone. But whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us.

Thank you for all you are doing to challenge poverty and racism. I look forward to working and struggling right by your side.


Shirley Sherrod


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