Wake school board will consider assignment compromise Tuesday – News & Observer

A renewal of Wake County’s longtime controversy over “neighborhood schools” appears likely on Tuesday, when school board members will receive a proposal for the system’s third assignment plan in as many years.

The developing plan, a product of changing times, board turnover and parental dissatisfaction, has been hatched by school assignment staff under a directive from the board’s Democratic majority. According to early glimpses provided to board members, the new plan will return to addresses tied to specific schools, with an effort to accommodate proximity, stability and diversity. (More)

Tuesday, September 18th – 5:30pm – Come hear the proposed 2013-14 student assignment plan. Public comment at 6:00pm.

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Wake superintendent meets with NAACP – Source: WITN

Raleigh, N.C. — The Wake County Public School System’s new superintendent met with the state NAACP on Wednesday afternoon to talk about diversity and the school board’s controversial move away from the district’s longstanding practice of busing students. (Read more)

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Wake school board’s debate stings principals – Source: News & Observer

RALEIGH — Wake County principals, the on-the-ground managers who carry out the school board’s policies, have been publicly mum during the bitter debate over Wake’s shift to neighborhood schools.

But an informal, anonymous poll – conducted last month by Wake’s new superintendent – indicates that at least 20 percent of the county’s principals strongly oppose . . . (Read more)

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Wake County – Neighborhood Schools Now But What About Long Term

Wake County – Neighborhood Schools Now But What About Long Term

I was talking to someone today and they were saying that the neighborhood schools thingy sounds good in the now but what about in the long term? They went on to say that it will be great now because the resources will be at the school but what will happen when the resources begin to move out in a couple of years. The excitement and the resources will be gone and what will you have? It is sad to say but the school will end up being ghetto.

So those who are preaching neighborhood schools are they concerned about the now or are they concerned about the long term effect?

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Wake school board’s move will delay big changes – Source: News & Observer

RALEIGH — With the Wake County school board now operating with no majority bloc, massive changes in the way students are assigned to schools are unlikely to occur for nearly two more years.

That’s the only certainty that emerged Wednesday, the day after board Vice Chairwoman Debra Goldman split from the panel’s Republican majority by joining Democrats to kill a plan that would have divided Wake into 16 community school zones. That blueprint had been in preparation for months. Goldman said Wednesday that taking more time to listen to a broad range of ideas and people will make for a better plan than the one that had been shepherded by Republican board member John Tedesco. (Read more)

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Neighborhood Schools Forum

We invite you to attend a neighborhood  forum.  All forums are free and open to the public.  After a brief presentation, our speakers will take questions from the audience. 

*February 18, Thursday, 6:30 – 8 p.m
St. Matthew AME Church1629 Bennett St Raleigh, NC 27604.

Contact: Rev. Marion Robinson: (919) 821-7011

Speakers: Dr. Dudley Flood,  Mrs. Margret Rose Murray, and Wake Co. Commissioner Lindy Brown