In Response To Randy Adcox Response To Ann Piscitelli Judd On Community Council Facebook Page

Randy Adcox since you responsed to Ann Piscitelli Judd about Nehemiah Smith I felt compelled to do so also.

You say, “Nehemiah Smith is not in any way connected to the city administration, though he IS an ardent supporter of this current city council, and is present at almost every council meeting each month.”

Mr. so you have an issue with Mr. Smith being a supporter of the current city council because he is present almost every month. So are some of the Special Cs and you included.

You say, “Mr. Smith is actually a pastor with a tendency to become quite animated during the city council meetings, and often resorts to insults and name calling when referring to other speakers or persons who have made what he considers improper or incorrect statements about the council members themselves, or about decisions they have made.”

Mr. so why do you feel that Mr. Smith has to become animated? Really? Can that be connected to the Shaved Ms that we have seen online when referring to me and some other Black folk? I really didn’t think anything of the Shaved M thingy until somebody asked me did I know what it meant and I say no. They say it means Shaved Monkey. Oh well. That is what they said that they were saying.

Mr. you say that Mr. Smith often resorts to insults and name calling so could you give an example of what he said that is/was an insult and a name called?

You say, “It was in direct response to Mr. Smith’s somewhat loud and “preachy” comments at the last city council meeting, that Mayor Combs reiterated the purpose of the “public speaking” portion of the meeting, and reminded everyone in attendance that this was *not* the time for showboating, grandstanding or “preaching a sermon”.

Mr. now that is interesting you say Mr. Smith is somewhat loud and “preachy.” Really! He like some other Black folk speak loud so we can be heard. When we talk loud folk like you want to paint a picture that we are angry. Not! We talk loud so we can be heard and seen. We talk loud because we say what we mean and mean what we say.

Mr. so you feel some type a way because you have an issue with a Black man being able to stand up in public and articulate a message before a Caucasian and other audience. So because he saying everything that you don’t want to hear oh he has to be showboating, grandstanding and preaching? Really!

You say, “In all fairness to Mr. Smith, he has the belief that the majority of the opposition to this council is racially motivated, and therefore he feels obligated to “call out” those who he sees as questioning the decisions of this council, due to it being a 4-3 black majority.”

Mr. I am going to go out on a limb and don’t normally do this but I believe I am right about this. Hell yeah Mr. Smith know it is all about race. He is calling out those who make ignant comments and will just simply flat out lie, lie, lie. Hell yeah some Special Cs expressed what they were going to do if the council became a Back Majority before the 2003 election. Some got mad after the council. They still mad!

You say, “And while it may be true that there are those in this city who are uncomfortable with the “black majority” of our current city council, to suggest that everyone who disagrees with, or questions the decisions of this council does so because of race, is frankly neither true nor fair.”

Mr. the majority of the issues raised by you and the other Special Cs are directed to Councilmen Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell and the last time I checked they both were Black. But y’all really, really come after Andre. When it is clear that y’all have a problem with the progress being made to the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount. The Event Center going downtown and now the Hotel/Parking Deck y’all bout to go damn crazy.

You say, “There are a great many citizens in this city of ALL ethnicities (black, white, Asian, Latino, native American) who question the decisions and motives of this current city council.”

Mr. it is okay for anyone to question the council but what ain’t okay is the lies and when they respond to y’all, y’all play the vicitim. It does not matter what the outcome of the responses y’all receive, some continue to keep doing the same thing and receiving the same results. Some just lie, lie, lie but then when the lies are dispelled then they try to twist or change the narrative.

You say, “Everybody who disagrees with this council (or Mr Nehemiah Smith!) isn’t a racist, and such implications only tend to further divide our city at a time when we need to be coming together.”

Mr. I don’t recall Mr. Smith calling everyone by name when he disagrees with them but just like on yesterday he will call out the name of the person he is addressing.

And I got to end on this note, during the previous council meeting from last night he talked about eating at a restaurant and he had soup and saltines and gave a narrative. Hell before the meeting was over some Special Cs had done got online and said he called Caucasians a racial slur. Not he didn’t! My videos don’t lie.

Mr.Randy Adcox there are some Black folk who are not afraid to speak out publicly. However we recognize and understand that speaking out comes with a price but we ain’t scared!

We refuse to allow Ignant Special Cs and Safe Black folk to attack our Black Leaders and our Caucasian Leaders who want what is best for Rocky Mount.

Now I close by saying I believe I can speak for Mr. Smith again by saying we ain’t mad with anybody.

We are for justice no matter who it is for or against!

We have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

We are Unbought and Unbossed!

Now Run & Tell That!

Homegoing Celebration For Nehemiah Smith Sr. Rocky Mount NC

My condolences goes out to Rev. Nehemiah Smith Jr. and the entire family of the late Nehemiah Smith Sr. Rocky Mount NC.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: God Will Take Care Of You – Rev. James Moore

The Obituary

More Obituaries

Pinetops NC – Edgecombe County woman facing felony child abuse charges – WNCT TV: The Role I Played That Lead To Me Being Cursed Out and Threatened: Part 1

Since 1993 when some children at SouthWest Edgecombe High School (SGA) Student Government Association called me to the school to help them solve a staged walkout because a white coach had grabbed a black student around the neck in the hall way. The SGA President was a white male and was leading the cause. Mrs. Nellie Hunter who recently passed played a major role in teaching the children how to be productive citizens and sources say she was the one who told them to call me on a Thursday night while I was in the NAACP NC State Conference of Branches State Convention in Greenville NC. I got the message on my car phone and I went to work on Friday morning at 5:00 AM and got off at 9:00 AM and went to the school. I videoed the meeting that was held outside the building in front of the lobby that morning. We later moved into the multi-purpse room and finished the meeting. Now don’t think I was the only one called there were other community leaders invited to attend also.

In 1993 I was 31 years old. During this time I was the 1st Vice President of the Rocky Mount NAACP. On Christmas Day I will be 50 years old which is 19 years later. So after all of these years I have been an advocate for children every day of my life, I mean every day and have not taken a day off from being a voice for children and the elderly. I have received countless threats over the years but I will trust in the Lord until I die.

Now back to the Edgecombe County woman facing felony child abuse charges – WNCT TV

A couple of days after the child abuse incident took place involving a child in Pinetops I was contacted by several folks. The first call came from a close friend shortly after midnight on Monday after the weekend in which the incident had occurred to ask me had I heard about it. I had not. The following day I received a message on Facebook from a young man who moved from here and attended college in another county in NC.

I have carried the burden of this young child being abused since I was made aware of it before the story was ran in the newspaper. I was concerned about the abuse but had not heard from the family but then I began to receive messages from several folks even some family members.

I am going to share with you 2 conversations from folks (including family members) who say they were concerned about the child abuse case.

A person sent me a Facebook message about the child abuse. He is a former resident of Edgecombe County but now lives somewhere else. See conversations.

November 6, 2012 Conversation with Person #1

Did you hear about the 2 year old black girl rap an beat an acid put on her eyes by a white male! In maclessfield

She is on life support right now

They found sperm on her an it was connected to a white male.

My response: Heard a little something about a child being beat and/or possibly raped but no other details.

Yes she was beat an tied Down with a belt an rap from front an back

My response: Damn that is sad. Have they locked up the male?

Nope he is in the military an he was the only white male there at the time. So he ran back to the military base an they are protecting him. They told the family they don’t have enough evidence to make him come in for a DNA test for the sperm found on the girl. It’s sad because dss took the mothers other kids because they said its her fault for letting a women watch her child with bipolar. So they punished the mother because she didn’t have her child in a day care. The little girl is on life support an her brain is bleeding an she was breathing 80% on her own but now she is breathing 70% smh

My response: Damn!

O yea I told them call NAACP

November 10, 2012

What is going why is everyone talking about you. What did you say to anger them

My response: Trying to get them to be quiet until the investigation is over.

No response from him.

My response: call me 252.314.5484 or 252.406.6510

No response from him.

My response: Did you get your answer since I haven’t heard from you.

However I see you read my response to you.

I read it but also I’m a busy man also I teach . . . an personal train people on the side. But i see your vision an I understand. They making it look like you talk bad about the whole family. I can talk more about it later I’m in a lunching with the city council of . . . .

Note: I edited the last comment because I don’t want to reveal my source.

My response: Okay

This is the last time I have communicated with this brother.

November 10, 2012 Conversation with Person # 2

is there anyway you can help the Draughn family bring attention to what happened to the little 2yr old and get some action going?

My response: I need to know the details haven’t heard from anyone directly connected to the little girl. Someone sent me a chat but they don’t live here.

I heard they were talking about it on FM 92.1 today but I didn’t hear it.

I would need to find out what is going on from the family and then I would do my own homework (investigate) before I get involved in stuff like that.

well I can tell you this, it is . . . . Draughn’s 2 yr old granddaughter. she was raped and beaten and she is in the hospital in Greenville. She is doing good now. They know who did this but they have not arrested him. The family is starting feel like because it’s a black child and a white man did it they will not get any justice. The child’s name is …. and her mother’s name is Carla, but they call her Chelle. Also contact . . . . Draughn here on FB and I will tell her to contact you.

My response: Okay. I got a call a couple of days ago when this first happened and I was told who it was. I received a chat from someone in . . . . telling me their story.

I keep hearing they know who did it but what I am having a problem with is who know who did it? That is the part that is unclear.

If they have enough evidence then they would arrest him whoever he is.

Okay now the black white thingy. First of all folks need to understand the role the mother plays in this. This is beyond race.

Why did the white girl have the baby? Who knows how many guys were around the baby while she was keeping the baby?

A close family member gave me some input about the mother and the baby today.

I will not contact anyone but I will talk to anyone (family) who contacts me but I will be honest with them and share with them what I am hearing about the whole situation.

I got a call from the NAACP today that they got a call but this is not an NAACP issue.

When I assist people on issues such as this I will be open and honest because I will not allow anyone to make me look stupid because emotions run high and people tend to only tell one side of the story but I investigate.

I know . . . . grandmother real well been knowing her all of my life. I videoed her daughter’s funeral.

Tell them I will talk to them and give them the best advice about the situation from my opinion but they must be willing to accept my opinion.

November 11, 2012

After reading something on Facebook I responded and then sent this message to Person #2.

I removed it from your actual post so please respond via chat.

You say:

1. A two year old child has been severely beaten and abused and then a lie was told to cover it up.

Okay but who determined that?

2. Charges have been filed and more charges may be pending based upon a continued joint investigation with the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Dept and the SBI.

I am going to wait on this.

3. The children are with thier grandmother as a preventive measure as is standard in all child abuse investigations.

Really? What is standard is that what people don’t understand is when the hospital get involved they call Social Services and I am going to leave it at that.

4. The mother entrusted care of her child to someone she considered a friend and this was not the first time the young lady had cared for her child.

Okay so what that is not the deciding factor. It does not take but 1 time for an incident to happen.

5. The young lady who is actually at the center of this investigation has not been compelled to release the names of the other people who were in her home when this happened.

So if that be the case what can I do and you do to make her release the names of the other people. That is for the police to make happen.

6. The character of the mother has not been called into question by the police so therefore it should not be being questioned by the general public

From day one the character of the mother is in question for me and that is where I begin and that is at the root of the issue. The root for me is why was this white girl keeping the baby?

Now at this point what I would like to see, is our community come together and help one another get some answers and justice for this sweet little girl. If you can do something to help you should not wait to be asked you should be volunteering and if you cannot help then do not hinder.

Coming together and to get what answers. I have tried to help, I have asked that we wait on the SBI and the Edgecombe County Sheriff Office to release their findings.

I love you all with the love of Christ and we are having special prayer at our 2pm service this afternoon, I welcome you all to come Morning Star Holy Church 107 E Lashly St Pinetops, NC. Don’t meet me there beat me there.

I love you too however this is not about my love for you or your love for me but my love for the baby and if it is all about the child then what is being done productive that the child could benefit from this. If I was in control I would say let’s pray that all (everyone) who has played in role in this incident be brought to justice. Why not start a fund to be set aside that can not be touched until the child is eligible to get the funds.

Okay again if you have a problem with my response then delete it. But remember you contacted me and you made it known when I kept it to myself. However I just know you from being friends on Facebook.

I don’t have a problem with anything you said because you are entitled to your opinion. What I do take issue with is the way in which you responded. If you will note I simply said some people have gone too far to the right and too far to the left. I never named any names in anything I said and to be perfectly honest I was speaking more to my family than I was anyone else because many of the family members that are currently involved have small children and are thinking more with thier hearts than with thier minds which often happens in this type of situation. Now to address some of the points that you seem to call into question, we know it was not an animal that attacked the baby because there are no teeth marks on her body to support her being bit. The piece about standard procedures if you were to contact Edge. Co. Sheriff’s Dept. or DSS they would tell you that anytime there is an allegation of child abuse they will remove all children from a home until all questions have been answered. As for the young lady not telling who did this only she knows who was in here home during the hours that this event could have taken place and the Sheriffs dept has repeatedly said that there may be more charges pending. As for calling into question the mother’s train of thought in allowing to her children to be in this young lady’s home again we all must realize this is someone she called a friend and this was not the first time the two families have interacted. I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to thier own opinion and also allowed to express said opinion, but at the same time respectfully request that you show respect if you want respect to be given. I have no intentions of unfriending you because I have known you to be an activist and informer and the reason I asked for your help on what could be done is because I thought you would be a viable resource. The one thing I ask in this is that you take a moment to think how you would feel if it had happen to one of your children. Would you really want someone questioning your personal judgement without knowing you and your situation and let’s remember that you have clearly stated you have not talked to either parent or grandparent so how can you pass judgement on people you don’t know. And as far as you knowing me personally I’m sure you would probably remember me more as a child than an adult because if my memory serves me correctly I do believe you to have been a friend of my father’s (. . . . . ) back in the day. I am his and . . . .  oldest child . . . . or . . . .  as I am known by a lot of my family. I do still respect your opinion and pray that you enjoy the rest of your day.

My response: But you are old enough to understand you don’t have control over how someone responds. We can either accept it or move on.

I don’t like it when people leave room for assumption because if you say what you mean then it will remove all doubt. You see you are obviously afraid to tell them they are thinking more with their hearts than their minds. Unlike myself I am straight to the point so don’t hold that against me.

Fact: It was stated that the mother is waiting on the findings from the rape report so I am far from concerned and have not given one thought about a dog. If that is what she told the magistrate so be it but we are at the stage of the rape kit so I ain’t concerned about the dog story.

I am constantly in contact with the Edgecombe County Sheriff Dept. and I know a little something about the DSS used to attend their meetings monthly and have family and friends that works with DSS.

I am concerned about this white 20 year old girl keeping this baby especially when I have been told by some of the same folks within your circle and my circle that she does drugs.

If this was one of my children I would follow the legal system and challenge it as I done with school issues. I won everyone of my battles thank you even got several principals and teachers fired but they ain’t going to give me credit for it and it does not matter because my mission was accomplished and I don’t need any glory, tv cameras and etc. You don’t see me in no photos or tv shots in all of the things I have done down to being in the room with President Obama and others.

I know your dad and your mom. We are suppose to be some kin.

What I will not do is compromise my integrity for no one not even my mom, dad and other family members. I don’t roll like that.

And finally some of the same folks that are in your circle and my circle have told me that the mother of said child do not deserve to have her children. They said they have told her she is going to get locked up behind this stuff and because of her life style. I have been told she has been to jail not long ago. So cous yes I question her character, your character and everybody character that I come into contact with and I tell them to question mines as well.

You just don’t know the things I have been told even from some of the family members so if I wanted to be show nuff nasty I could but I am waiting for the police findings.

You too have a blessed day.

my last point would be then to make it known that the things that you are saying is based on what you have been told by her own family members then your motives will not be called into question.

My response: No I am not because I am going to wait on the findings like I have continued to say. I don’t have to expose anyone I don’t roll like that. When you expose folks you lose that resource.

You see cous that is the difference between me and other folks who don’t know how to work the system The system works when you work the system but when you expose folks then you lose 99% of the time.

I don’t mind taking the heat. It ain’t about me my main concern is the child is out of the hospital and now I am waiting on the findings so that justice will prevail.

you have a vaild point there and you are right you work the system instead of letting the system work you.

My response: Since you want to talk about DSS, don’t you realize they are watching what is going on on the Justice page the activity in the community. I am sickened by what I heard took place after the gathering on yesterday. The celebration. How and why? That money should have been put aside and no one should have been able to touch it until the child herself could years down the road. That is real justice.

I wasn’t there yesterday so I don’t know anything about that. That’s why I asked people to come to church today for prayer.

My response: If ya’ll had listened to me you would not been waiting on the NAACP to host that March. I am talking about the gathering and what took place afterwards from what I have been told.

I listen to information that is shared with me and then I pick and choose what I feel could be real or not. I look at the people who share the information with me and I pick and choose who I feel are credible. However I don’t stop at one person’s information I check it out if I think it is credible.

Well I am going to be right here and my heart will be open.

The work I do is no joke I have been threatened many times and most recently yesterday.

I have verified several things that I feel will be revealed soon and I am going to see where all these folks are when they are needed most.

ok, I truly do understand that, I just wanted to clear up that I was not calling anybody in particular out because my views are my views and everybody doesn’t have to agree with them.

My response: Well I am going to be right here and my heart will be open.

The work I do is no joke I have been threatened many times and most recently yesterday.

ok, I truly do understand that, I just wanted to clear up that I was not calling anybody in particular out because my views are my views and everybody doesn’t have to agree with them.

My response: But you didn’t have to. Since I have been the topic of discussion so don’t you know I am not ignant to the fact you either put me on the left or the right.

no actually I didn’t put anybody in any category, I really just wanted to put facts out there to try and pull everybody back together so in all actuality I was really leaning more to your side except the thing about the mother. I do know that no matter what justice will prevail and the healing process has already begun for the baby and that’s the most important thing

My response: It has begun but you see with her name out there it will make the healing process somewhat difficult. Have you noticed I have never mentioned the child’s name nor the mother. I was told last night that one of the little girls sister if I am correct was asked by a teacher and others and the little girl said she was tired of everybody talking about this situation. Again just going by what I was told but I trust the source that told me.

Everytime I hear something like that I get more pissed.

I have not had anymore conversation with Person #2.

I have been cursed out and threatened so for those who have sent me messages, spoke to me in person from everyday folks to law enforcement that told me thank you for all that I do especially for trying to keep the community calm this is what I endured as it relates to this case. I posted a message on the Justice for . . . website after someone had added me to the group but obviously they didn’t want to hear truth so I was deleted. Matter of fact when I posted my comment I stated they probably would not like it and they could delete me if they like and sure nuff they did. Oh well didn’t stop me from speaking truth.

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Nehemiah Smith Jr. Responds To My Open Letter On Justice For . . . Facebook Page

In response to: Ignant Column: Pinetops NC – Open Letter To Rev. Nehemiah Smith Jr. Editor The Weekly Defender Rocky Mount NC In Response To Your Speech At The Car Wash Concerning The Child Abuse Case

I thought it was about Justice for Star

I usually wouldn’t respond; but, after a call from a friend and another from a colleague, and after having an opportunity to read Mr. Curmilus Dancy’s post, I relented. There are number of “points” made by Mr. Dancy with which I take exception.

Does who the family is, who the friends and associates are, where the people live, and who they hang out with, take away from the fact that the little girl was assaulted? I contend that these factors don’t matter. The young girl’s mother could be the worst mother ever and that does not take away from the fact that the child was assaulted.

(I did not mention the child’s name nor the mother in my open letter so again showing his ignance.)

Mr. Dancy wrote, “Rev. you know I know you don’t care for Rev. Andre Knight President of the NAACP so you have found another avenue to attempt to make him and our branch look ignant. Well sir again you have been consistent because you continue to make yourself look ignant. You see I posted on my blog the NAACP was not going to show up that I had spoke to Rev. Andre Knight and the State President Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II but no you go to this meeting and talk about we should have been there.”

Believe it or not Mr. Dancy, this situation is not about Mr. Knight, you, or me. It’s about a child who was assaulted and how the person whose care she was in at the time got a $1,500 bond. Ministers, community and political leaders, the NAACP, and others didn’t show up. Okay. It just makes me wonder what would have happened to the adulterous woman if Jesus hadn’t shown up. How much longer would the man have lain at the pool of Bethesda if Christ wouldn’t have decided to stop by? How much longer would the buses in Montgomery have remained segregated if Rosa Parks had not taken a seat? Had the Rev. Dr. William Barber not spoken up and out about the inequities proposed by the Wake County School Board, how much longer would they have gone unchecked? But in each of the instances that I mentioned, the individuals understood and subscribed to one of the noblest of understandings, perhaps best put forth by philosopher Jeremy Bentham, "It is the greatest good to the greatest number of people which is the measure of right and wrong."

(More ignance. Like I said you don’t pick and choose those you name battles. If it was okay why in the hell did you call those names out? Why didn’t you just talk about the baby but hell no you talked about who didn’t show up and they needed to be put in check. Comparing all of that other stuff to this case is just ignant.)

Was it wrong that the aforementioned groups and individuals didn’t show up? Perhaps, then again, what I said was my opinion. Whether people subscribe to it is up to them. But even my opinion doesn’t overshadow the fact that a two-year-old child was assaulted.

(But if it was all about the child why in the hell did you go there? Again more ignance. When the SBI and the Edgecombe County Sheriff Department release their findings then and only then is when we can have somewhere to begin but right now we don’t know who assaulted the child.)

And as for the revelation that you don’t buy my paper, that’s okay too. There are many who do. The Weekly Defender if doing great; thank God. And still, this two-year-old innocent child deserves justice.

(The Weekly Defender doing great? That’s good but I seen a lot of papers lying around today. Oh hell yeah I think I can speak for all of those you named that “this two-year-old innocent child deserves justice!” But until there is a name attached to the assault what in the hell do you have?)

When the SBI and the Sheriff’s Department release their findings, I will report them. No matter what they say or where they may lead. The issue here is that a two-year-old child was assaulted. So, whoever did it, may they be brought forward to answer for their crimes.

(So in the meantime you have the time to talk about other folks not showing up because you did. I ain’t mad with you for showing up but damn it now don’t get mad because I didn’t.)

Finally, you said, “Rev. I don’t appreciate you coming to Pinetops and misleading my people when I tried to be truthful with them and not selling them a bunch wolf tickets. Yeah some got mad with me but one thing about it at the end of the day truth will stand.”

I never questioned your sincerity. I’m sorry Moses (just a little levity here; let’s not get too serious). However, the real issue here is that an innocent two-year-old child was assaulted and she deserves justice. I read somewhere that some common traits among successful leaders are their ability to deflect praise, accept blame, and shun self-aggrandizement.

(I’ll take that being called “Moses” that is something you have been consistent about since moving here and attacking folks who are doing things in the community unlike your want a be ignant ass.)

As I stated earlier, I usually wouldn’t respond; and the only reason I had not responded is because I was unaware of the post until someone who reads your blog told me about it. That said, I wish you the best in your continued efforts to realize some semblance of justice in your community. I will continue to do the same; and I know that no matter where the investigation leads, we both want justice for the innocent two-year-old girl who was assaulted.

(Yeah you said that in my last open letter to you that someone told you but as long as you got the message that was my mission.)

Be blessed.

(Likewise my brother.)

Nehemiah Smith, Jr.

Nehemiah Smith Says, The DCN Got It All Wrong It Was Not He Who Responded To A Previous Comment

Charles Darwin said, "ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge."  I believe that this is the case with Mr. Dancy’s response to Nehemiah53 who posted a response to Mr. Dancy’s blog entry about Herman Cain’s harassment issues.  Mr. Dancy’s profanity laden response to Nehemiah53 was puzzling. This is so because he addresses Nehemiah53 as Nehemiah Smith, Jr., me.  There’s one problem; I (Nehemiah Smith, Jr.) am not Nehemiah53.  I don’t even know who that is.  I asked my dad if he had posted anything on the blog, but I remembered that he doesn’t use a computer.  I called Nehemiah Jones and asked him if he had posted the reply, but he no longer lives in North Carolina and wasn’t even aware of the blog.  I tried to call the people at the Nehemiah Project in Rocky Mount to see if they had posted the comment, but was unable to reach anyone.  I tried to find out if there was an OES chapter that uses Nehemiah as a designation for their lodge, no luck.  I did find a person named Gary Vinturella who uses the screen name Nehemiah53 but that’s on twitter.

Then I had an opportunity to read "Presidential Candiate, ‘Why Big Daddy Cain?’ Sexual Harrassment Not One Woman But 2!!! Damnit Now!" for the first time.   Above Mr. Dancy attached my name to the comment.  On the original blog, it only says Nehemiah53. 

Mr. Dancy, you assumed that I was Nehemiah53; I’m not and I never will be.  Anyone who knows my writing style will tell you that I would never use square brackets because they are mainly used to enclose explanatory or missing material usually added by someone other than the original author, especially in quoted text.  Also, anyone who is familiar with my writing style knows that I ALWAYS capitalize "Black" when referring to my people. 

Then there is the issue of me bragging about my college education.  When have I ever done that?  Please, name an instance.  It is and always has been uncouth to tout one’s own accomplishments.  Who cares where I went to college or, for that matter, if I did?  But for the grace of God and parents who stressed education, I could have been just another ne’er-do-well walking the streets.

As for what I’m doing in Rocky Mount (not that I have to respond), I was asked by my mother to come home in order to help her out with my ailing father.  I agreed and came home.  That’s what obedient children do.

Then there’s this:  " You come back here and made all kinds of accusations that were far from the truth spending time on a local Gospel Station Talk Show and then you begin to publish a sorry a… newspaper. It appears you connected with the local white folks who have a problem with the black majority city council. It appears you are connected to the local Tea Party as well. This has lead folks to contact me asking me who were financing your sorry a… newspaper. I refused to do a story about you because I was not going to promote you and your sorry a… newspaper."  Curmilus "Butch" Dancy II 

In a previous post entitled “Open letter to the Reverend Nehemiah Smith Jr. Who Has Been Attacking The Rocky Mount City Council About The High Utilities” you wrote, "I see that was not enough because you have begin to publish a well formatted and beautifully laid out weekly newspaper.

Boy is this newspaper what the black community needs in the local area. I have been telling black folks for years that we needed our own newspaper and those (who could a should a) made it happen did nothing. Well I was doing an internet newsletter until a former local newspaper reporter turned me on to blogging and it has worked for me. I receive several hundreds hits per day.

Back to your beautifully laid out newspaper. When I heard about it I said okay he is going to sure nuff attack the councilmembers now especially Rev. Andre Knight. Every paper has actually done such and then in the edition about 3 Thursdays ago you basically said you were out to get the council.

Well sir black folks can’t get a damn simple letter to the editor in the local newspapers at all and if we do they reword, leave out crucial words and etc. so that our real message be lost and will not go out to their subscribers. So sir your paper could give us that outlet that has been much needed in this area whereby we can get our messages out. We could wake up black folks because there is a force out there that do not want the truth to be made known.

Sir I have no problem with you challenging the council and/or Rev. Andre Knight but do your homework. I find some of the things you say to be downright disgusting but that is because I know the councilmembers and Knight and the issues especially the utilities thingy."

Wow!  What a turnaround. 

I have NEVER written on your blog site until now; and, I’m glad I did.  As for Nehemiah53 (not me), I want to know how you came to the conclusion that it was me.  Was it because the person used the name "Nehemiah?"  I hope not.  That would make you guilty of the same ignorance that you accuse me of.

If I had written on your blog in response to the Herman Cain posting, I would have agreed with you.  The Weekly Defender is no Herman Cain supporter nor do we support the Tea Baggers.  I have and always have been a happily registered Democrat.

As for me being a puppet for white folk, do you really believe that?  And if so, you don’t know me very well.  I run me. 

This year marks my 20th year as a licensed minister and my 19th as an ordained Baptist minister.  During this time I have been afforded the opportunity to study the Bible extensively.  Did you know that there are more than 20 people in the Bible with the name Nehemiah?  Also, did you know that none of them are me.  Did you know that there are 9 Nehemiah Smiths in the United States besides me?  I have spoken to all them by phone.   (It’s funny to call a number and ask for yourself.)

Oh yea, tell Nehemiah53 to stop masquerading as me.  At least if you’re going to do that you should study my style a little bit closer.  LOL!

The one thing that did come out of this is that now I know how you really feel.  It only took Nehemiah53 (not me) to bring it out.  As for you responding to me and getting in contact with me, again you assume that I wanted you to.  Sometimes we say things to be cordial.

Response: You should have already known how I really feel because I had posted an open letter to you here so if you read it sometime ago or you just recently read it, you know!!

Cordial? Not!! You know I was talking some good stuff on the radio that day so not buying that one. However it does not matter. Curmilus Dancy II – The Political Agitator
Be blessed Mr. Dancy and keep doing what you do.  We need dissenting voices like yours in our society.

Response: I must apologize to Nehemiah Smith Jr. because after doing some research I can verify that it was not he who responded. Thank you sir for bringing this to my attention. However I do stand behind all that I said in regards to my response although I regret that I thought you had finally posted here.

I guess we are on the same level, I have never purchased one of you newspapers however it didn’t cost you to read The DCN Online News Blog/Internet TV.

You be blessed too my friend and until we meet again.

Curmilus Dancy II – The Political Agitator

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Ignant Column – Rocky Mount NC: Nehemiah Smith Jr. Has Finally Had The Audacity To Post Some Ignance On My Blog

Ignant Column – Rocky Mount NC: Nehemiah Smith Jr. Has Finally Had The Audacity To Post Some Ignance On My Blog

Nehemiah Smith Jr. I am glad that you had the audacity to post your ignance on my blog as it relates to: Presidential Candiate, “Why Big Daddy Cane?” Sexual Harrassment Not One Woman But 2!! Damnit Now!!

I am sad to know that some black folk are happy to hear and spread dirt [just allegations] on another successful black man [Herman Cain]. Now I know that some black folk are just as ugly and vile on the inside as the swift boaters! Nehemiah Smith

Response: Successful? Really? Allegations? Really? Well he has the opportunity to prove that they are just that accusations.

You damn right you came back to Rocky Mount and has shown just how ignant a black man could be by attacking the 4 – 3 black majority Rocky Mount City Council especially Rev. Andre Knight councilman member and President of the Rocky Mount NAACP. You come back here and made all kinds of accusations that were far from the truth spending time on a local Gospel Station Talk Show and then you begin to publish a sorry a… newspaper. It appears you connected with the local white folks who have a problem with the black majority city council. It appears you are connected to the local Tea Party as well. This has lead folks to contact me asking me who were financing your sorry a… newspaper. I refused to do a story about you because I was not going to promote you and your sorry a… newspaper. I am glad to hear that you recently apologized to Rev. Andre Knight.

I have been waiting on your ignant a… to post something on my blog. I report the news I don’t make it. I don’t give a damn who the news is about if I want to post about it I will. I post about black, white and other folks on my blog. Been waiting to post about you so thank you for inviting yourself.

What in the hell have you been doing with your sorry a… newspaper? The way you have attacked the Rocky Mount City Council was just downright out of ignorance. You come back here with all of your supposedly smarts bragging about where you have gone to college (Grambling) but what in the hell are you doing in Rocky Mount? Go get a damn real job and then talk to me.

Been waiting on you so let’s get it on.

Oh by the way the last time I spoke with you when I called in to the radio station you wanted to meet with me about the issues I was discussing but I hope your ignant a… got the message because I never got back with you, didn’t intend to, but when you publicly apologize to the Rocky Mount City Council maybe I will consider. But then again, I don’t deal with folks who don’t do their homework and don’t have a real job but bragging about their college education.

Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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